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What went wrong!

19 Nov 07

Arab Leaders are winning, Mr. Mahboob A. Khawaja, Ph.D., specializes in strategic studies with keen interests in comparative civilizations, change and development, conflict resolution and author of recent publication: “Muslims and the West: Quest for Change and Conflict Resolution”, Maryland, U.S.A. 2000.

There would be “no triumph of folly if there would be no submissive fools”, a century earlier wrote Robert Briffault (The Making of Humanity).

With the Divine knowledge and Islam for living movement, Arabs influenced the world for the evolution of an Islamic civilization while Europeans lived in barbarianism, Muslims were the most creative, progressive and successful people on earth. Numerous Christian authors describe the 8th – 15 century Muslims as most tolerant, knowledgeable and pioneer of scientifically advanced civilization that facilitated European Renaissance and Industrial Revolution. One factor among the many, distinctively noted by reputable Christian authors is that when they describe the excellence of Muslim civilization, it is referred to as “people of Quranic Generation.” Today, most Arab leaders avoid using the concept of “Quranic Generation” - Muslim Ummah, and prefer to call themselves - an “Arab Ummah.”

What went wrong with the Arab pioneers of the Islamic civilization across the European continent? Among many of the reasons, one may cite few important ones:

1. Change in Islamic Thinking: absence of a proactive vision for the humanity as chosen people for the good of humanity

2. Conscious neglect of the universal mission of Islam and resulting discard of Islamic movement across the globe.

3. Non-conformance to the principles of Islamic movement for change, development and human success.

4. Systematic decadence in intellectual, moral and political leadership

5. Dismantling of Islamic institutions for the development of One Ummah, and to avoid the role of reasoning and accountability

6. Increasing adaptability to western thinking, behaviors, and social norms that drained out Islamic unity, creativity and movement.

7. “Fitna” of prosperity – aftermath of the Oil export revenues.

8. Incurable illusions of the neo-colonialist elite that oil revenues are forever their exclusive property

9. Overwhelming materialism and consumerism: training of body desperately needed training of Faith (eman) and a committed mind.

Leadership in Muslim societies is occupied by those who have no education of or interest in living Islam and lead nobody, mostly seen as being ignorant, corrupt, and subservient to the neo-colonialism and committed to secularism as a system of life.

European imperialism viewed Islamic civilization as unacceptable to their goal of global domination and feared Islamic movement as a force with considerable challenge. In scientific discoveries, technology development, educational advancement and political emancipation, European colonial masters drifted the Muslim masses to a subhuman level below the pets. A former Muslim and presently Canadian educated journalist contends that Arabs love dog and entitles his recent article “Arabs and dog”. One wonders, is it an accumulated disgust or considered failure of the contemporary Arab leadership? Generation to generation, Muslims have been defeated and submerged into other entities or punished by the Western masters. So-called liberal democracy had no listing of Muslim as suitable creatures for progressive role-play in international community. Humanity in the west shrinked from intelligence to stupidity, whereas, Charles Darwin (Origin of the Species), was uplifted and honored, man (”insaan”) was degraded from all the entries of making a human civilization. Whereas, Islam focused on man (”insaan”) as the primary aim of comprehensive development.

Pioneers of scientifically progressive civilization, those Arabs and other Muslims became prisoners of foreign ideas – from freedom to human exploitation, all affixed on paper – phenomenon of exalted humanity – Al-Hamra palace to Taj Mahal, all transformed into digits and numbers to become an abstract reference in tourist guide, interpretive history full of material civilization, nothing else. The folly of deliberate aim of the pedagogy to conceal and distort the entire moral and spiritual progressive evolution of the mankind; left to be interpreted in questionable terminology. While arrogance and stupidity rules, true knowledge and divine wisdom live in denials.

Arabian deserts are no longer deserted from cocktail parties and rock & roll, and its natural inhabitants dream of living full life like the people do in London, Paris and New York. Continued oil revenues have polluted the traditional nomadic minds and behaviors. Would this trend of emerging naïve social thinking and behavior lost indefinitely?

How to change the apparent failure and distorted impressions of the contemporary Muslim societies? Could American cultural domination provide any framework for change, freedom and human progress?

Most western mythologist would prefer silence when their interests and hegemonic goals come into intellectual and political conflict. Islam and its followers believe in change as a precept of the faith. Since “terrorism” phenomenon has emerged as a new data in American dictated global propaganda vocabulary and pre-conceived graphics of the Muslim images, little tangible and constrictive change can be imagined except resulting in clear failure of the Muslim leadership, from intellectual sphere to practically all value oriented domains. The political language of progress is distortion of reality, supremacy of American technology-based culture, capitalism and ultimate integration of Muslim countries into the fold of American – Zionist dominated economic block. The World Bank and IMF are the true rulers. American control the both.

Arab leaders dream normalcy that Saddam Hussein is no longer a potential threat. American first colonial occupation of Iraq pleases the Zionist strategists in short and long terms success: availability of cheap Arab oil, fresh water, access to lands, immediate trade links and political recognition, open body culture of the west, and diminishing role of Islamic values across the board.

American and specially hired Brits – Tony Blair’s war protagonists do believe that it was a real war fought against Saddam Hussein (their former faithful client), and it ended in American victory and success even though the WMD hoax was a stage drama nothing other than a planned deception and treachery to the collective conscience of humanity that demonstrated strong opposition against the American planned war.

Arab leaders killed political activism in the citizenry and forged national positions in-between when principles of Islamic justice, honor and valor warranted a bold stand. They love Anglo-Saxon beauty and salute the blond soul and body in totality. Western masters did not train the Arab armies to fight for any public cause. The mission of Arab armies is not the defense of Islam, they are solely meant to guard the palaces and open fire at the agitating masses. The Western development formula flourishes throughout the Arab oil-exporting culture.

What is next in conflict making and conflicts keeping? Nobody can predict in an unpredictable and fearful American dominated militarism era. Secularist Arabs rulers love Machiavellian image than being conformists to Islamic values. They live in a self-perpetuated conflict situation only to support America, no matter what happens. American leaders have declared a war against Islam, but not against Muslims. American Intelligence Networks claim all Muslim leaders are friends whereas, they view Islam as an enemy. They believe, Islam belongs to history; only American culture is living force for prosperity. To humiliate the already victimized half living bodies, President Bush and Ariel Sharon have offered a “roadmap” for peace in Palestine. It is a map that has no road, and a road that goes nowhere. Arabs leaders have missed many opportunities to show courage and conviction in history and appear fearful to face the mirror, but subscribe to the bandmaster’s tune being played again to appease the American-Zionist interest lobby. What futuristic culture would the young Arab generations inherit from the contemporary authoritarian leadership? Nobody wants to care about it while important celebrities are too busy to THINK!

Arabs leaders celebrate the American success in Iraq but prey at their own people under the disguise of terrorism to dispel any sign of public resentment against the American intransigence and aggression in Iraq. Even the Arab League and OIC could not dare to name America as the aggressor in Iraq. Deception and treachery knows no bound. Recently, the American Middle East based senior military command organized a grand celebration of victory in the host oil exporting Arab nation. The American General invited the ruler of the state to be the guest of honor and to bless the gathering. While en-route to the public stadium, the Sheikh’s caravan ran over a desert nomad crossing the road in a hurry. Time conscious Sheikh could not stop the official limousine as he was already getting late. Amidst the drumbeats and song and dance, the American General welcomed the Arab chief guest and applauded his visionary leadership role and contributions to support the American strategic goals in Iraq and Palestine. When the Sheikh stood up to address the cheering crowd, his speech was entitled: “Arab Leaders are winning”

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