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Representatives of the Islam: Emperors or Saints



                                 TANVEER JAFRI


                                             MEMBER: HARYANA SAHITYA ACADEMY

    1630/11, Mahavir Nagar, AMBALA CITY (HARYANA) (INDIA)

PHONE: 0091-171-2535628, Mob: 0091-98962-19228,

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The Islam religion which was known for its message of love harmony and brotherhood in the past has now become a centre of criticism all around in the world. Its main reason is the terrorism which is spreading under the covers of the Islam and the Jihad. The people involved in it are often from the Muslim community .It is also true that the terrorism found in different areas of the world have different basis. In spite of it the    world is seeing its one and only one side and that is the Islamic terrorism.              

Now the question is why this pious religion Islam that teaches lesson of equality and harmony is being directly associated with the terrorism. It is a religion that teaches even to lay life and fight against falsehood, cruelty, inhumanity. What are the powers that are trying to prove it as a religion that favours terrorism? It is also important to know that from where these powers are getting inspiration to insult the Islam.

            The Islam is a religion which is based on five basic principles. Those are oneness of God, to bow before God, to peep fasts, to take part in the annual Islami Hajj in Mecca and to give charity. There is no place for violence in all of it. But in spite of it, since the time the Islam religion came into existence an era of blood shedding has started and these seems no end to it. What may be the reason that the people who got the teachings of the Islam religion were seen flashing the sabres in the war field? Why this bloody game started in the name of Allah, Jihad and the Islam? If we have a perusal over it, we see that there were two thoughts that were accepted since the religion Islam came into being. One is the real Islam, the religion class that speeds its original teachings. In this class, we can see Hazrat Rasool, his Sahabas, his relatives, Imams, Saints, Sufis, Peers, Faqeers, Darweshs, Aulias etc. The second class is of the Emperors, kings, rulers, sultans, Nawabs, dictators, Subedars and Jagirdars. In this class, the people who were mostly the Muslims tried to associate their activities directly with the Islam. In history of last 1400 years there is description of such cruel, inhuman and wicked rulers, who for the sake of expansion of their territories or to save their rule, did such acts that can be called the works of a ruler but cannot be called the acts of a Muslim Saints. Misfortunately, these Muslim rulers, themselves being Muslim associated their cruel acts directly to the Islam.

            For example, Yazeed was a ruler in Syria (Shaam). He was son of Amir-e-muavia and was born to Muslim parents. But he openly disobeyed the Muslim religious instructions and directions. He was habitual drunkard, lustful, cruel and unjust .On the other sides, Hazrat Husain, a real relative of Prophet Mohammad, his contemporary, who was working as the third Imam and as the highest religion leader of the Muslims was working for the spread of the Islami messages. Immediately after occupying the throne of Syria, Yazeed put pressure on Hazrat Imam Husain to accept him as the Muslim Emperor of the Islami country. Had Hazrat Imam Husain given recognition to Yazeed as a Muslim emperor: then the world would have undoubtedly said that Yazeed was a Muslim king who had got recognition from the dynasty of Prophet Mohammad? This was the massage that Hazrat Husain wanted to convey to the world that as a Muslim like Yazeed doesn’t deserve to be called a Muslim, so such an inhuman person cannot be given recognition from him. The conflict between Hazrat Husain and Yazeed took a serious turn and crossed the limitations. Wicked Yazeed by the help of large army got all the family member of Prophet Mohammad and their relatives killed on the day of 10th Moharram on the grounds of Karbala.

Some historians have described this incident as only a war between the two Muslim rulers and nothing else. It is true that both the parties were the Muslims. On one side, the king of Syria and his armies in millions were in the war field and on the other side, a great saint who was ruling over the hearts of the followers of the fast expanding Muslim religion and spreading the Islamic principles of Prophet Mohammad. The rule of the great saint Husain was not limited to a territory but he was ruling over the hearts of common people. Now there should be a Judgement, which class is the real representative of the Islam? Husain or Yazeed? Saint or emperor?

            If the Muslims accept Yazeed, a cruel and irreligious man, as a Muslim king of an Islamic country, then it is also to be accepted that his actions come from the Islamic teachings? And if it was so, no other example of terrorism can be there. This was a terrible action by a Muslim king in Karbla. If Yazeed was not an inspiration for the Muslim world, then why the Muslim rulers put actions of cruelty and inhumanity. These actions are giving energy to anti Muslims for criticising the Islam.                                There was a rule of about 650 years by the so said Muslim rulers in India. During this period Mohammad bin Qasim, Mehmood Ghaznavi, Sikander Lodhi, Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq, Nadirshah, Taimurlang Aurangzeb etc ruled and there rule is considered controversial, even today. The history narrates many negative actions of theirs. The historians may have exaggerated their cruelties but their cruel actions cannot be totally denied. By taking the religion as a base, they were cruel and their cruelty gave Islam an insult & nothing else. The reason for their every cruel action was to expand or save their territory. They mixed it with the religion as if their every action was an Islamic action. And this is the main reason of the insult of the Islam. In the modern age, the same thoughts of terrorism can be seen in the form of former ruler of Uganda, Eidi-Amin, Al-Qaeda Network, Talibani thought, so said Mujahidin, Saddam Husain & many others.

            Today, the so said fundamental Islamic powers are trying to firmly take hold of the Islam, all the Muslim world should feel it as their duty to fairly judge if the real picture of the Islam is represented by the actions of those cruel kings or those of the Muslim saints. The day, the Muslims put forward the great saints & the relatives of Prophet Mohammad as their representatives, the stigma of terrorism will surely vanish from the face of the Islam.



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