By Yacoob Hassan

[Mr. Yacoob Hassan is working as an Excutive Manager for a Polyurethane Industrial Sector in the Middle East.  He wrote: I believe the Religion of Islam provided maximum freedom for research in science and technology but unfortunately it is not properly utilized by the followers as before. The best Ibadath is to provide service to Mankind thereby to attract the non-believers through your own deeds.  

I am very much involved with a social organization in India, Muslim Service Society to provide support for less fortunate for medical and educational sector without considering religion, cast or creed.  We support mentally retardent students to bring them to stream.  We provide medicines to poor patients after collecting samples from doctors and un-used medicines from house hold. We provide monthly pension for cancer patients and also provide scholar ship for poor and eligible students for their higher education.   He can be reached by E-Mail at yacoobhassan@gmail.com ]

Assalamu Alaykum



Most of your articles are very helpful to clear the doubts of normal people and also


tried to present the great religion in its own genuine intention. I think Islam is never related to any particular culture at the same time I believe it is acceptable to any culture if  their cultural activities are not harm to Mankind.  In short any culture or country follow its own practice/way of life for years without hurting the healthy existence to that society (but the same time without questioning the real concept on God's oneness ) may be acceptable to Islam.  When we  introduce something related to a foreign culture (even if it is a culture of Arabs) it will, ofcourse create unhealthy situation in that society to bring conflict- the very opposite of Islam. 


The answers on Head scarf  by Jb. Siddiq Bukhary  to be scrutinized on same angle


A)    Hijab is not a long dre ss or head scarf  which is applicable for women but it is

some thing against the passion inside humanbeing and is applicable mainly for                   Men.


B)    Islam never suggest any special dress code, except those attire which is not suitable for the healthy existence of the local culture.  (details follows in following article)


C)    The inner meaning on display of ornaments are clear, since it is telling ordinary ornaments (cultural) are allowed.  The luxurious spending on  expensive ornaments are not allowed, same time the ornaments used on disco dancing and such vulgar costumes are forbidden


D)    Jb. Bukhary is translating the shawl/Dhuppata (long cloth to cover bosoms as head covering.  Arab ladies used to feed their babies through breast reveling maxis, so above verse instruct them to cover them with long cloth (not to attract opposite sex) and it is nowhere related to head covering.  


The following details are self explanatory




Hijab seems to be one of   hot subjects in your columns.  Muslims are always taking this subject by referring head scarves, Purdha, Burqa or such outfits applicable for ladies.  But in Quraan it is meant for both Men and women.  "Veiling one's gaze" is an important part of Hijab which is mostly applicable for men.  I have observed a lot of men in their most modern outfit along with their full covered wives with out bothering their own Hijab by gazing others.  Actually inner Hijab is more important and one aspect is meaningless without the other.The real Hijab for women was to be modest, and to dress modestly and make sure that they are decently dressed. As per Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood, a scholar for Islamic studies and other scholars including those from Al azhar University,the recommendation for a head veil is like recommendation for a beard. They are recommended, but not compulsory. What is compulsory is for women not to wear skin-tight or transparent clothing or to breast-feed their babies in front of strangers. Face veils were worn high ranking ladies in several cultures as a point of pride and superiority- the very opposite to modesty. At the most holy moments of a Muslim woman's life- at the times of prayer and when she is on Umra or Hajj- she is actually required to show her face to all, no matter what the usual customs is in her society.Muslim women expect to be appreciated for their characters and mind not just for their dress code.  Muslim women can be smart or colourful and their styles vary according to the traditions of different countries- but they should never be indecent or vulgar. And none of the coverings either Purdha , Burqa or even head scarf is specifically Muslim and the amount of cover worn by a woman cannot indicate the quality of her Islam.


These can be oppressive and an abuse when it is forced upon woman with out their wish. 


Contrary to public opinion, Purdha is a practice of seclusion which has nothing to do with Islam, but was used extensively by Hindus, Persians, Byzantines, and even some Christians, who did not allow their wo men equality. The word Purdha is nowhere to be found in the Qur'an. 




You can not blame a man in his sports dress accusing him as against Islamic dress code but feels something unusual when he wear this dress code for his evening walk with his full covered wife. 


Islam is the most modern religion in this world and doubts are always their while you compare the religion with cultureMost of the Islamic Scholar recommend Muslims to follow the local culture  for the existence of a peaceful and healthy set up, which is the core of Islam, at the same time to be a model to others to follow him in his honest and true life out of his good deeds.  It is nothing to be through external appearance or symbols except good heart and deeds.    



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