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Nothing Wrong with Banning wearing of Hijab


Lady with Hijab on the Bangalore Streets

Originally uploaded by aymanshamma.

I am using the free WiFi at the JetBlue terminal in JFK. Laptops outnumber passengers without them. I should be in Las Vegas shortly after midnight EST. So I decided to dash off this post before my plane departs; I can't wait for Internet in the Sky.

If this country asked Muslims to eat pork - I would stand up for their rights because it is compulsory in Islam to avoid the eating of pork. If this country asked Muslims to drink alcohol - I would stand up for their rights because it is compulsory in Islam to avoid the drinking of alcohol. If we asked Muslims to pray to Jesus - I would stand up for their rights because it is compulsory in Islam to pray only to Allah because God does not beget nor is he begotten.

But all Muslims tell you that wearing of the hijab is voluntary, that Muslim women LOVE wearing the veil and there is no compulsion to its use. So if it is truly a matter of choice, and the lifting of the veil is no impediment to the path to Mohammed's Paradise, then Muslim women can simply choose to show their faces when applying for a driver's license or passport or visiting a bank or teaching school or entering an area where a face must be shown.

Therefore I see no problem in banning the wearing of the hijab in schools, banks, shopping areas, etc. Certainly no school would allow students to enter its facilities wearing ski masks, so what's the problem about banning veils? After all, as Muslim women point out, they are not compelled by Muslim law to wear them; it's just a matter of free choice.


If I am wrong or there is a quirk of Islamic logic that escapes me - let me know.

And yes, I know that Muslim women have no problem playing sports wearing the hijab, but certain activities require an unobstructed view of the face in order for society to work smoothly. I don't want to see hijabs in a bank, or my children to be in a class taught by a Muslim woman whose voice is muffled behind a veil, or Muslim women driving on the highway when they can only see the road through a slit.



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