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April 18, 2008

Israel Leaders, Despite Being in a Poll Minority Want Carter to Leave

By Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo

As Jimmy Carter travels to the Middle-east to attempt to bring a peace between Israel and Hammas, both the Israeli adminsitration and the Bushites, try to discourage his efforts. One wonders why.


The Daily Haaretz newspaper, in an editorial titled 'Our debt to Jimmy Carter', excoriated the decision of Israel to boycott the former U.S. President Emeritus. "Whether Carter's approach to conflict resolution is considered by the Israeli government as appropriate or defeatist, no one can take away from the former U.S. president his international standing, nor the fact that he brought Israel and Egypt to a signed peace that has since held."

"Carter's method, which says that it is necessary to talk with everyone, has still not proven to be any less successful than the method that calls for boycotts and air strikes...For the peace agreement with Egypt, he deserves the respect reserved for royalty for the rest of his life."

Back in Jerusalem, however, some thirty years after Jimmy Carter organized the first peace treaty in history between an Arab nation and Israel, U.S. President Emeritus Jimmy Carter has become an unacceptable diplomat in Israel.

Talk about ingratitude. This cements the ending of my once great favor toward the nation in which my faith was born. During the Seven Days War, I prayed God for a miracle as attackers surrounded the tiny nation. I thought that miracle, as in the days of old, was brought to fruition when against what seemed to be incredible odds, the Israeli's were victorious.

Defence Minister Ehud Barak, Prime Minister Benjamin and Netanyahu Ehud Olmert, (former prime minister and opposition leader) foolishly refused to meet Carter during his four-day visit in Israel.

Moreover, the Israeli Shin Bet security service refused to reinforce U.S. agents guarding Former President Carter. The Shin Bet, falls under the authority of Olmert's office and is routinely used for protection assistance of all of visiting dignitaries. Were I Jimmy Carter, I would watch for a Bushite assassin. Their refusal to do their duty is a veiled threat to the life of Jimmy Carter. This decision reeks of the Cheney attitude-which is a spiteful fear that Carter will succeed.

The New World Order anti-Christ slugs would rather kill than negotiate, (but only if someone else does the killing, someone could get hurt doing that) for if negotiations are successful, they cannot complete their Hitlerian march toward complete and utter devastation and conquest over every principle of goodness, peace-making and Christian good will.

They never negotiated with Iraq, or with Hamas, nor will they with Iran (despite rumors that they are in talks with them, those talks are likely to be dictations, not discussions.

The Israeli leadership is raging, to the extreme, concerning Mr. Carter's plans to meet with Hamas leader Khaled Meshal who currently resides in Damascus, during his trip to Syria this week. A few Israeli politicians have called Carter's desire to meet with Hammas "legitimization of terror," because Hamas' is a group, which founding charter mandates Israel's destruction and has, in fact, carried out most of the suicide bombings and rocket attacks on Israel.

This is probably true, but how does one solve such problems? Do they want to continue getting blown-up and in turn blowing up others? This is a Bush Doctrine, but only so long as he is several thousands of miles above, or in a bunker, or geographically farther away from where the blowing up is going on.

The current Israeli direction is as bad as that of their enemies. They have gone from favor with God to frustrating Him. One does not end a horror by practicing more horror and refusing, stubbornly, to at least allow a man of great success at solving such matters, try to help them end the two sided slaughter.

Carter arrived in Israel on Sunday and didn't visit the Israeli town of Sderot, in its south regions. Those Palestinian militants in Gaza have attacked Sderot with rockets. Mr. Carter was given a local souvenir, which consisted of a piece of rocket fired from the coastal strip and thus Mr. Carter called the rocket attacks a "despicable crime."

However, the condemnation of the rocket attacks by Carter, who negotiated the peace pact between Egypt and Israel in 1978, has still not convinced Israeli leaders, who snubbed him throughout his visit continued, of his good intentions.

Carter's idea to place a wreath on the grave of Yasser Arafat in Ramallah, was anathema to the Bushite agenda of provocation rather than peace making, and certainly did not endear him to the Israeli Leadership. Of course not, and here I speak not of Israel, but the Bushites-one cannot emulate Hitler by making peace, and as I have said repeatedly, The New World Order Manifesto, is nothing short of a rehashing of Mein Kampf, Hitler's Manifesto of world conquest and oil and other resource confiscation.

Mr. Carter's is also meeting with Naser al-Shaer, deputy prime minister of the government created by Hamas after winning parliamentary elections in January 2006.

Shimon Peres, former President and former prime minister thrice, did meet Carter, however, he did so in order to chastise Mr. Carter for desiring to meet Meshal, which Peres claims was behind Hamas' violent attack on the moderate Fatah, and Hamas' subsequent takeover of Gaza last June (2007).

Peres chided Mr. Carter, saying that his actions recently have harmed Israel and the cause of peace. Peres was apparently referring also to Mr. Carter's book 'Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid!' In that book he compared Israel's policies with Gaza and on the West Bank with that of the past apartheid regime in South Africa.

