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Authenticity of the Hadith

Little Tyrant, Little Khabeeth

By Jalal Abualrub

This is excerpted from


The Hadiths of today contain utter nonsense! I don't know if these Hadiths were narrated by the Prophet. The Hadith…in the beginning of this post suggests that the Prophet did indeed say it. If this is the case, then the Prophet had spoken utter nonsense when he thought that he was inspired to say what he said when in reality he wasn't. This is the problem when one wants to think that he is being inspired when he/she has *good* inner feelings...This is a mistake our Prophet had fell into…Take for instance our Prophet's thoughts on the shape of the earth and its role in the solar system. He thought that the earth was stable…like the Bible claims and the sun and the moon swim circularly around it…The sun DOES NOT GO underneath the earth. It is the earth that goes around the sun while rotating around its own axle! The Prophet's interpretation of Noble Verse 36:38 was UTTER NONSENSE AND WRONG!…When Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him died…Abu Baker got himself elected by the people without giving a fair shot to Ali…So for Abu Baker to ignore the Muslims' points of views and to force the leadership of someone else upon the Muslims (he means Umar here) is completely wrong!...He (Umar) was the second Caliph. He Didn't know much about how to take on the leadership…Uthman…was the first Islamic leader to create the "Detectives" System…to spy on people and to stop anyone from growing in the State to cause a threat to him…Uthman…ordered for Abu Dhar to be sent out to live in the desert and to die lonely there…Uthman didn't have the entire Noble Quran memorized, nor the Sayings of our Prophet peace be upon him compiled and understood. As far as his Islamic knowledge, he was a normal person…Ali, however, didn't also have much knowledge about the Noble Quran. He once ordered for a gay male…to be burnt alive…According to the Noble Quran, Ali had killed an innocent soul… Ali apparently got the idea of executing Gays from the Bible's Leviticus 20:13…When Allah Almighty said that He sent down "Al-thikr" to Muhammad to explain what's revealed to the people, it referred to the Noble Quran (the current Al-thikr) explaining the previous "Al-Thikr", which is the Truthful parts of the Bible… Prophet Moses'…Law or Torah was called "Al-Thikr"…It is without doubt that when Allah Almighty called the Noble Quran as "Al-Thikr", He meant for it to only include the Noble Quran and NOT the Quran and hadiths during Prophet Muhammad's time…The Bible and Hadiths…were written in a 3000-year and 200-year span respectively. They both contain Truth and falsehood in them…Most of the Hadiths were documented in the far east and not in Arabia…Unlike the Noble Quran where it was documented on the spot as it was revealed from Allah Almighty, the Hadiths including the "Sahih" ones were documented in a 200-year span. Take the "Bukhari" hadiths for instance. The word "bukhari" is derived from the root word "bukhara" which is located in the far east in Uzbekistan…The Muslims did not reach these lands until many years…after the death of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him…For anyone who knows the Islamic history, this means that the Muslims spread Islam to the pagan Arabs, established the Islamic State in Arabia, then fought the Persians…and the Romans…then fought the Hindus in Hindustan, invaded much of their lands such as "Pakistan", "Afghanistan", and much of the Indian territories, convert people there to Islam, and then Brother Bukhari appeared from his home town, Bukhara and decided to compile the Hadiths of "Sahih Bukhari"...The very first compiled volume of Hadiths…was "Sahih Bukhari"…In order for Islam to have reached his country or area, it would have taken at least 200 years. This means that the first Hadiths volume was compiled around 200 years or so after the natural death of Prophet Muhammad and his close companions. Some Muslims…said it was around 80 years, not 200. Even if we take their claim, which is almost a century, it still means that there was plenty of time for Buddhist traditions, such as the 360 joints in the human body, to have travelled to the Middle East from the areas around Bukhara and China...The Hadiths…were documented 100s of years after his death. Bukhari is not an Arabic name!...So to say that all of the hadiths (…2 million of them) were documented during the Prophet's time is clear foolishness…The Hadith references mostly used on the internet today come from Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim and Sunan Abu Dawud and some other volumes. The word "Sahih" means "authentic" in Arabic, which is quite misleading in this case. In general, the Hadiths that come from Sahih Bukhari and Muslim are more authentic and Truthful than the ones from Sunan Abu Dawud. If however, a Hadith from Sunan Abu Dawud matches Hadith(s) from the Sahih ones or the Noble Quran, then it becomes valid. Otherwise, you are highly advised to not trust it. Are these narrations all 100% perfect and reliable? Any person with the least atom of a brain would say no. Most of the Hadiths' chains of narrations today have 10s of narrators in them. In the Hadith books, you would see something like…"About such and such, that he heard his father say that such and such said, that he heard such and such say, that he heard such and such say, etc...." Most of the narrations' links have tons of narrators in them, many times more than 10, and these people would be generations after each others! In other words, they're not people at the same age or the same group. And the worst dilemma of all, is that many of these chain of narrations have broken links in them, meaning, that two or three generations are missing in the chain!...For those "reliable or strong" hadiths, their sources are doubtful. I have no doubt that the companions of the Prophet may Allah Almighty bless their souls did not intentionally commit forgery or lies. But for one such as Abu Huraira to narrate thousands upon thousands of hadiths is preposterous…I find it impossible to believe that Abu Huraira and many others like him were able to narrate everything perfectly in its original text…I love Christians very much and so does Allah…when He said that "they are not arrogant"(5:82)…He never even once said that about any Muslim in the…Quran…I am sick and tired of wrong and false Hadiths making Islam look like garbage!...I finally came to the conclusion…that the Hadiths…are like the Bible; they are filled with man's corruption. I decided then to never rely solely on them to prove anything scientific, because their sources and authenticity are doubtful…I decided to only rely on the Noble Quran, and use any Hadith that directly agrees with our Holy Book...I made a grave mistake in treating the Hadiths…as authentic and Divine as the Noble Quran…verses in the Bible and Hadiths are false until proven otherwise…Generally, the hadiths narrated by many people have stronger validity than isolated ones…so everything that you read or hear from religious claims must match the Noble Quran or else you must immediately and unquestionably discard it…So Muslims please beware of the Hadiths as you are with the Bible…Similar to the Hadiths, the 66 books of the Bible were documented in a 3000-year span, and they were selected from 24,000 books. So the Bible too contains the Truth and the man-made corruption and falsehood in it…I only accept the hadiths that have a direct relationship to the Noble Quran, such as explaining how to Pray, fast, etc…Neither the Hadiths nor the Bible were promised to be personally protected by Allah Almighty Himself…In the case of the hadiths, given the fact that there exists "weak/doubtful ones", and what is considered as "strong and reliable ones", it is difficult to know for sure if a single hadith was told as is 100% unchanged (intentionally or not intentionally) by the Prophet peace be upon him…The Hadiths are so corrupt that it is hard to know which is right and which is not. Of course, denying the Hadith after it had been proven to be scientifically false is a cheap way out if one fails to provide sufficient evidence that proves that the Hadith is ineed doubtful or weak…The Noble Quran Commands us to Pray. The Hadiths give the details of the sacred Rituals on how to perform the Prayer and Prostration, and how many Prostrations, etc....The Noble Quran Commands us to perform Hajj (Pilgrimage) to Mecca. The Hadiths, again, give us the details of the Sacred Rituals on how to perform the Hajj. Etc…


