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Qur'anic Origin of Life

 by  Khaja Zakir Hussain M.Sc B.Ed.
Raichur, Karnataka State, India


     Quran is the divine, revelation to the believers. Priest Basat Smith and an English thinker J.Bery Wrote that, no doubt Quran is the Divine Revelation, but some modern minded peoples not at all ready to accept it as a divine revelation. The holy book consists of scientific theories for thinker’s are or researching wise peoples.

    Here I am going to present Quranic origin of life which really may surprise the unbelievers and strengthen the Believers.

 Secular Concepts about Origin of life:

     According to science million years ago the universe was a unit of matter which was in single large fused mass this mass of a matter exploded into large pieces which were spread in different directions due to this explosion our solar system and galaxy has been formed and all the planets started to move on their axis this theory is formulated some around about 50 Years ago infact the some above said hints are revelated 14 Hundered Years ago in Quran which are as follows:

Quranic Verses :

Do they (unbelievers) not seen that sky and earth were fused than we (Allah) have separated them (21:30). And he created day,night,sun & moon all they (sun,moon & stars) in the sky, walk in such a way as they are swimming (21:33) Recentely Astronomers are of the openion that sun is a mobile body (20 Kmps)

Biological Concepts:

   According to biologist life is originated in water the following Quranic Verses Explain the aquatic origin of life. And we have created all the living organisms from water then why this people do not believe it (Sura Al-Ambiya 30) Similarly all the botanists zoologists and physists believe that,like human beings and animals, plants have been created with the fusion of male and female gametes Ayat He, the Allah is sacred, who created, the things which were unknown to them and plants in pairs [yasin 36]

   In Quran, in most places Allah reputedly says – there are our signs in the nature for wise thinkers and observers. Va afla taqiloon, va afla tafakiroon, va afla tasharoon- means why do not you search or work with deep thinkings, consciousness, worries, observation and experiments. The above knowledge enrich our iman [faith].


- The holy Quran

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