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14 02 2008

The writer is a Married, Mom to one daughter and one son, Dentist. I enjoy life, love, learning and thinking. I get into poetry and love reading. I hang out on the net because of the amazing diversity of people I can talk to.My hobbies include traveling, studying different religions, crocheting, cooking among many others.

I’m a practicing Wiccan and am High Priestess within my family/coven. (Please understand that this is being changed. I am converting to Islam). I just finished my doctorate, but I’m already thinking of taking some classes….I’d love to learn Mandarin.I’m proud to have battled metastatic cervical cancer and won!……and lots lots more. Just ask.

When I finally do make that commitment of converting to Islam, I will want to wear the hijab. It is true that every woman in a hijab is beautiful. I love the modesty as well. This is something that I want for my daughter…..who wouldn’t??? I want her to be loved and respected for who she is, not what she’s got under her garments.

I don’t see the hijab as being a sign of women’s oppression in the least. I’ve always seen it as a sign that a woman is deeply religious and that she has a close connection to God and wants to do as God wishes. It bothers me no end when non-Muslim American women get all upset at the sight of a woman who has on a headscarf. They feel sorry for her, assume her husband is a real creep and seem to want to tell her to rip of her veil and come join modern, free women. It never occurs to them that many women who are covered WANT to be covered.

I have five recently purchased hijabs in my closet. I love them! I picked really pretty colors that match the clothes I bought and I picked beautiful patterns! How strange that never in my life have a worn scarves, but I have received them as gifts before and simply saved them away in a neat little pile in my drawer, never really knowing what to do with them. So, I took them out and admired them and thought…oh, I’ve got plans for you! I placed them with my newly purchased hijabs and now I have about ten pieces of fabric that I can wear as a head covering.

Of course, I realize how I will be perceived. And, it’s scary. People will view me in a certain, not so positive light, and may actually desire and carry out some type of harm to my person. And, I think about my profession….dentistry. Will I be less likely to get a job if I walk in for an interview wearing the hijab? Yes. Will patients possibly be less likely to want me as their provider? Yes. Will it take a heck of a lot for me to pull this off in my professional life? YES!

And, my personal life? I don’t even want to think about it. I’ve read other blogs and cried over other women’s stories. How will my family react? Probably with every negative stereotype there is out there. Again, I’m going to have to be STRONG to pull this off. And, right now, I’m not so strong.

Ultimately, Allah (swt) will guide me and tell me what to do. I will pray to Him for the strength I will need. 

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