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US Turns Space Into its Colony


By Bashir A. Syed

[Bashir A. Syed is a Member: American Physical Society, IEEE (NSRE & NPPS), Amer. Solar Energy Soc., International Solar Energy Soc. Sr. Member, Union of Concerned Scientists, and New York Academy of Sciences. Fulbright, NSF/US-AEC & NASA Scholar. Member Radiation Safety Committee, NASA/JSC.]


Bush is acting like God forgetting that there are Physical phenomenon not only mentioned in the Qur'an [Surah JIN #72: 9 and Ar-Rahman #55:33 &35] Allah reminds that in SPACE there are FIRES which prevent JIN and MEN from crossing the limits.


Here is what man has learnt from SPACE RESEARCH using scientific methodology to verify exactly about these fires. In  space there is Radiation of three kinds:

1. Galactic Cosmic Rays consisting of "protons"  and many other "elements" with energy exceeding Giga-electron-volts (GeV) and if any such high energy particle hits "active electronic components," in Satellites or Space-craft, it can not only destroy that component but renders the entire system useless.

2. Electrons and Protons get trapped in earth's magnetic field forming two radiation belts known as "Van Allen Radiation"  belts, and any one [humans as well as active electronic components] staying in these belts can be zapped by this radiation.

3. Solar flares occur on SUN on a random but regular basis spewing out very-highly energetic protons which do the same as described before.

4. During the Eleven Year Solar Cycle, the activity of SUN  vaxes and vanes (reaches a peak or minima) and during these Peaks SUN releases "Coronal Mass Ejections (CME)" which resemble a million or more mile long flame traveling towards earth with Solar Wind. NOAA satellites are constantly on the lookout of these CME's, because they not only destroy everything in their path but cause Radio/TV satellites to go dead, cause Power surges resulting power failures over a large area on earth and many unexpected random.  

The above are known and observed phenomenon which can be related to things described in above mentioned Ayath of Qur'an, which Science has proven as facts.

For your information as the dimensions of solid state devices shrink for further miniaturization, they become more vulnerable to failure caused by the above mentioned Space Radiation Effects. Not only this but due to earths magnetic field (earth behaving like a magnet) earth's North-South poles keep on shifting over a period of time. Thus according to convention the north pole of Compass is attracted by Magnetic-South Pole of earth and vice versa. As a result the lines of force of Earth (as a magnet) concentrate towards each pole. Thus the North-Magnetic pole of earth currently is located east of Argentina/Brazil in Atlantic ocean, causing the trapped electrons/protons in Van Allen Radiation belts to follow these lines of force (like those in a bar magnet) concentrating them in that region known as "Atlantic Anomaly." Whenever the Space Shuttle or International Space Station (300 to 500 miles above earth) crosses this region the radiation dose increase to 10,000 times the normal dose experienced in outer regions. Thus Astronauts are warned not to go out during that period (30 to 45 minutes) as they may get radiation dose equivalent to 10,000 X-rays in that region.

Since mankind or an average person in those days (more than 1400 years ago) had no knowledge about some of the things we know due to space travel, Allah explained some of these events in terms of a language which man could relate with already known things like fire (which is also produces radiation of high of high intensity like lasers to burn things).

Those of us who have contributed to the knowledge in Space Sciences, know it well that already three of the deceased Astronauts died with leukemia and a fourth one with brain tumor, in which radiation had definite part to play. Even the manned mission to MARS is full of such risks (more than ever), but tax-payers money is being used under the pretext of space exploration and homeland security. [Before Concord Plane was abandoned, team of British Space Radiation Experts discovered/detected very high levels of "secondary neutrons" peaking at altitude of 60,000 feet, caused by the impact of high energy protons with atoms of the structural materials and other objects in the Concorde aircraft. This information was relayed to FAA in America to warn Pilots and other flight crews to lessen the number of flight hours, as many were at risk of diseases like cancer causded by radiation. Sure enough during my trip from Tokyo to Los Angeles in June this year returning from Beijing, China,  casual discussion with a Korean Oncology Professor was overheard by one of the stewardess in the same plane. She testified to not only the warning of FAA to Airlines flight crew, but also told us that has had a few surgical operations linked with cancerous tumors, which she can relate to her years of flying at high altitude.   

For further information use Google search engine for key-words: Solar Flares, Coronal Mass Ejections, Van Allen Radiation Belts, and Gallactic Cosmic Rays, etc.


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