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Women play a role in changes in the Islamic world

Doha, 3 April (AKI - from Ahmad Rafat) - Women are playing an important role in social and economic change in the Islamic world, according to a leading female academic.

Behjat Al Yousefi, associate director of the United Arab Emirates' Women's College for Communication Techonology, said technological breakthroughs were helping women to advance.

"Women have always had a role, wherever or no matter what," Al Yousefi told Adnkronos International (AKI) .

"Woman always have a role because like me, they are mothers, sisters, or mothers and above all because they have always been in the workforce decisive in every stage of social and economic progress," Al Yousefi said.

Al-Yousefi was attending the three-day 'knowledge parks' conference organised by the Qatar Foundation, the Supreme Council of Information and Communication Technology and UNESCO, in Qatar this week.

The Qatar Foundation is led by Sahiekha Mozah bint Nasser al Missned, wife of the country's emir and many women from Arab, Asian and African countries attended the conference. Four young entrepreneurs from the communications technology sector received awards at the conference.

"Technology enables women today to reach their objectives with ease, and any woman who comes to grips with new technology will have little difficulty in demonstrating their expertise."

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