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Muslim women: Energetic, free and faithful


Thursday, January 17, 2008


There is a lot of Black Propaganda around the subject of Muslim women’s wearing and their special type of Hijab.
Western and mainstream media are focusing widely on the issue that Islam restricts and limits the social activity and freedom of females yet these false statements are being pointed out regardless to the hardliner Christian and Jew orders and commands for the dressing codes of women.
Maybe western media especially US-based broadcasting cartels and their masters are ignoring or forgetting the fact that limitations and particular dressing laws for women are common in all of monotheistic religions and do not exclusively belong to Islam.
But Islam as the latest divine religion and vanguard of all the philosophical and theological schools in the world looks at the issue of women dressing and Hijab with an open mind and liberal viewpoint.
The slight limitations and restrictions are also booked in order to protect women’s personality, ethics and respect.


In Islamic countries such as Iran, women are not forbidden to take part in social and communal activities, sports, cinema, TV, arts and even politics and freely do anything they desire regarding to their beloved religion sent by the majesty God and translated to us by Muhammad (PBUH), the prophet of peace and love.
Today in my country, Persia the land of honor, female athletes are increasingly participating in national and international sport tournaments and winning several medals and prizes from Olympics, World Cups and competitions.
The Muslim woman is progressive, energetic, free, harbinger and happy. She covers her body to keep the tainted eyes and looks away from herself and not become an advertising tool by physical attractions for capricious men.
She hates to become a means for those who want to propagate their goods and products by misusing of her God-given treasures so she tries to save and keep these feminine values and attractions for improving her husband, family and children.
But nobody can take her away from social activities, expressing her feelings and paying to her favorite endeavors.


I am deeply sorry for those who believe these aggrandizements and exaggerations about the “miserable”!! situation of women in Iran and police crack-downs against girls just for their modern type of clothing and wearing. And really I can not understand that how a wise and sagacious man believes in anything he reads or hears. So then what is the “brain” and “mind” used for?
It is a source of pain and sorrow for American women and girls who deal their moral and human values just for the sake of some dirty dollars to become a photo or advertising model, while American media take off their eyes about these tragic and disastrous media slavery of women as beauty merchandise.


You can watch the pictures and simply discover the conditions of women in Iran. Free to participate in sports, with modest happy and colorful dressings, covered bodies and respecting to their religion teachings.
Who said that Islamic Hijab, limits the women or imprisons her inside the home or deprives her of her definite rights?

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