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Law of Karma & the Israel Lobby
Mike Ghouse, September 1, 2007

The Israel lobby started out with a legitimate need; to protect and defend Israel’s right to exist.

Power is corruptive, and the lobby is no exception to that. In their enthusiasm and their ability to influence the President, Senate and the house, they have gone far off bringing diminishing returns. For every two steps they take, they will have to back at least one, and if they still don’t get it, the law of karma takes over and they may have to back peddle several steps to catch up with the eternal act of balancing.

The Law of Karma is simply based on the idea that for every good you do, you gain positive energy that is nourishing and brings peace to oneself and to what surrounds him/herself. Where as, for every bad action, you loose your moral ground as well as your energy. There is a payback and trade off for every thing that is not just.

What is good? It is the act where one earns things for him/herself without taking advantage of others. Such benefits are temporary and deleterious to lasting peace. When applied to individuals; the relationships between spouses become unhealthy if one takes advantage of the other. The rulers have proven it as well, when they become unilateralists, we have seen what happens to them, and have seen them all. Whether they are fascists, dictators, monarchs or democratically elected rulers, they see no light at the end.

Organizations are no exception, the Israel lobby has extended it’s tentacles to its own disadvantages. The more they fight to suppress the sane voices, the more they will sink in the quick sand. It is yet to be known whether they schemed in defaming President Carter on his book, if they are involved in belittling the Jewish warriors of God documentary or if they attempted in blocking Passion of the Christ movie. There is a concerted effort out there to quell any dissent and the Australians have a word for it; Boomerang.

The best thing for the Lobby or any organization is to pursue the work for a world of co-existence through inclusiveness and participation. Let them direct their efforts towards justice and equity to both Israeli and Palestinian humans with a firm grounding in commonly held values.

The lobby’s policies are hurting Israel and their reluctance to repair their arrogance of being the most powerful lobby in the world, will weaken the security of very people they are claiming to protect.

It is in the interests of the Majority of Jews, Israelis’ to speak up and let them not be run over by a few. By their silence, they are allowing the wrong policies to perpetuate. The Israeli children deserve safety and security as much as the Palestinian Children, blaming the leaders of each other will not cut it, the majority has to speak up and debates must be carried out and above all, the dissenters and those who speak out must be allowed, as the truth emerges some where in between the extremes.

Are the majority of Israelis and Jews going to do it? Yes, they will. Why do they need to do it? Because they are powerful, they can take the lead with “Justice” as the foundation for any deal, if not it will not sustain in the long run. Justice is the only thing that will bring peace and security to any people.




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