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More on: “Jesus Alive or dead." –Rebuttal to Mubasher Ahmed


Assalamualaikum. I thank Brother Mubashir Ahmed for reading my article titled “Jesus (p), is he dead or alive.” sent to IRFI. I also thank him for taking time to respond to that with his rebuttal. My article had concluded that Jesus is alive, and was raised up alive.


Before I address specific points raised up by the scholarly brother, I would like to re-iterate in summary form some of general points that I had written in my article.


  1. Our intellect and knowledge are limited.
  2. Compared with Allah’s knowledge, His Wisdom and Power, our faculties are next to nothing.  
  3. We may understand a few commandments and certain obvious facts from the Qur’an, but we are not endowed with intellect and knowledge to interpret and understand everything contained in it.
  4. A teacher appointed by Allah was necessary for us to help us understand the Qur’an. I will discuss verse 2 of Surah Al Jumua (62) later in this presentation. **
  5. The teacher (Prophet Muhammad pbuh&p) appointed other qualified teachers.
  6. Majority of Muslims have not attached themselves to the divinely enlightened teachers, and opted to rely on their own interpretation of the divine Book, based upon their limited intellect, deficient knowledge, and conjecture.


Now, I will address specific points raised by the learned brother. However, before I do that, I must point out that Mr. Mubasher has described at length about the Jews at the time of Prophet Jesus (p) and about the historical events surrounding the “people of the caves.” I appreciate his vast knowledge about these events; however, it is not directly relevant to the topic under discussion, which is; rising up of Jesus alive by the command of Allah.


In the beginning of page 2, Mr. Mubasher states “ …it should not lead us to the conclusion that  such a person is automatically picked up physically by God and taken up to heaven ….”


There are several problems with this statement.  The learned brother needs to pay attention to my discussion regarding verses 157, 158 of Surah 4 on the page one of my article.  


The continuity of these two verses “…and they killed him not for sure.” V.157, and “Allah took him up (raised him up) to himself; and Allah is mighty, wise.” V.158. Here the “lam-alif or La” sign establishes continuity and re-enforces the first statement that he did not die, that he was raised up. Raising him up alive is implied here. The two events took place in sequence.


Regarding his second objection that we should not assume that Jesus was automatically raised up in his physical body. There is nothing automatic, accidental or incidental in Allah’s realm. “took him up to Himself” is a positive and forceful statement. To be sure Allah adds the words “Mighty, Wise” to let the doubters know that He is capable of anything.


The learned brother wonders how Jesus can be physically raised, where he gets the food from, and does he travel along with God? We are not privy to Allah’s mysteries. Allah says in the Qur’an about the Martyrs that they are alive and receiving food, enjoying the good things, etc. They must have physical bodies, for sure, of different quality to be able to eat food, enjoy pleasures of life, to wear clothes, etc.) Similarly, those that will be punished in the hereafter will experience pain, and when their skins burned down, Allah will replace with new skins for punishment to continue. This is mentioned in the Qur’an.  They will eat bitter substances; they will drink boiling liquid, like thirsty camels. Can we explain these events with our limited intellect and knowledge, except surrender to Allah and acknowledge that Allah is mighty and capable of anything. When He intends something, to it He says: ‘Be’ (Kun), and ‘it is’ (Fayakun)


Allah is everywhere, and Jesus is where Allah has ordained him to be. It is not within our knowledge, or even our business to know that.


The example of the people of the cave only tells us one thing. It is easy for Allah to keep some one alive in a semi conscious state for over 300 years without food. When they woke up, they were in perfect physical health, except they were hungry. This story is for doubters who put limitations on Allah’s powers.


Refer to the story of Prophet Ezekiel, mentioned in the Qur’an in Chapter 2, v. 259.  The people of the hamlet were dead and reduced to bone and dust. He made the prophet also die for another hundred years. His donkey was reduced to bones and dust. However, the Prophet’s food and drink did not show signs of age! Then Allah brought the bones of the animal together and resurrected it, and brought it back to life.  (It was obviously not a spiritual body).  Allah says He made it a sign for the people. The verse ends with “When it was clearly shown to him (prophet Ezekiel), he said: ‘I know that God hath power over all things.’”


Allah is here telling us that He is capable of anything, by showing signs and giving examples.  However, do we take lesson from that? Obviously not every one derives lessons from these examples given in the Qur’an.


Also in the Qur’an, there is the example of a man murdered by the children of Israel. They put the blame of murder on an innocent person. Allah had them touch the dead body of the man with a certain bone, and the dead man came back alive and pointed to the guilty ones. Can our conventional logic explain this?



Is it not clear to all of us that trivial objections, logic based upon limited knowledge and understanding only points to our shortcomings, but it does not limit Allah’s power.



Our brother did not address the episode I mentioned in my article, of the godly man in the court of Prophet Solomon who brought the actual physical throne of  Queen Bilquis form her kingdom, from hundred of miles away to the court of Prophet Solomon in the blinking of an eye! Chapter 27: v 40. Allah says he was (given) the knowledge of the book.


On page 3, Para 3, in his letter our learned brother referred to ascension of Prophet Muhammad pbuh&p to the seventh heaven, commonly referred to as “Miraj.” During that visit, was his body physical or spiritual? How his body withstood the incalculable G forces of traveling infinitely faster than the speed of light. How he survived sub-zero temperatures of outer space? How about negative atmospheric pressure that will suck out every atom of gas from every cell of the body? Where from did he get oxygen to breathe? We cannot understand, or even rationalize those mysteries. It is not for us to intellectualize on those events. We accept them as Muslims who believe in the Qur’an, and in the Almighty Allah’s powers. Let us not put limitations as to what Allah can and cannot do.


Finally, let me discuss the verse 159 of Surah 4 of the Qur’an that our learned brother has mentioned on page 3 of his letter. I will quote English translation by Allama Yusuf Ali.


“And there is none of the people of the Book but must believe in him before his (Jesus’) death; and on the Day of Judgment he will be a witness against them.” 4:159.


This verse refers to two different events. First, it is dealing with the situation where Jesus will be among people and they will believe in him as Prophet of God that he did not die on the cross. This has not happened yet, and will happen at his second appearance from occultation. This will happen before the Day of Judgment. The second part of the verse that states, “he will be a witness against them”. This refers to those people who denied his prophet hood when he first brought the message, and those that lived after he was raised up, and the people of modern times and future period, before his second coming.


I apologize for the lengthy response. I request the reader to study this, along with my earlier article titled “Jesus, is he alive or dead.”




Syed Akhtar

November 14, 2006

Austin, Texas



There is no one mighty and powerful but Allah, the Exalted, the High






** In Surah Al Jumuah [62] verse 2, Allah says: “He is who raised among the inhabitants of Mecca an apostle from among themselves, who recites to them His communications, and purifies them, and teaches them the Book (Qur’an) and the wisdom, although they were before certainly in error;”

  It is clear from this verse that man by himself is not capable of fully understanding divine revelations.

      a) A teacher (Prophet Muhammad pbuh&p) was sent. a) He recited the revelations, b) then he purified the listeners. This implies that hearts were softened and ready to understand and accept the revelations. c) Then he taught the Qur’an and knowledge contained in it. d) Those who accepted it were endowed with wisdom.

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