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“ There is no such word, Hijab in Holy Quran”


By  Daniel Charles

May Lord continue to bless you!

Dear Mr. Bhatti,

Greeting! I would like to let you know; that I watched the interview of Muslim Lady regarding the casting of vote wearing the “ Burkha or Nikab, Hijab” on local television CTV in Canada. I am glad to hear her answer,“ That Muslims did not ask for this and she do not know why Election Canada is forcing on them—reason of her answer is because in a pamphlet/ Booklet distributed to public including Musims “The Hijab” I have written after great research that:

· There is no such, “word of Hijab in the Holy Quran.”

· Khaja Ahmed Sadeqi, Chief Cleric at a Masque North of Kabul and

Supreme Court Judge said,” “Hijab is violation of Islamic Law.”

And I have been able to convey this message to the Muslims and from her answer I believe they have accepted my explanation.

We must not abolish the freedom and equality of women—our forefathers have accomplished. We must insist and educate the people about this freedom. To convey this message please grant me a chance to explain on TV interview in news.

Yours truly,

Daniel Charles. Canada.



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