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The Third Islamic Renaissance

 By Ghulam Muhammed

Al-Jazeerah, April 16, 2005

Mohtaram Dr. Israr Ahmed Saheb,

As Salaamu alaikum  

I am going through your article on your tour of India, first published in Misaq, Lahore and republished here by Afkar-e-Milli, Delhi.

A few words in reference to the main theme picked up by you:

I refer to your quotation of  Shah Waliuallah’s opinion on Brahmins and other caste Hindus, first accepting Islam --- as the main catalyst for total change the India’s composition in favour of Islam. This is a very potent point and people who are engaged in Da’wah work are acutely cognizant of the potential. An in-depth working on the subject with action plan could definitely bear fruit, Insha Allah. 

It is praiseworthy that Dr. Zakir has studied Vedic literature and has been successful in coming out with comparative studies projecting basic monotheistic philosophy of Sanatan Dharam. Unfortunately, his debating successes has completely undermined his image with the well-meaning Brahmin scholars and rendered him on the sidelines of any serious attempt to carry out this most rewarding mission. That part could be improved, one hopes through your esteemed guidance.

Just a hint on the major impediment to any effort in this direction: Brahmins have been ruling class, for the last 50 years in India. They treat Muslims as their main political adversary. Their antagonism against Islam and Muslims should be understood and appropriately responded to, both on religious, social and political levels.

A second corollary of the same theme is, Maulana Shams Naved Usmani’s belief that the third renaissance of Islam will come from India. We had known that in history, the 2 other renaissances were centered on two major power centers, as you have correctly pointed out: Baghdad and Turkey. It is only the master design of Allah that pieces are falling in place to help towards that goal of the Third Islamic Renaissance.

The two major related developments might be noted:

(1) India, poised to be a big economic powerhouse, is forced to initiate and maintain friendly relations with its neighbors, most of whom are Muslim populated and ruled.

(2) The softening of borders between India and Pakistan is a move towards de facto reunification of the subcontinent, where 500 million Muslims will hold a commanding position impacting on governance and therefore political, social, religious and lastly, possibly economic life of the area. India’s 4% Brahmins are already feeling their inadequacy in carrying forth the burden of the new role that they have taken up in their greed and self-preservation. They will have to come to terms with Muslims and Islam.
A Muslim Think Tank could work up, a new strategic plan for the whole Muslim world stretching from Morocco to Indonesia in the first phase, with Indian sub-continent and its Muslims as leading the Third Islamic renaissance, heralding a humane, just and honour-bound future for all mankind.

I have come across at least two Indian Think Tank projects, which are trying to project India as the emerging ‘super’ power. Both project reports were prepared by private NGO members --- one of the ‘liberal’ kind and the other from the ‘Hindutva’ group. Both studies suffer while trying to ignore Muslims in the subcontinent and the third world around them. Unless they fill in the Muslim component, they know they will fall flat. I have yet to see any such attempt from the Islamic circle. If some such study in already there, I hope, it would be made public. (After all the criminal gang of Jewish No-cons did had confidence to publish their plans of ‘New American Century’ on the open website.)

Brahmins are acutely aware of their inadequacies in the new role. They are perturbed that even Samuel Huntington, while preparing his first draft of his ‘Clash of civilization’ had completely ignored Hindu civilization. On his visit to Bombay, Dr. Rafiq Zakaria, who had arranged his presentation at Nehru Center and had invited some prominent Hindutva heavyweights to attend Huntington lecture, pointed this out to Dr. Huntington. Dr. Huntington took the hint and declared to the predominantly Hindu audience –‘I will work that in”.

The Western obsession against Islamic civilization has come at a time, when economics, the bedrock of western civilization, is not favoring them. Accordingly Muslims too should realize their own potential and make preparation for their global comeback.

Yours sincerely,

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai, India


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