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Decisive Blows From The Divine Throne
Jan 21, 2008
By Goi Maalik | Malaysia

How often have we heard Muslims rejecting this ruling or that which Allah has handed down by claiming that Islam must be modernized in order to be relevant today? In this article, the author endeavors to show that Allah has ruled against progressive Muslims.

We remind our viewers that the opinions and points of view expressed in this statement are those of the author and shall not be deemed to mean that they are necessarily those of JUS, the publisher, editor, writers, contributors or staff

Allah Is Crushing The Lies Of The Ta'tawuwriyiyn (Progressive Muslims)

The ta'tawuwriyiyn, the modern progressive Muslims, claim that Islam needs to be reinterpreted to adapt to modern times. Though we do agree that Islam needs to be "updated" to include new facts surfacing that were previously unavailable to our predecessors such as the identity of the Harlot of Israel and her wine (democratic modernization) that has finally been revealed by the master of the Supreme Throne of the Truth. Therefore the Muslims need to adjust themselves to combat this great Enemy of Allah and her poison - to the finish. Give no quarter, and ask for no quarter in return.

But we do not agree with the ta'tawuwriyiyn's true intentions to make Islam palatable to co-exist with the Kufr (unbelievers), Haqq (truth) to co-exist with Baatil (falsehood, polytheism, lies, tyranny, corruption) and Taqwa (fear of Allah) to co-exist with Fisq (immorality). Their true agenda is to adopt Islam to their corrupt and immoral lifestyle rather than reforming their lives to Islam, as Allah commands.

Let me first blatantly point out that what these individuals are attempting to do is not submission, the actually meaning of Islam. Rather they want Allah to submit to their whims. I smell shirk but you need to decide for yourselves based on this decisive blow from Allah when He said:

"And the first to embrace Islam of the Muhajirun (those who migrated from Makkah to Al-Madinah) and the Ansar (the citizens of Al-Madinah who helped and gave aid to the Muhajirun) and also those who followed them exactly (in Faith). Allah is well-pleased with them as they are well-pleased with Him. He has prepared for them Gardens under which rivers flow (Paradise), to dwell therein forever. That is the supreme success." Quran 9:100

Here Allah says follow them exactly! The Ulema of truth all agrees that faith here also includes Imaan. So what is Imaan? Imaan has three main divisions:

• With the tongue
• Through action
• In the heart

If we overlook any of these three components, we may be concealing evil within us. While all three are important, we know that the weakest form of Imaan is that which only exists in the heart and action is the strongest form of Imaan. We also know that the heart is the jurisdiction of Allah as none of us can look into the soul of a man or woman. But faith expressed by the tongue and through our actions is the manifestation of that faith. We can see and hear these and therefore we can assess them. Allah commanded us to judge men by what they utter and the acts they commit and leave the matters of the heart for Allah to deal with. The tongue may be inconclusive, as sometimes those with ignorance of the divine will utter Kufr rubbish without realizing it however action is self evident. Not only that, public actions affects a community.

For example, let’s say a Muslim takes up singing as a profession. If he is not halted by the Ulema and the scholars of truth until he desists or is destroyed, soon others will follow his footsteps thinking its halal. So the thing we observe and judge the most is our actions. What lay hidden in the heart is not important; we care only what are halal or haram actions as this is the jurisdiction we are assigned by our King: ruling on HIS behalf as HIS stewards and enforcers. .

The significant point here is that Allah said, "those who follow them EXACTLY in faith ". We know that we cannot read the Companions hearts and we must leave that to Allah, nor can we emulate what is in their hearts for no two hearts are the same as Allah warned:

“Indeed, your efforts are diverse." Quran 92:4

So what is in the heart is impossible to duplicate and is out of the question. We can only follow the Companions through their advice and their actions. You can't really follow the way they spoke but you can take their advice. Would it not be ridiculous for you to talk 100% like Abu Bakr or Umar? You are you, a unique individual with your own speech and thought patterns. But action is an entirely different matter.

Though they know they will never reach his (s'aws) station nor will they be able to emulate everything he (s'aws) does, they try their uppermost to emulate him in everyway and everything. even to how they comb and split their hair everyday.

That was the Imaan of the Ansar and Mujahiroun. For instance, when the command for Hijab came down, ALL of the women of the Ansar rushed to cover themselves without asking the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) about the limits and the permissible. They tore pieces of their clothing and placed them to cover their heads and their bosoms and they are the most loved by Allah to this day. The majority of them covered their faces, as the command of Hijab came down because of Umar (RA) who was displeased that he could still see the Awrah (that which should be covered) in the women of the Ummah. As the Kuffr could also see the Awrah of his "mothers" as well, he would deliberately call out their names stating he could identify them. And this was the reason that the Hijab was commanded by the Divine Throne.

