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The Neglected Revolution : Muslims leaving Islam


Author : ali5196 on Feb 22, 2008 - 12:04 PM 

THIS REPORT is meant for the SIOE (STOP ISLAMIFICATION OF EUROPE) Organisation and some western newspapers.

by ali5196 of

Foreword : Muslims in the West are uncritically taken by Islam. Yet, those who have firsthand experience of living with the sharia, think differently.

For 5 years now, I helped maintain a website for Indonesian Muslims leaving Islam by translating articles critical of Islam in English into Bahasa Indonesia. Thanks to the internet, these articles made this ‘fastest growing religion’ look more like the ‘fastest sinking religion.’ By only shedding light on the real Islam, the Islam that Muslims in the West are able to conceal, the seeds of doubt in the minds of (Indonesian) Muslims have been planted.

Those who left Islam due to our site was after having read that, amongst others :
Muhammad at 53 consummated his marriage to a 9 year old,
Muhammad did NOT change women’s lives for the better,
Muhammad ordered to kill those who have left Islam, his critics & 800 unarmed Medinan Jews, involved in raids & demanded his share of the booty: and that his version of heaven would make any Amsterdam whorehouse madam blush.

The most effective clinch was when one of our contributors highlighted books written by prominent (so-called 'moderate') Muslims proving exactly our points : that Aisya WAS 9 years old when she was deflowered, that Islam's heaven WAS about the promise of sex, that Jihad WAS about killing infidels & that prominent Muslims themselves are confused about which is the real Islam [and that from a religion which, above all, claims to be 'clear & concise'].

We survived despite several threats by Muslims to hack/destroy our site/ destroy internet cafes which do not censor our site. We have had special hate-sites set up to encounter us. Our readers were several times intimidated by email or telephone. Yet our readership has increased steadily.

In August 2007, we achieved our highest readership from 1,500 a day to 5,000 a day with an average of 2.500/day. That is no mean feat in a country where the internet is still a luxury. Going online in an internet cafe can cost some of our regulars their weekly salary (or physical harassment when you are unlucky enough to have been caught reading our site by a pious Muslim).

We must be doing something right.

A precise total of how many people leave Islam due to our site is difficult to obtain, yet one look at Google and one can see that within 5 years, our site has gained prominence and is frequently quoted by Indonesian Islamic sites. An article about how Allah's inheritance law did not add up, for instance, was frequently quoted.

Muslims are also not in a hurry to announce their apostasy for fear of being terrorized by the state, anti-apostasy movements, family and community. One girl claimed that she had to move house when the whole family decided to leave Islam. Taking off her hijab was done as inconspicuous as possible, lest it would attract bad publicity. In our site, there were at least two accounts of child kidnapping by grandparents whose daughter-in-laws have left Islam. We had a report of a whole village leaving Islam, yet the reporter refused to announce the name for fear of repercussions.

OF course we have Muslims on our site too, condemning these apostasy stories as 'Islamophobic,' 'fake, clobberdash', ‘part of a Zionist/Christian conspiracy’ and that these ex-muslims ‘do not understand Islam fully in the first place,’ BUT in the biggest Muslim populated country like Indonesia, the proof is all around you. In a country with first hand experience of living with Islam, it is EASIER to convince Muslims in Muslim countries than non-Muslims in non-Muslims countries that Islam has failed miserably on its promises throughout its existence.

Islam is strong on myths and weak on proof, if one only has the eyes to see it.

Promises of ‘a religion of peace,’ ‘tolerant’ & ‘pro-women’ conflict with daily reality. One quick look and Muslims see clearly with their own eyes that without the participation of the hated pig-eating-unhijabed-immoral infidels, the country would be nowhere. This is especially true in case of natural disasters of which Indonesia has aplenty. It is widely believed that the biggest natural disaster happened for some divine reason in North Sumatera, the first province which introduced the sharia law.

