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Will We Muslims ever rise above?

By Muhammad Ali Abid

Do we have a plan to rise again?

Wrong Map can't lead us to right destination. Doesn't matter how fast and cool ride we have.
If we need to reach right destination, we must have right map, with right ride. Our Map is Quran and Sunnah and our ride is our intentions. It is the only proven guarantee we have! We need to make paradigm shift.

All Muslim countries have dual agendas, i.e. hidden and stated, and that will never allow them to cooperate and be united. I believe that main thing that we all Muslims need to have is what is known as "Common Culture", A strong culture in any society serves like an immune system in a body and that is the only guarantee to unity and success and protection from foreign invasions. For instance, Why Subcontinent had to be divided in to two countries? Why Pakistan integrity is threatened by Balouchi, Punjabi, Sindhi and Pukhtoon nationalist? The only agreeable answer comes to my mind is that, we don't have common culture. and Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.S) has foreseen the importance of unique common culture, and thatís why it is obligatory for all of us Muslims to make Quran and Sunnah as a source to derive our values. But actual reality is, we have ignored that golden rule and kneel ourselves to the foreign culture which was bombarded on us through their media.

It is much obvious in recent times in our society, lavish living style replaced simplicity, and materialism took upper hand over spirituality and morality. Like pops in west only clerics have become the source of information about religion, whereas, in Quran Allah says "This book has the signs for those who believe". And "Belief" in something, means having a feeling that something that can be trusted (true). So only those people can understand this book who seeks guidance with sincerity from their heart. This Quran will give you signs, I can guarantee from my personal experience. Inshallah!

We can't expect anything to change unless, change start from within ourselves, to our families, to Nation and eventually Ummah.

I am confident that you will try to realize your actual values and help others to understand this reality, because at micro level only independent and at the same time at macro level interdependent nations have the future.


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