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The Editor


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The Appeal of that hapless Nigerian woman, Amina Lawal, living under the shadow of death for nearly two years was upheld by a Superior Court. She was acquitted on 25 September, 2003.  Being accused of adultery, the "Shariah Court" of Nigeria had sentenced her to death by stoning.  The man, of course, as is customary in the "Shariah" of the mullahs, went scot-free - which means that the woman - alone and all by her self - committed adultery!  Work that one out - if you can!


There were worldwide protests at this barbaric sentence, until the Nigerian mullahs manning the so-called "Shariah Court", buckling under the intense moral pressure, had to release Amina Lawal from their "Shariah" clutches!




These UNBAKED mullahs, of course, who, in the words of the true scholars of Islam like Allamah Iqbal (RA), "know VERY LITTLE of the secrets of Deen", insisted that the punishment for adultery in the Shariah is most certainly stoning to  death!


That this method of punishment is NOT (repeat NOT) "Islamic Shariah", escapes these priests completely because of their paucity of Deeni knowledge and cerebral impoverishment.  They just CANNOT make up their mind what is and what is not "Islamic Shariah".  The Holy Qur'an, from where Islam derives its Shariah, has prescribed one hundreds stripes for the adulterer and adulteress (24: 2). The idea is to humiliate them publicly, and NOT to kill them.


The Qur'an prescribes, HALF punishment for a married slave-woman (4: 25), that is, FIFTY stripes.  If a woman were to be stoned to death, pray, how on earth can one HALVE this punishment? The mullahs' silence on this question is EAR-SHATTERING!


These ignorant, Jaahil mullahs who parade themselves as "ulama", (what a travesty of the word  "ulama"!) are in reality, OPEN enemies of the Holy Qur'an, and are obsequious votaries of Bukhari - that is, shameless worshippers of Hadith which was written by man 250 years AFTER the demise of our Nabi (S). These mullah don't even know that stoning to death was written into the Tauraat by apostil-writers, that is, the profoundly learned rabbis of Judaism who were brilliant scholiasts and expert masters of marginalia, i.e. notes, opinions, etc. written on the margin of the Tauraat.  These rabbi-scholars manufactured their own  law, passing them off as Divine Laws, thus giving the Almighty a bad name!  Can Allah (SWT) Who is so Merciful, so Compassionate, so Benevolent from the very beginning of time, ever devise such a cruel, soul-quaking, inhuman, HORRIFYINGLY BARBARIC law for punishing adulterers?  Never in creation!  If stoning was Allah's Law, then He would have included in the Qur'an, and not the 100 stripes!




The Jewish rabbis- ever the enemies of truth - concocted and inserted this draconic law into the Tauraat; and via the Tauraat, this law crept into the Hadith literature… but it could NOT sneak and steal into the Holy Qur'an! That is one of the miracle of Allah's Word; and Allah, as all Qur'an lovers know, promised to guard the Qur'an from corruption and interpolation (15:9), and He has kept to His word!


However, the priests - always the obfuscationists ever since they institutionalized mullaism/priesthood in Islam - are too thick - skulled to see this fact!


The Qur'an refers  to the scheming, machinating, Machiavellian rabbis who perpetrated this horrendous interpolation in Tauraat when it says clearly and unambiguously: "Woe, then, to those who WRITE A BOOK WITH THEIR OWN HANDS AND THEN SAY 'THIS IS FROM GOD', " (2: 78) (See also 3: 77)'



Stoning to death for adultery, is, is the words of Allah (SWT), a RABBINICAL law, authored and inserted into the Tauraat by the Rabbis, passing it off as God's Law.  Allah did NOT prescribe this inhuman law of stoning- neither in the Tauraat, nor the Injeel, nor in the Qur'an !


The mullahs are so keen to have others stoned to death for adultery, but if one were to open their salacious cupboards, one would find many ugly erogenic skeletons well-placed therein!  As far as we are concerned Muslims would be much happier and Islam per se would certainly prosper in glory, if the pestilential priests of mullahdom - being the most eligible candidates for lapidation - were given their own "Shariah" treatment!


The old maxim, with a slight variation, applies to appositely to these holy hypocrites:  "People who live in glass houses, SHOULD PULL DOWN THE BLIND!"


Editor's Note: We had written in detail on this subject in our Vol.27, No 4 of the NOV/DEC 2002 issue of AL-BALAAGH.  Those who wish to learn the truth about "stoning to death", or those who had missed reading it, should send a stamped envelope, and we shall furnish them with a copy of this particular article.



Courtesy:  AL-BALAAGH  VOL. 28,  NO. 4  NOV./DEC. 2003    p.4

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