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Raped by a Muslim

By Yusuf

“Tell the believing men to LOWER THE GAZE and BE MODEST. That is purer for them. Lo! Allah is aware of what they do.” Surah An Noor – Verse no -30

 An alarming, disturbing trend has been discovered in Europe and Australia. And the trend is shocking to say at the least. Muslim men have been found caught in rape and gang-rape of western women. This trend of rape is increasing and is found highest in areas with the highest immigrant population.

Why Muslim men have to resort to such shameful acts of taking a woman’s honor? Is it something to do with the way Islam is being taught by our Mullahs or is it something much deeper.

I was shocked to find how rape has increased in Scandinavian Nations that is specifically in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. These rape incidents increase in summer when conventionally western women dress skimpily.

In 2001, it has been reported that two out of three charged in rape has been an immigrant in Oslo – Norway’s Capital. And this is just not an isolated nation bearing the brunt of our men who cannot keep their libido in place.

Lebanese Muslim Gangs in Australia routinely go on abusing white women and girls and many of them have become victims of gang rapes by Lebanese men. This led to race riots in Sydney among the Lebanese gangs and Neo-Nazi gangs with a common Australian caught in between

A Pakistani man in Australia had the audacity to say in court that his 14 year old rape victims had no right to say that they were raped because they did not wear hijab.

On top of it a statement coming from Sheikh Taj Din al-Hilali that women dressed in “satanic clothing” are responsible for their rapes is an open invitation for those Lebanese Muslim Gangs to rape more.

What leads to this rape? Is it Islam that teaches to rape or is it the socio-cultural aspect that makes them to rape?

Socio-anthropology deems that when a class of people is pushed into ghettoes, are not given rights or are themselves not hard working enough leading to a downward spiral of their existence – all of these combined leads to a sense of alienation from the society where they feel they never belonged. Their skin color, their names, and their cultures are not what the culture of the mainstream population is.

It’s this constant struggle between what is appropriate and what is inappropriate fuelled by statements from Sheikhs in Masajid that Hijab protects women from rape and scantily dressed women are actually inviting rape make these men show an aggressive behavior and a rapist, animalistic attitude.

They feel by raping a white woman they have been able to wrong the injustice done to them or hide their own failure or their own incapability to make a mark in the society.

We as Muslims should come out and speak against this disturbing trend which is a result of comparing Hijab with rape or dressing modestly or immodestly with rape. Its time Scholars tell Muslim youth that Rape is Wrong and even if a woman is naked on the street and you rape her – you are a sinner.

They should be taught this Ayah in Quran:

“Tell the believing men to LOWER THE GAZE and BE MODEST. That is purer for them. Lo! Allah is aware of what they do.” Surah An Noor – Verse no -30

This Ayah should be repeated to them umpteen times that look God first told you to lower your gaze and control your temptations before telling women to dress modestly.

When we live in a Multi cultural society and even in a mono-cultural Society – we should not infringe on people’s rights.

It’s time the teachings of Islam are revisited and women are given their rightful position. When we start respecting and giving our daughters and our sisters the same rights that we give to our sons and our brothers – only then we will be able to stop this alarming increase of rape in Europe and Australia by Muslim men on the pretext that they were wearing “satanic clothes”

It’s this behavior of rape which is Satanic. Allah never forgives those who use force. They are the biggest transgressors in His eyes. Let’s stop justifying rape and let’s for a change look into the faults of our society which is leading to such a heinous crime in the Europe and Australia.

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