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For the non-Muslims from a Canadian Lady


I am no scholar, and I am new to Islam (about a month)

But one of the biggest things that I like to discuss are in fact women's rights in Islam.

There are many questions I have received from friends and family members since my conversion and most of them have been related to this topic.

Some of the main questions from people who know little about Islam were: "Won't your husband be oppressive, and isn't the hijab oppressive? Wont your husband beat you?"

Please, ladies, know your rights in Islam! Men are not allowed to beat women in Islam. In fact IF they DO touch you, they can't even leave a mark on your skin, there should not even be a red mark (you know, that fades away in seconds).

The hijab is a woman's choice, it is not forced upon them. Anyone that forces their women to wear it is ruled by culture, and not by Islam.

Most women make the choice to wear hijab because it FREES them from oppression. Do you truly think a half naked woman sitting on a car to SELL the car is not oppression? Women being used as sexual objects? A woman in hijab is looked at with the highest respect, and for her mind, and not her beauty.

About men being allowed 4 wives. Do you think a woman would really want four husbands? Would YOU want 4 husbands to take care of at the end of the day?! Its hard enough caring for one! (laundry, dinner, ETC)

The whole reason behind men being allowed 4 wives is for social needs. In the times of the Prophet (peace be upon him) there was a lot of war. Men would leave their wives and kids and not return home. What were these women supposed to do to care for her family? There was no social support in those days. Everything about Islam is an answer to a problem. You don't see too many Muslim men taking more than one wife these days because he has to treat each one equally. That means, a house for each wife, he has to spend the same amount of time with each wife, therefore you have to be WELL OFF in order to do this. And in fact, while polygamy is allowed, even Allah SWT in the Quran says one is better.

Another question I get is this "If a father dies, why the son gets more than the daughter? In the Quran, it says that the son is to receive double of what the daughter would get. HOW IS THIS FAIR??? Well I will tell you how it is fair. The Quran also says that the son must care for all the women in his family until his sisters are married, and if the mother doesn't remarry it is the son's responsibility to care for her entirely, just as his father did. That means, any money that he received, he will likely not see a penny of it for himself after he cares for his sisters and mother. ALSO the money the daughter receives is her in its entirety. While the son is paying for her living expenses and food, the money she gets, she may spend on whatever she likes, it is hers and nobody can touch it. Now does that seem fair?

How about women in Islam that don't have jobs and slave away at home. Well, that is the woman's choice. A woman can either work, or stay at home and care for her children. Since it is the man's duty to provide for his family, the woman usually prefers to watch her kids grow, then to have them in daycare while she makes money. If she does decide to work however, any of the money she makes is hers to spend on whatever she likes, and she does not have to put a single penny of it towards the household.

Women in Islam are seen as more precious then diamonds and pearls. We are held high. It is US that carry life inside of us for 9 months, it is us that raise the children.

Allah (SWT) gives men and women equality or rights. We as women however are not the same as men. Men were made to be able to provide for a family, to be strong in times of need, to be the king of the home. But as history tells this story, No king can run a country without a right hand. No palace can stand without a pillar. We my sister, are the pillars for our men.

I am sorry for going on like this, May Allah guide you to the truth. Aameen.


"Every honest Jew who knows the history of his people cannot but feel a deep sense of gratitude to Islam, which has protected the Jews for fifty generations, while the Christian world persecuted the Jews and tried many times by the sword to get them to abandon their faith." (Uri Avnery, a Jewish Journalist)

"Nay we might rationally ask, did any set of human beings ever really think the man they saw there standing beside them a god, the maker of this world? Perhaps not: it was usually some man they remembered, or had seen." (Thomas Carlyle)




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