AS one of the biggest exporters of workers to the Middle East, more and more cases highlighting the abuse of, especially, our female workers, also invited grave doubts about the 'Islamic brotherhood.' Physically and mentally abused, pregnant and even DEAD female workers returning from Saudi are not an unfamiliar sight. In fact, racism and discrimination towards workers not of Arabian descent (let alone non-Muslim) in the Middle East are far, far worse than ever encountered by Muslim workers in the 'evil infidel immoral West.' Conduct a poll and I bet you that these workers would rather be employed by kafirs !

We heard of cases of non-Muslims being asked not to join their Muslim relatives praying for their dead; of Muslims calling their non-Muslim friends 'najis', ie 'morally dirty' and refusing to receive food from a non-Muslim household etc. raised more and more questions about Islam. Phrases from Muslims like : 'The feet of a Muslim is cleaner than the head of a non-Muslim', speak for themselves.

So are Indonesian-Muslims' obsession with Jews & Palestine. Islam made Indonesian Muslims born out of Hindu/Buddhist ancestors with a 4000 year culture feel more Arab than the Arabs themselves. Our last most civilised 16 century Hindu kingdom was destroyed by the crown prince who became a jihadi and called his own father, the tolerant and most revered Brawijaya, a 'Budha kafir kufur'. Yet this part of our history had been completely concealed from the classrooms for fear of upsetting Muslims.

The country once world famous for its Hindu and animist culture is now slowly becoming Arabized. Mecca has replaced our ancestors' Hindu temples. Headscarves replaced flowers in women's traditional 'kondes' (hair in buns). Even hair is now condemned as 'jahiliyah', ie from the pre-islamic 'ignorant' age ! The warm smiles, touch, flirtatious but harmless chats by women street sellers are now considered 'immoral.' Waiting for a bus at 7pm with a red lipstick in your handbag can invite accusation of prostitution by the Indramayu sharia moral police.

In Indonesia currently, we have 41 church leaders jailed, merely for praying aloud that 'Muslims may come to Christ.' 3 Sunday-teachers were released from a THREE year JAIL sentence for giving Bibles to Muslim pupils (on the agreement of their parents). Promises of the sharia law only applying to Muslims in North Sumatera also proved to be a lie when non-Muslim pupils were also obliged by decree to wear the hijab.

The proof is all around you.

Many letters we received were also from ex-Muslims who left Islam before they even encountered our site.

One ex-Muslim said that he cannot accept the Muslim theory that Mother Teresa will not go into heaven, merely due to the fact that she was an infidel. A woman left Islam after seeing her friend's heartache and dilemma when her husband took another wife; objecting to this second marriage will only cause her husband to Islamically divorce her too easily without any Islamic obligation to maintaining her welfare (like 'democracy, 'alimony' was invented by the West). For another ex-Muslim, the last nail in the Islamic coffin came after her own family member was killed in the Bali bombing.

Maybe that is why our site became so succesful, it merely articulated systematically what has been there all along. We did not present anything new, we only repeated this simple rule : the more Islamic a country becomes, the more intolerant it will be. The proof is around you if only one has the eyes to see.

That is why our readers also expressed disbelief by the West's ignorance in allowing Muslims to proselytise their religion, including the right to apply to sound their loudspeakers for the call of prayers (see: Oxford), when churches are NEVER allowed to sound their bells in ANY Muslim country.

Muslims in Muslim countries do not have time for political correctness either. Many have the courage to sue their countries to allow them to leave Islam. See recent cases of Lina Joy in Malaysia and Ahmed Hegazy in Egypt. Their loss in court should show us all the same that in a Muslim country, Islamic law will never allow Muslims the right to freedom of religion.

See also cases of Muslims in Muslim countries who have ended up dead or jailed for criticizing Islam or carrying out their right to choose a religion of their choice. The most recent case I can think of is that of the young Egyptian, Abdel Kareem Nabil Sulaiman.

See a recent list :

These apostasy cases are but small steps for ex-Muslims and a giant leap for mankind. They reflect a seismic movement in Islam's 1,400 years of unchallenged history.

Yet extraordinarily, the Western media (except for Channel 4) have neglected to report this phenomenon. Even the BBC (with plenty of stringers in the Middle East & the Far East) looked the other way ! I wonder why !


(c) 2008 by Faith Freedom International

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