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They came by sword and will go by the sword


Saturday, June 30, 2007


An article by Mohammad Khaled.

As Safir, 6/29/2007

Source (Arabic): As Safir

[Translation copyright MidEastWeb for Coexistence, 2007 ]

Plato said: "One of the penalties of not participating in politics is to
let the inferior others to control your fate."

Although the Palestinian people, men, women, and children practice politics they were doomed to be controlled by groups who are less competent. Fatah is a national liberation movement who is stuffed with monetary corruption. Hamas is a religious movement that is ideologically corrupted. In the last elections, the Palestinian people punished Fatah because of its corruption and its failure in managing the struggle against the Zionist enemy. Corruption of ideology and much ignorance led Hamas to commit an unprecedented action in politics, which is a military coup against its own government. The flags of Palestine were removed from the authority buildings and the flags of Hamas were raised in the
skyline of Gaza (instead of raising them in Tel Aviv!). Did Hamas become a Palestinian Taliban?

In a victory that is much worse than a defeat, ignorant voices were raised to declare the establishment of an Islamic state in Palestine.

In Lebanon Fatah Islam is talking about an Islamic emirate in Tripoli. Two Islamic states are going to be started inside two secular states. Palestine and Lebanon.

What kind of destructive minds has Bin Laden exported?
Islam against Christianity and Judaism. Al Absi and his master Al Zarkawi. Sunnis against Shiites. amas the Sunni against the other Sunnis. It is Islam against Islam.

The early Arabs presented a genius invention to the humanity that was the base for all sciences: the zero. The later Arabs removed the zero and sat on its place. The Islamists dug a well under it which was
bottomless. Their brains are in the middle ages and their bodies are in the 21st century. The ordinary citizen should send a message to the attorney general against those who sneaked in from the middle ages to the age of modernism , inventions, and scientific revolution and the equality of all people, men and women, without any reservation and without regard to color, sex, religion or beliefs.

It is the age of giving women full freedom without any discrimination or rotten masculine heresy about the biological differences between man and woman, trying to establish the woman inferiority and establish the superiority of men from the moment of birth.

Last week there was a women parade in Gaza led by working women in the field of press and media. They were protesting against the threats who they received from radical Islamists. They declared they would cut off the head of any media lady who did not put a hijab on her head. The Moroccan writer Fatima Mernissi was right when she said that hijab is not an article of clothing, it is job division or classification.

In Gaza, as in Afghanistan the Muslim fundamentalists say that the normal place for the woman is in the kitchen and her duty is to feed the male and stay in the bedroom to breed children. Their social leader said: if you are going to meet your woman don't forget your stick. Their preferable governor is the khalifa and the executioner and let the election boxes be drowned at the bottom of the sea.

In Lebanon there was a crisis manufactured by a gang that belongs to the Al-Qaida. Its name is Fatah of Islam and it is led by Shaker Al Absi. Who is he? He was condemned to death in Jordan. He ran to Syria and was caught and sentenced to ten years in prison. After spending four years he was released by a secret deal with the Syrian authorities. Jordan asked Syria to deliver him but Syria refused. He went to Iraq and was trained by his master Al Zarkawi. Later on he came back from Iraq and got into Lebanon with his gang through Damascus. He started a catastrophic crisis when he attacked the Lebanese army. His goal was to establish an Islamic emirate in the north of Lebanon. Sadly, none of the Islamic groups in the region (the Muslim brotherhood, Hamas, Islamic jihad, Hezbollah, Ahbash, Jundi Sham, swords of Islam, etc) condemned this gang in a loud and clear voice. A sharp decision was taken by the patriotic and the brave Lebanese army to destroy this gang without negotiation or delay.

The Lebanese army suffered from casualties and deaths of martyred soldiers. This gang and its supporters put the residents of the Albared river Palestinian refugee camp in a very difficult and embarrassing social and political situation. But all the Palestinians in Lebanon supported the Lebanese army and they loudly cursed this hired gang and its evil goals. When you make a mistake you apologize. When you make a compulsive action you blame yourself. When you commit a sin you repent. But those people would not apologize, blame themselves, or repent. Gravediggers do not do that.

Their moves are not fair. They have an unfair agenda. They fight unfair battles in the wrong place at the wrong time. History tells us that those who came by sword will go by the sword.

Mohammad Khaled, Palestinian writer.
Resident in Abu Dhabi UAE.



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