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Female Saudi  Newscaster: "We Are Brainwashed Daily"


April 14th 2007

From MEMRI, below is a video of a female Saudi newscaster standing up for herself against a Saudi cleric who believes women should stop “tempting” men by having the gall to show their hair or neck. Here’s an excerpt of the transcript:

[Cleric] Nasser Al-Huneini: On the issue of the hijab, all religious scholars are in agreement that if revealing a woman’s face might lead to temptation and other things, it is forbidden. In addition, even when they permitted the revealing of the woman’s face, they placed restrictions on this. Even Sheik Al-Albani did so. They stated that only the face and the palms may be exposed. The woman is not allowed to expose her neck or her hair. She is not allowed to appear with make-up or jewelry. The religious scholars have all agreed upon this.

[Female Newscaster] Buthayna Nasser: Who are these people who wish to decide for me how I should behave? Why do you treat me as less qualified just because I am a woman? Why is there always a male voice deciding how I should behave? The Lord created me equal to you in my duties, punishment, and reward. When you fast, I fast. When you pray, I pray. When you steal, your hand is cut off, and when I steal, my hand is cut off. This is the greatest evidence that I am not less qualified. I know what I am doing, and I know how to maintain my honor.

Nasser also describes how Saudi’s are “brainwashed” from an early age:

Walid wondered how I, as a newscaster, can describe Saudi society as being brainwashing. There is nothing to be surprising about, Dr. Walid. From the age of six or seven, from elementary school until high school, when we reach the age of 18, and even later, when we go to university - we memorize, memorize, and memorize. Whoever dares to argue or to question anything is called upon to ask for Allah’s forgiveness. He is told that this will get him into Hell. You, who frighten people with Hell, have brought them a hell upon earth.

You have banned books of the various intellectual streams. You’ve prevented the mind from operating, thinking, comparing, and choosing, even though it is the same mind that the Creator gave people in order to choose between Paradise and Hell. Our Lord honored Man by giving him the freedom to choose his path in this life, and the consequences are revealed in the world to come. Deeds are measured by the intent, and, as the Great Teacher taught us, good intentions steer our behavior. Yes sir, we are being brainwashed on a daily basis…

This just shows how Muslim men, in this case Saudi Muslim men, have formed opinions and preach/teach about how women should dress, act, and speak; and their sexist views come, not from Allah, but from their own power obsessions. This is the best explanation of how (Muslim) women are in fact equal, despite what the Muslim men have tried to brainwash everyone into thinking. I wonder if this woman had consequences for the words she spoke?


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