So why do we hear these the progressive toads who are slaves of the dunya backsliders complain about following the commands of the Allah when the Quran itself says this is the path of the supreme success?

It’s decisively clearly the ta'tawuwriyiyn are not the saved sect for they contradict the Quran openly. Not only are they are a lost cause, these losers misguide people away from the Commands of Allah. For progressive development, they call the Muslims to turn their back on Allah and abandon the religion of Allah to break our sacred Covenant with our Lord that leads the tribes into slavery and humiliation at the hands of the coalition of Falsehood through their misguidance! May Allah destroy their leaders along with their accursed wealth, and enslave their followers at the hands of the Mujahideen.

Allah crushes the lies of the Hadith Rejectors when He said:

"And remember what is recited in your houses, from Allah’s verses and wisdom; indeed Allah knows the minutest things and is All Aware. Quran 33:34

It's this part that is delicious:

"And remember what is RECITED in your homes from Allah’s verses and wisdom.

Allah testified, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) recited two things. Let us break it down into detail.

• He recited the Surah’s of Allah.
• He also recited wisdom.

In the first instance we see that the Messenger of Allah recited the words of Allah, which is the Quran. The whole Quran is the word of Allah from Surah Al-Fatihah to Surah Al-Nas. There is not a single word there from the Messenger of Allah.

In the second instance we see the Messenger of Allah also recited wisdom. So many of the Quran only dogs want us to show them where in the Quran the wisdom of the Messenger of Allah is! So let’s clarify the matter.

Allah's Quran has confirmed for us that two things were spoken by the Messenger of Allah. The Surah’s of Allah and the collection of these Surahs formed the Quran in the first place. But where are the other speeches of the Messenger of Allah? Where can we find the recitals of the wisdom that came from Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) mouth that the Quran suggests?

We have the first component compiled into a book format during the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad in the same form that we see it in today by first Abu Bakr and Umar and refined during the Calipha of Usthman, Ali and Muawiyah. But as the Quran hints in the Surah above, there are two components, as there is another type of speech that came out of the mouth of the Messenger of Allah. What this implies is that without the second component Islam would not be complete. We do not say that Hadith is above or equal to the Quran but we are adamantly stating by the truth when we say that without the Hadith collections, Islam would not be complete.

So it’s abundantly clear that the Hadith Rejectors are trying to sabotage the Islam of Allah. They arrogantly, clearly and shamelessly contradict the commands of Allah while stubbornly claiming that they are adhering to the Quran! This is ignorance of the highest magnitude! As I said previously, it is decisively clear that the Hadith Rejectors are not the Saved Sect.

And the modern progressive rebel’s arguments and the Hadith Rejector rebel’s argument has been soundly defeated and crushed by Allah HIMSELF!

”Nay, but We hurl the truth against falsehood and it prevails over it, and behold, falsehood vanishes away. Then woe to you for that you ascribe!” Quran 21:18

So now that Allah has establish the Supreme Evidence against these sects, the duty falls upon His faithful to deal with those who rebel against the Truth as prescribed in the Shariah. Their leaders and instigators who dare speak and spread their lies and falsehood in the open are to be hunted down, and its up to it Shura to come to a decision whether to be merciful to their imbecilic ignorant followers.

By Allah I say truthfully that when both of these rebel groups are confronted, both will claim, "Let us adhere to the Quran for Judgement for it is a book of Guidance!" But when we bring forth the supreme evidence of the clear judgments of Allah before these ignorant ones, you will find they are the quickest to reject the Book as vile apostates and corrupt people of desires.

If they insist of persisting in their rebellion against the Truth by making their rebellion known openly to us; then it is obligatory upon every servant of Allah to persist in annihilating them to hell. Beginning with confrontation from the gentle Ulema of the Ummah, but if this fails, then they should be dealt with through jihad by the righteous warriors of the Ummah. These lying rebels should be combated and destroy if they continue to publicly proclaim their lies as Islam does not except an iota of falsehood.

"And mix not truth with falsehood, nor conceal the truth" Quran 2:42

Their remains are to be burned and scattered to the four winds. Such is the punishment to those who spread lies using the name of Allah and His Messenger in this world! And we leave their fate to the King of Kings to decide.

It is our hope in Iraq, Afghanistan and Chechnya, where Allah has vanquished democracy and reinstated his Community of the Righteous (I didn't say Caliphate) to lead the Muslims once more; that such enemies of the Truth are to be fought without mercy until they are completely annihilated; or until they cease their rebellion, surrendering and submitting to the judgment of the Commander of The Faithful.. And should they be allowed to live it would only be with the surety that they will never talk or entertain such thoughts and ideas against the truth ever again, whether in public or in seclusion.

For what can there be after truth except errors upon errors?



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