…. the Muslim world needs very badly a major civil war;, needs to directly face the Salafi cult…to shut their lies and insults against GOD Almighty and Islam once and for all…In the following, everyone will see how David (the Prophet) was a sick and careless murderer for…killing an innocent man for…telling him news about the death of Saul.


AnsweringIslam and AnsweringChristianity:

Two Faces for the Same Coin

Who is the Little Khabeeth? He is Osama Abdallah, the rejecter of Hadeeth, who filled his AnsweringChristianity website with material that the AnsweringIslam team would thankfully use to refute Prophet Muhammad, the main target of both websites, since it is similar in nature to what they collect on their own website.

Kufr Upon Kufr: They Are Shocked I Call Him a Kafir, And I Am Shocked

Those who support Osama Abdallah should not allow him to lead them to Allah’s Anger by his Kufr and the awful statements he utters against Allah’s Messenger and his companions. Who in his right mind would write this stuff, and who in his right mind would consider the person who writes this stuff a defender of Islam and even their Shaikh? Osama plays games with the naive who believe in his false statements that he has recanted from his Kufr, because he keeps repeating the same ideas.

Sam Shamoun is surely happy, not because I am exposing the little Khabeeth who is his colleague in mocking at Muhammad, but because what Osama writes supports what he and his equally retarded AnsweringIslam team propagates: that Prophet Muhammad was not a prophet, that his statements were utter nonsense and that his companions were not trustworthy. Sam may then conclude, by saying, “Thus, since I, Sam, and he, Osama, decided that Muhammad's companions are not trustworthy, then, the Quran is false since it was transferred by untrustworthy people, i.e., Muhammad's companions.”
Since Osama Abdallah thinks that Satan will one day end up in Paradise, then, he surely thinks that Sam Shamoun will also end up in Paradise. Therefore, I invoke Allah to gather the three of them in the same place in the Hereafter.
I declare that I disown Osama Abdallah and his website. May Allah’s Salat be on His Prophet, salla-llahu `alaihi wa-sallam, and may the curse be on the enemies of Muhammad, salla-llahu `alaihi wa-sallam.

Jalal Abualrub



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