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By The Editor


P.O. BOX 1925




Muslims have been faithfully, and religiously, expending their energies on the stoning of the 'THREE SHAITAANS" when they go for Hajj. It is not about time now, that they woke up and picked up the "stones" that REAL (and NOT "symbolic" three Shaitaans, viz. USA, BRITAIN and FRANCE - THE Evil Triumvirate, the Unholy Trinity- who are the age-old, implacable enemies of our Deen!


For hundreds of years Muslims have been stoning the three Shaitaans-but the Shaitaans are NOT dead. They are STILL THERE… Waiting for the Hajis of the next year- and all the centuries to come- to arrive at the Jamrah and stone them again… and again…and again…!


We feel that somehow the three Shaitaans (why three; shouldn't Shaitaan be a single entity?) must be silently MOCKING the Haajis with these words:


"We are surprised at you, O Muslims! You are supposed to be the Ashraful Makhlooqaat - the BEST of Allah's creations - who come year after year to indulge in this laughably FUTILE exercise of stoning us!  How much BETTER Muslims have you all become after stoning us?  How much of LOVE, BROTEHRHOOD and UNITY have you achieved after pelting us so strenuously since the past 1425years? We take the hiding you mete out to us stoically, with STONY silence, but you can NEVER kill us! We are still HERE, THERE, EVERYWHERE, and we will always be universally present.  We are ALL OVER THE WORLD, so why do you come only to Makkah ONCE every year to destroy us?  Logically, you should be pelting us EVERY SINGLE DAY OF YOUR LIFE WHEREVER you might be! Can't you see that we, the three Shaitaans (actually, we are only ONE, but like the Christians with their 'Holy Trinity" you Muslims have chopped up the ONE and ONLY Shaitaan into three!) have taken PERMANENT residence INSIDE of you? As long as you don't annihilate that Shaitaan that has ensconced itself comfortably INSIDE of you, you are plainly WASTING your time trying to 'injure' us with those silly little, ineffective stones! We Shaitaans are truly AMAZED and SURPRISED at your intelligence ('Aql), at your REASONING power! The fact that you will NEVER succeed in killing the Shaitaans inside you, will be proven yet AGAIN next year when you will flock in your hundreds of thousands, in your unfailing but feckless zeal and enthusiasm to RUSH to us to conduct your annual, but empty and meaningless, ritual. And you will come again and again the following year, and the year after that, until Doomsday! Allah Almighty - your Creator and mine-has no doubt endowed you humans with BRAINS, but we, the much-stoned and much-maligned Shaitaans, are still waiting, most PATIENTLY down the centuries, to see EVIDENCE of those BRAINS!"

* * * * *  


Knowing the mullahs' undying love for "stoning to death" for adultery, we wonder if the same principle was not applied by the early mullahs who, at the very beginning of Islam, conceived this idea of stoning the Shaitaans!  The inextricable concept in BOTH instances is adulteration.


When a couple commits adultery, the idea of adulterating the noble ethics and virtues of their personal, physical and spiritual life is involved. 


When Shaitaan waylays a human being, the idea that it does this by adulterating the mind and heart of the man is evident.


Therefore, just as the fornicating couple is "stoned to death" for adultery, likewise Shaitaan is "stoned" for adulterating man's mind and heart.


The only difference here is that whereas the couple committing adultery is actually stoned to DEATH…Shaitaan, on the other hand, though it is STONED non-stop, year-after-year for centuries, simply REFUSES TO DIE!!




While we indulge in this - what we call "symbolic"-act (what PRACTICAL benefit to Islam or to ourselves HAVE we achieved thus far by stoning the three poor Devils for the past umpteen centuries?!) let us at the same time COME BACK to the Glorious Qur'an that exhorts Muslims to study SCIENCE and invent ways and means for our defence and advancement in life.  If Muslims too have the Atomic Bomb (and one Muslim country already has nuclear power!) and are EQUALLY advanced in SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ECONOMICS - in fact in ALL department of life beneficial to mankind in which the West excels and is, ipsofacto, dominant - will the THREE SHAITAANS,  then, be able to control and manipulate the Muslim world?


The Qur'an says that Muslims will be TOPS (Muslims will be the RULERS, not the ruled), if and when they carry out Allah's Commands in the Qur'an to do researches in science and technology if they are Mu'mineen - TRUE BELIEVERS!


If only Muslims heed Allah's Words in the Qur'an to study science and thus come up in life- as they once did  and ruled the world during the Golden Age of Islam, and when the whole of Europe came to learn and study at the feet of Muslim Masters!-then those three lesser Shaitaans in Makkah will automatically "die a natural death".


The poor, tired, sleepless Haajis, then, will NOT have to look for and laboriously pick up 3X7=21 stones to pelt the SMALL, MEDIUM, and LARGE Shaitaans.



Courtesy:   AL-BALAAGH   VOL. 29      NO.  1         FEB/MARCH     2004


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