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Bride marries father-in-law in Saudi switcheroo



Groom backs out after seeing girl without hijab

Bride marries father-in-law in Saudi switcheroo


Tuesday, 15 January 2008



In a strange twist of fate, a would-be bride in Saudi Arabia has ended up marrying the father of the groom, instead of her original suitor, press reports said Tuesday.

The switch happened after a young man in Mecca went with his father to propose marriage to a neighbor's daughter, the English-language daily Arab News quoted an Arabic news report as saying.

In the course of introductions, the young man saw the girl without her hijab for the very first time a practice condoned by shariah or Islamic law.

After he saw his potential bride, the young man had a change of heart and decided not to proceed with the nuptials, Saudi daily Okaz reported.

In order to avoid embarrassment, the boy's father instead offered to marry the young woman. To his surprise, the father of the bride readily accepted his proposal.

The two are set to tie the knot next month.


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