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Who is responsible for a Rape?

Some couple of days before a senior cleric of Australia named Sheik Taj Aldin al Hilali (of Australia) has quoted that Women are responsible for Rape. According to Sheik Taj Aldin al Hilali the problem lies in the Uncovered Meat in the women Body was the problem of Rape.

Sheik Taj Aldin al Hilali has quoted that if a women is in her home, in her hijab then no problem would have occurred. Well Lets Think with a open heart about Sheik Taj Aldin al Hilali's comments. IS really a women is responsible for a RAPE which causes damages on both physically and mentally.

The Point which was argued by Sheik Taj Aldin al Hilali has some meaning because proactive dressings in public will make a persona vuealuneable. But it doesn't mean that the person who is not dressing very proactively doesn't fall in the trap. When Contacted some Rapist in Delhi Tihar Jail Some criminals said that they choose a women who is wearing less amount of dresses and also a women whose dress can be undressed easily. By these words we can say that the dressings of a women do a major part of RAPE. Further more they added that even if the women is not a proactive dressed women, but if the women is weak and not having strength to fight against them then those women also fall in the trap of RAPE. Those Criminals said that, if the women tries to shout their first tactics is to show a weapon (mostly knife) and try to calm them.

But is that dress which Sheik Taj Aldin al Hilali said is the cause of real problem. Not really, The dress acts 50% of a Rape Simulation and the remaining 50% is the criminal/ sexual mind which simulates the men to do the rape. Sometimes it goes to 20:80 % also which is where the dress code comes into picture. Then Sheik Taj Aldin al Hilali said that if a women is in her home and in her Hijab then there will not be any problem. IS that is true?

As per a survey the domestic violence which is faced by women is higher than the Violence which they face when they go out to the world. In houses women face a lot of problems which are both sexually, physically, mentally. According to the split-ups of the RAPE happened, it is found that mostly (78%) of Rape happening between the close relations in the houses. This figure can go high if we take count of all rapes which are not reported to police. There was a recent incident in India where "Imrana was raped by her father in law. And the Clerics said that she cannot live with her husband since she was raped by her husband's father and she will be treated as a mother for his husband." How foolishness is this, Instead of punishing the father they are punishing daughter in law. Is father in law is outsider or a person who is inside the house.

In each community across the world, the same kind of domestic violence is happening. And Sheik Taj Aldin al Hilali said that if we keep uncovered meat opened, and if the cat came and ate the meat then it is not the wrong of cat but the wrong of a women. Please clear this, when we are keeping a uncovered meat opened, if a cat is a well cultured and if it knows the values how the cat will come and smell the meat. Is your pet dog is eating the food of yours in your house because you kept it opened. No House dogs and trained dogs will do that wrong.

So Who is the problem of Rape:

As per my consideration the responsibility lies equally between both sexes because without a small mislead both sexes cannot cross the limits. In western countries there is a lot of reports on "Date Rape" which is a girl getting raped when she is going for a dating with a guy. If we analyse the situation there may be a little clue of what triggered the Rape situation and what may have been done to avoid that. In India this is now becoming a big problem since we have reports on this type of rape. In this both victim and the accused is known to each other. The situation created the problem.

If the girl is little bit cautious about her surroundings this may not have happened. If the guy is little cautious about the values of the friendship/love of that Girl then this may have been avoided. Recently there was a report which involves Rakhi  Sawant and popular pop singer. When we saw the pictures of Rakhi Sawant it was just a piece of cloth which was tied just by two knots near her breast. If we untie the knots then her dress will fall and she will be undressed. This kind of dresses will change a good mind to bad. We must know what to wear where. Yes there may be a little conditioned freedom is needed when we go to public because not all eyes and minds are same.


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