Avigdor Lieberman, the leader of the rightist Yisrael Beiteinu party, also met with Jimmy Carter, but only to inform him that, "Meeting a terrorist like Khaled Meshal only encourages and increases terrorism!"

Former president Carter was however, undeterred and neither has the criticism from the Bushite administration discouraged him. When Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was asked about Carter's plans to meet with Meshal, she said it was "hard to understand what is going to be gained by having discussions with Hamas about peace when Hamas is, in fact, the impediment to peace." However, when one considers that most of reality is, at least, for her, seems "Hard to Understand," her comment is rather meaningless and one begins to wonder about her.

If Israel truly desires peace with the Palestinians, Carter says, Hamas cannot be excluded from the process, and he said, in fact, "I think it is absolutely crucial that in the final and dreamed-about and prayed-for peace agreement for this region that Hamas be involved and Syria be involved. I can't say that they will be amenable to any suggestions, but at least after I meet with them I can go back and relay what they say, as just a communicator, to the leaders of the United States."

Carter wishes to use his meeting with Meshal, to try to get the Hamas leader "to agree to a peaceful resolution of differences" with Israel and Fatah.

U.S., Israel and a number Euro-states banished the Hamas government which was formed not long after the Islamic movement won parliamentary elections in early 2006. In that first session the Hamas refused to accept three requirements of the international community; renunciation of violence, recognition of Israel, and acknowledgement of previous agreements between Israel and the Palestinians. The first of those mandates are unfamiliar to the Bushites, whose idea of negotiation is bombing the Hell out of everyone, or assassinating those who disagree. I wonder about the origins of their frustrated, violent and hostile personalities. Is it just possible that their wet nurse, had nursed them from Falsies?

Naming the Hamas government as an "enemy entity," after their violently seizure of control of Gaza last year, Israel constructed a blockade on the coastal strip.

Nevertheless. Jimmy Carter might see a ray of light, because the attitude of Rice and the Israeli's who complained about peace making by Carter, is not a universal one in Israel. A poll published in the Daily Haaretz newspaper in February showed that a large majority, 64% of the Israelis favored direct talks with Hamas connected to a ceasefire and the release of an Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit. He was captured by the Islamic movement, in June 2006. Only 28 percent said they were against such talks. Sounds familiar, very Bushite-like, a leadership out of touch with, or opposed to the majority will.

Past Israeli foreign minister Shlomo Ben-Ami and Ephraim Halevy, a former head of Israel's Mossad spy agency, also said that Israel should engage Hamas in peace talks.

Carter met with Shalit's father, Noam Shalit, during his visit, telling him that the matter of his son's release, now being negotiated by Israel and Hamas, with Egypt acting as monitor, would be on the very top of his agenda when he meets Meshal. Noam Shalit believes that the very idea that Carter "isn't considered pro-Israeli according to the American tradition, could help him meet with certain people." He also said that, this, places Former President Carter in a position to "raise ideas that would be viewed with suspicion if they were raised by other people."

I am certain that most of us, would agree with this grieving father, but not simply because his issue is personalized, but more so because following the Bushite way will most certainly mean more war. The Bushites want terrorism in the Mid-east because it suits the agenda of their's and the oil companies', (which should be nationalized) to capture all of the world's oil, killing everyone in their way, toward their New World Order which is nothing more than an adaptation of Adolph Hitler's Mein Kampf

The Bushite way, is very appealing to a few of those in America, the wealthy who profit from war, the bigots who want to kill anyone not Christian and temporarily, not Jewish, but which, bytheway, includes anyone, black, or brown or Catholic, or later Jewish or homosexual, or in show business, or any really, really sexy young girls which they cannot attract, and anyone who does anything they would do themselves, in a New York Minute if they could afford it, as well as any...oh, well, their list is endless, and why not, their lives are filled with prejudice, hostility and dreams of violence and world conflagration.

Theirs is the dream that anyone/everyone who does anything they hate, or anything they wish to do but cannot, needs to be destroyed. That is the basics of the Christian right, envy, jealousy and self-hatred, turned outward against the rest of the world. What they fail to take into account is that God is watching and knows the truth and their agenda.

Authors Website:

Authors Bio: Professor Bagnolo is a Renaissance man: Cultural Anthropologist, Architectural designer, painter, writer, novelist, theologian. As a child prodigy, abed with polio for almost two years, with an off the charts IQ, reading at the graduate level by 5th grade, offered an opportunity to skip three grades at age 8.
Later He was a recipient of an Art Institute scholarship at age 11, a Ford Foundation Fellowship in Anthropology and in Painting and a merit scholarship in art, and was appointed a Graduate Research Assistant position in college. He holds a triple bachelor's degree in Painting and Drawing, Anthropology, Architectural Design Advertising. MA's in Cultural Anthro, Painting and more.
After being tenured he taught; architecture, anthropology, Theology, advertising, painting and drawing, entrepreneuring and Creative Profit Making. He produced a star-studded Music festival, had a radio talk show in Chicago, and cable TV show. Now, retired from Teaching, he paints, writes, and pursues other ventures.

The above bio harvested from the comments of Deans, colleagues, students, clients and collector's. 

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