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By the Editor


P O Box 1925

Lenasia 1820



The mullahs and their henchmen, who have NOTHING BETTER TO DO IN LIFE, have now found a new playing game - that of calling our Shia brothers as "Kaafirs."   Allah (SWT) tells us in the Qur'an that we must NOT call any Muslim a "Kaafir" (Qur'an, 4: 94); our Beloved Rasoolullah (S) has expressly forbidden us from calling fellow-Muslims as "Kaafirs."  But these petty, puny priests, these intellectual pygmies of the Muslim world, have taken upon themselves the HUGE burden of deciding WHO is a Muslim and who is not - thus relieving the Almighty of His responsibility, and at the same time overriding and over-ruling our Nabi's express injunction!


On Fridays and other occasions, these priests distribute their regular pamphlets attaching the Shias as Kaafirs.   Their newspapers (Ar-Rasheed, Majlis, Sautul Islam, etc.) are invariably full of hate - articles denouncing the Shias.


Imam Khomeini was a so-called "Shia."  Did any of our "Sunni" mullahs achieve for Islam what Khomeini achieved?  Our puny, pettifogging priests are excellent at shooting their mouths, but they can do NOTHING PRACTICAL for our Deen.   The youth of today, and all those who are Qur'an - and Prophet - lovers, who are lovers of LOGIC and SOUND REASON, are simply FED-UP with these priests!




Some 500 years after the demise of the Prophet (S), the ulama/fuqaha of that time decided to end their Takfeer preoccupation - (Takfeer = calling Muslims as Kaafirs) - and declared finally that "LAA NAKFUR AHADAN MIN AHLIL QIBLAH"  ("We cannot brand anyone as a "Kaafir" who is Ahle-Qiblah." That is, whoever faces the Qiblah to perform his/her Salaat, CANNOT be called a "Kaafir."


May we ask these bearded "men of God" the following question: "Do the Shias face the WHITE HOUSE in Washington, DC or the BLACK HOUSE in Makkah as their Qiblah when performing their Salaat?"


A Hadith in Bukhari (reported by Abu Hurayrah) states:    "Whoever utters "LAA ILAAHA ILLAL-LAAH", has indeed entered Jannat."  Let the religiously cock-eyed priests tell us whether the Shias, who declare and profess the SAME Kalimah as the Sunnis, will (according to this Hadith) enter Jannat or not?  Remember our Nabi (S) did NOT (repeat NOT!) say:    "Whoever utters LAA ILAAHA ILLAL-LAAH"  has indeed entered Jannat except the Shias."




We call  upon Muslims who truly love our Pure Deen of Islam, to become militant, in the name of Allah (SWT) and His Beloved Messenger (S), and ELIMINATE  these PESTS, these MERCHANTS OF RELIGION who grandiloquently call themselves "maulanas", "Sheikhs" and "Imams", from our midst.  The more we give our MISPLACED and MISDIRECTED respect and attention to them, the MORE they sit on our heads! Let us all do to them what Kamal Ataturk did to the mullahs of his time.  Only THEN will we have peace and tranquility in Muslim society, and Islam will flourish and prosper once again.


Through these priests, Islam has become the laughing-stock of the world.  Through these priests, Islam has taken a nosedive into degradation!


Our Nabi (S) has warned us and afforded us a clear-cut guidance as to how we should behave towards our fellow-Muslims - of whatever school of thought. He said:  "THREE

Things are the roots of faith: (1) Refrain from killing a person who utters "There is no god but Allah"; (2) DO NOT declare him/her an unbeliever no matter what sin he/she commits; (3) Do NOT ex-communicate him/her from Islam for any of his/her action(s)."

(Narrated by Anas ibn Malik in SUNAN ABU DAWOOD).



Courtesy:   AL-BALAAGH   Vol. 25,   No. 2    MAY/JUNE 2000    p.3

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