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Article 410

Tasbih (Glorification) of Allah (SWT) of Fatima Zahra A.S.


By  Syed Hasan Akhtar

Austin, Texas 

It is been reported in Da’aem Al Islam that Ali A.S. said: “Once a Persian monarch gave the Prophet p.b.u.h.  Some slaves as a gift. I told Fatima to go to the messenger of Allah and ask him for a servant. When she did, the Prophet replied: “Fatima, I will give you that which is better for you than a servant and the whole world with everything in it. After every Salaat  say:  AllahuAkbar 34 times, AlhamduLillah 33 times, and SubhanAllah 33 times; then conclude that with: “La Ilaha Il-lallah.” Surely this is better for you than which you wanted and the whole world and its belongings. 

Thus Fatima adhered to this Glorification after every Salaat, and it came to be known as “Tasbih e Fatima”.  

Abu Haroun, surely we command our children to adhere to Tasbih e Fatima, the same way we command them to perform prayers. So perform the Tasbih, for whoever adheres to it shall never be miserable.”  

Reference: “Fatima the Gracious” by Abu Muhammad Ordoni (Jordanian) published by Anssarian publications, Iran. 

Imam Jafar AS Sadiq A.S. has said: “Any one who after the Wajib Salaat before moving the feet (changing the position)   recites the Tasbih of Fatima Zahra A.S. then all of his/her sins will be forgiven and one should start the Tasbih with AllahuAkbar.” 

Imam Muhammad Al Baqir A.S. has said: “One who recites the Tasbih as performed by Fatima Az Zahra A.S. and after that asks for forgiveness from Allah swt, he/she will be forgiven (by Allah). This Tasbih on the tongue (Dikr) is 100 times, but in weight on the scale (of deed) it is counted as one thousand (good deeds), it will distance Shaitan from one’s self, and will make the Beneficent (Allah) pleased.”

Source: “Al-Haqq Newsletter” October 2002, Ontario, Canada. 

It is highly recommended to recite “Tasbih e Fatima” at night before going to sleep.

There are anecdotal accounts that this formula may also help some people to fall asleep who suffer from Insomnia. At bed time tucked under the blanket close your eyes and recite the Tasbih. Will not hurt to try! 

Reward for Husbands …


It has been reported in Anwar ul Bihar that Imam Ali A.S. said: “ Once, the Messenger of Allah pbuh came to us while Fatima was sitting by the pot (cooking) and I was washing lentils; when the Prophet S.A. saw us he addressed me : “O Abu Al Hasan!” I replied “I am at your service, O Messenger of Allah!”

He then said: “Listen to me, for I say not save that which is the Word of the Lord. There is not a man who helps his wife in the house work, save that as if he worshipped with every hair on his body, and fasted  during the days and kept up the night in prayers for a whole year, credited to him ….


Source: “Fatima the Gracious”

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