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(The author of this article is the Editor in Chief of Al-Balaagh, a bi-monthly published from Lenasia, South Africa. He is a widely known Muslim writer, author of several books, and a journalist. In August 2001 he received an Award of Honor for his 50 years of extraordinary service in the cause of Islam. He has written more than 30,000 letters in 50 years at the rate of 3 to 5 letters a night - to various people around the world, answering their queries, or thanking them for something).

  • The Prophet never urinated in a standing position.(Masnad Hanbal, 6/136, 192, 213)
  • The Prophet urinated in a standing position. (Bukhari, 4/60, 62)
  • A group from Ureyneh and Uqayleh tribes came to the Prophet, and he advised them to drink urine of camels.  Later on, when they killed the Prophet’s shepherd, the Prophet seized them, gouged out their eyes, cut their hands and legs, and left them thirsty in the desert. (Bukhari, 56/152, Masnad Hanbal, 3/107, 163)
  • I am the most honorable messenger; on the Day of Judgement only I will think of my people. (Bukhari, 97/36)
  • Do not make any distinction among the messengers; I am not even better than Jonah. (Bukhari, 65/4, 5; Hanbal, 1/205, 242, 440)
  • Bad luck is in the woman, the horse, and the home. (Bukhari, 76/53)
  • If a donkey, a black dog or a woman passes in front of a praying person, his prayer is nullified. (Bukhari 8/102; Hanbal, 4/86)
  • The Prophet gave permission to kill children and women in war. (Bukhari, Jihad 146, Abu Dawood 113)
  • The earth is carried on a giant bull; when it shakes its head, then an earthquake occurs. (Ibn Katheer 2/29; 50/1)
  • Leaders have to be from the Quraish tribe. (Bukhari, 3/129, 183; 4/121; 86/31)
  • You shall kill all black dogs, because they are devils (Hanbal, 4/85; 5/54)
  • To prove His identity, God opened his legs and showed the Prophet His thigh. (Bukhari, 97/24); 10/129)
  • The parchment on which the verse about stoning to death for adultery was written, was eaten and abrogated by a goat. (Ibn Maajah, 36/1944; Hanbal, 3/61; 5/131, 132, 183; 6/269)
  • A tribe of monkeys arrested an adulterous monkey and stoned it to death, and I helped them. (Bukhari, 63/27). (Obviously the monkeys  never heard or read that the verse regarding stoning to death for adultery was abrogated because  a goat had eaten it – otherwise that poor, adulterous monkey would have been spared the death penalty! Some monkey business!! Editor, AL-BALAAGH)
  • When the Prophet died, his armour had been pawned to a Jew for several pounds of barley.  (Bukhari, 34/14, 33, 88; Hanbal 1/300; 6/42, 160, 230)
  • The punishment for cutting the fingers of a woman is to pay her: 10 camels for one finger; 20 camels for two fingers; 30 camels for three fingers, and 20 (twenty) camels for four fingers. (Hanbal, 2/182; Muwatta, 43/11)
  • The Prophet had been bewitched by a Jew, and for several days he did not know what he was doing. (Bukhari, 59/11; 76/47; Hanbal 6/57; 4/367)
  • Do not eat or drink with your left hand, because Satan eats and drinks with the left hand. (Hanbal, 2/8, 33)
  • The Prophet said: Do not write down anything from me except the Qur’an. Whoever has written down anything, must destroy it. (Muslim, Zuhd 72; Hanbal 3/12, 21, 39)
  • The Prophet ordered Amr Ibn Aas to write everything that he (the Prophet) speaks. (Hanbal, 2/162)
  • Umar (RA) said: Qur’an is enough for us. Do not write down anything from the Prophet. (Bukhari, Jihad 176; Jizya 6; Maghazi 83; Muslim, Wasiyya 20, 21, 22)


Al-Balaagh Comment: If you want to check the references presented above, please note that after the name of each Hadith collection, the first number is the number of the book (Chapter), and second number is the number of Hadith. For instance, 152nd Hadith in the 56th book of Bukhari is expressed as: Bukhari 56/152. In a few references, however, the name of the book (chapter) is given instead of its number, such as Bukhari, Jihad 176.


The above are a few – VERY few! – Hadith samples which the mullahs – our so called “ulama” – accept as their second religious source of Islamic Law! The ENTIRE  Hadith literature is full of such contradictions, inanities, scatology, absurdities, absolutely ridiculous statements, falderals (foolish nonsense), and uncalled for attacks on the pure, spotless, snow-white character of our Beloved Rasoolullah(S).


When the true scholars of Islam and lovers of the Prophet (S) write in defense of his honor, escutcheon and dignity, and who just CANNOT stomach these types of NONSENSICAL Hadith that ridicule him, then these scholars are branded as “Munkir-e-Hadith” (Rejecter of Hadith), “Mulhid”, “Kaafir”, “Qadiyani”, “Jahannamee”, etc., etc., by our so-called “maulanas” ! YAA LAL ‘AJAB!


Courtesy: AL-BALAAGH           VOL. 25  NO. 2               MAY/JUNE  2000

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