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By Dr. Shabbir Ahmed

January 8th, 2008

Quran is a relatively small book, even smaller than the New Testament. It has only about 6,236 verses and 80,000 words.
Who wrote the Quran? The non-Muslims’ answer to this important question is all too familiar:
1. “The Quran was authored by a human being. It is not a revelation from God.”
2. “It is a book created by human intelligence, like any other book.”

3. “As a matter of historical fact, it was written by Muhammad of Mecca, fourteen centuries ago.”
If your view is similar to this, rest assured that you have plenty of ‘good’ company. However, you should also know that this point of view brings with it some serious difficulties. To hold such views, you must believe that Muhammad knew the most amazing scientific facts about the universe – facts about which humanity was in total darkness until recently.
[Note: According to the common methodology, the Surahs (Chapters of the Quran) and their verse numbers are given like this: Surah 4, verse 82 will be written as

4:82. CE will mean the Common Era (through the solar calendar). Muhammad (S) will mean, the exalted Muhammad.]
Who revealed the Quran if not God?
The skeptics come up with much conjecture and accusation. For example:
1. “Muhammad was a lunatic.” But how could a lunatic possess the profound knowledge, a glimpse of which you are about to see?
2. “Sorry, he was a liar.” Show me in the Quran some of the lies he told.
3. “No, he was a deluded man who sincerely believed in his delusions.” Then he was not a liar. Show me one delusion in the Quran.
4. “Oh, someone tutored Muhammad.” Did this tutor have access to the 20th century technology? Did he possess spacecrafts, diver’s gear, electron microscope, the most advanced telescope, and modern archaeology equipment? Did he master history, geography, sociology, astronomy, physics, chemistry, psychology, anthropology, zoology, botany, embryology, all modern science, the Bible and other Scriptures, all, all that in the 7th century?!
5. “Let me take that back. It was written by the devil.” Well, is the devil mightier than God? Why don’t we find any contradictions in the Quran, then? Can the devil even think of such a benevolent Message as the following?
2:190 God does not love aggressors.
5:2 Let not the hatred of a people lead you to transgression … Help one another in acts of collective benefit and righteousness, and do not help one another in deeds that hurt humanity and in creating a wedge between people …
HYPERLINK "/?cat=<chapter5"5:8
… Be upholders of justice for the sake of God as witnesses to the truth. Let not the hatred of any people move you away from justice. Deal justly. That is closer to being upright …
HYPERLINK "/?cat=<chapter13"13:17
The real existence on earth is of the person or the system that benefits humanity. (Paraphrased)

41:34 Since good and evil cannot be alike, repel evil with what is decent.
59:9 … They (the true believers) give the needy preference over themselves, even though poverty be their own lot. And whoever is saved from greediness of the heart, such are the ones who truly prosper.
76:9 (They do all this selflessly) saying, “We provide for you for the sake of God alone. We want no return from you, not even a word of thanks.”
These are just a few examples out of hundreds that we find in the Quran. Could these be the devil’s teachings?
Could the devil tell us to begin his book in the following manner?
(I seek refuge with God against devil, the rejected. Please note that the devil or Satan is no extrinsic entity. It is the human ego or selfish desire that rebels against Divine commands).

6. “Oh, sorry again! ‘Koran’ is nothing but deception and it is loaded with mistakes.” Would you oblige me by pointing out one place where it deceives? Or, tell me a single mistake that you are aware of?
7. “Well, it denies the Sonship of Jesus Christ.” Is that a mistake or a powerfully documented and logical disagreement with the Pauline Doctrine?
Conclusion: Many of our Muslim and non-Muslim friends are well aware of the position the Catholic Church has taken in the late 20th century: “All Christian theories promulgated about the origination of the Quran during the last 14 centuries have proven to be false.”
If the Quran was “authored” by Muhammad (S), you must also believe the following:
1. He knew that the earth and the heavenly bodies were once a single cohesive mass that was exploded asunder.
21:30 Are the disbelievers not aware that the heavens and earth used to be one solid mass and We exploded them asunder? …
Here is a clear allusion to the Big Bang theory. Numerous celestial bodies came into being and started swimming along in their orbits. Almost all modern astrophysicists believe that this Universe has originated as one entity from one single element, Hydrogen, that became consolidated with gravity and then broke apart into celestial bodies.,

24:45, 36:40, & 79:30.
If you do not believe that he had access to special knowledge that made possible this prefiguring of the modern Big Bang theory - a theory entirely unknown to the seventh century world - you must conclude that 21:30 of the Quran is merely an intriguing coincidence, a matter of getting something right by chance.
Perhaps this passage is simply an intriguing coincidence. If it is, however, it is not the only one.

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