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Muhammad (PBUH): The Most Educated Person of All Time

Dr. Anwar Ul Haque

In many part of the world the birth day of the he Last and the Final Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) will be celebrated today i.e. 12th Rabeeul Awwal, (3rd Month of Islamic lunar calendar). Although this is not his confirmed birth date, it is certainly his confirmed death day. It was therefore used to be called Bara (12) Wafat (Death). When the Prophet (PBUH) was born, no one knew that he was going to be a Prophet and such an important person in the history. The record keeping was not that great at that time. Hence his real age i.e. 63 versus 61 and 65 are also debatable. The consensus is that his age was about 63 plus minus 2. When year canít be determined, how can be month and a date? The situation is somewhat similar to the birth date of Jesus (PBUH). According to Quran he was born in summer when dates were ripe. His virgin mother Mary was ordered by the God to shake the date tree and the ripe dates would fall. The required strength was provided to Mary who had just delivered Jesus (PBUH) and a fresh new spring was produced so that she could drink water from there along with eating dates. The Christians are however celebrating his birthday on 25th December which is die hard winter in Palestine as well as in many areas of the world.

For people like Jesus and Muhammad (Peace be upon them), celebration of one day is not enough. It is not like Motherís Day or Fatherís Day. Even for mothers and fathers assigning one day is most ridiculous. They are for us every moment, every day of life. Commercialism and ritualism are two manifestations among many of materialism.

Muhammad (PBUH) is the single most influential person of all time declares the book titled 100 Most Influential People of World by Michael Hart. Why he was and what characteristics he had to be the most influential? Well to deliberate and dilate upon this you need a full book, here I will high light only one of his lifeís numerous dimensions. Although Muhammad (PBUH) could not read or write but yet he was the most educated person of all time. To acquire education you do not necessarily require pen and tablet. Many so called learned people are extremely stupid and vice versa. Bad education destroys many. Education without moral and ethical foundations and guidance produces the worst possible beats. The examples are too numerous. On he other hand many wise people had no formal education. The education is earned and learned through many channels, avenues and means. We learn from our parents, other relatives and non relatives with whom we interact. We get experiences from our surroundings. Even plants, birds and animals may impart some very useful lessons provided we have eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts to ponder and evaluate.

Who could be biggest teacher? Of course the One who had created every thing and who is managing every thing, the Most Wise, the Most Intelligent, the Most Knowledgeable, the Most powerful i.e. the God All Mighty the God, who is called in Arabic Allah. The word Allah stands for Al-Ilaha; Al means the or all and Ilaha means God. The word Allah in itself means the One and Only God. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was directly educated by the God Himself. Hence Muhammad was the most educated person of all time. All other Prophets of Allah are educated in this way but it was for Muhammad and Muhammad (PBUH) alone for whom the barriers of time and place were broken and demolished. With a speed faster than light he was brought to Jerusalem where he led the payers of all the Prophets (Peace be upon them) and then ascended to various skies where he met the Prophets in the future and finally reached to close to Arahs where even angel Jibraeel (Gabriel) canít reach. He was thus shown the places and secrets where science canít reach in thousands of years. He then in that night was given the blessings of five time Salah (Special Muslimsí congregational prayers) and one of the most beautiful Dua (Prayer) which is in the last section of Surah Al-Baqarah (Second chapter of Quran titled The Cow referring to Bull worship of some Jews at the time of Moses, Moses [PBUH] conveyed the Godís command to slaughter the bull, which they did after making lot of excuses).

Muhammad (PBUH) despite not been able to read or write was bestowed the most beautiful and the last edition of all divine books i.e. Quran! The Quran is a living miracle and can be tested by anyone everywhere in the world. The Quran protected the lives of all the previous Prophets deleting all man made fabrications. A person who could not read and write yet brought the Quran from Allah, remembered the entire Quran by heart and was a living Quran. It was the Quran which then gave the world all modern sciences and put the solid foundations of education and laboratory and social sciences. It was the light of Quran which ignited the renaissance in Europe and brought Industrial revolution. It was the Quran which gave and saved the human rights and provided women their rights.

Muhammad (PBUH)ís own sayings are kept in Hadith which has entirely different style albeit quite beautiful but nowhere close to Quran linguistically. Muhammad (PBUH) regarded himself the teacher to mankind and liked the teachers. He emphasized learning from birth to grave and made it essential for all Muslims; man and woman. He emphasized on acquiring perfection and specialization. All Blessings and Mercy be upon the Last and the seal of all Prophets. Every moment of our life carries a lot of things which he bestowed upon us through Quran and his exemplary life. It was this way of lifting soul and minds that totally eradicated alcohol and other drugs addiction and eliminated slavery. There are simply no parallel examples. Under Muhammad (PBUH)ís teaching the world saw the utmost peace and crimeless society. Today world again badly needs and requires the same path of peace, education and progress. The last book given to him by Allah is protected letter by letter, word by word and in its freshness, fragrance, motivation, guidance and understandability. No other book is like this and that is a living and verifiable miracle. This miracle is needed to solve all our problems. As Quran says that the night Quran was revealed is better than 1000 months meaning that the reforms achievable through Quran in one night canít be achieved without it in 1000 months. An open testimony is the failure of Tableeghi Jamat and other religious movements which had not gained guidance directly from Quran and have not taught Quranic Arabic to their followers thus they are not getting due strength and piety and tranquility from Prayers. Despite being in millions their weight is less than the floating foam in the surface of water. Let us hold this book firmly and solve all the problems of burning mankind.

Dr. Anwar Ul Haque

116. St. 49

F 11/ 3 Islamabad 44000, Pakistan.

Phone: 2294099, 2293707

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