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Holocausts Remembered
'It was to the WW2 Bengal Famine that the word "Holocaust" was first applied'

May 1, 2008

Mao's gruesome callousness toward human life extended to his own people. "Half of China may well have to die," he declared as he launched the Great Leap Forward. (He didn't quite succeed, but for a while the "Guinness Book of World Records" listed him as history's greatest mass murderer, for having caused the deaths of 26.3 million people.)--Fareed Zakaria, "What Iranians Least Expect," Newsweek, October 2, 2006]

Western academics, journalists and politicians generally IGNORE the WW2 man-made Bengal Famine in British-ruled India that killed 4 million - it was associated with a 1940s demographic deficit of 10 million, horrendous military and civilian sexual abuse of starving Indian women and girls, and may have been due to a deliberate, cold-blooded British scorched earth policy to discourage Japanese invasion from Burma. This Bengal Holocaust became a Forgotten Holocaust - it has been deleted from most British history books and from general public perception in a continuing process of egregious Holocaust Denial. Yet it was to the WW2 Bengal Famine that the word "Holocaust" was first applied--Gideon Polya, "UK, US And Israeli State Terrorism And Western Holocaust Denial,", December 21, 2006]

Turning the Holocaust into a political asset serves Israel primarily in its fight against the Palestinians.--Amira Hass, "The Holocaust as political asset," Haaretz, April 18, 2007]

A government offer of a monthly stipend of $20 (?10) was rejected as too little by survivor groups"--Israel faces Holocaust protests," BBC News, August 5, 2007]

The company ran Bengal as a business, tripling the land tax and ordering farmers to plant cash crops instead of rice, a policy that contributed to the Bengal famine of 1770, which killed 10 million people.--Tom Griffin, "From Bengal to Baghdad: Three Centuries of Corporate Warriors,", October 16, 2007]

Craig Timberg, "Report: Congo's War and Aftermath Have Killed 5.4 Million," Washington Post, January 23, 2008

Iraqi deaths are now calculated at around one million.--Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, "Our crimes in Iraq must not be forgotten," Independent, February 12, 2008]

"Colleagues, this resolution is a recognition that up 120 million indigenous people have died as a result of European migration to what is now the United States of America," said sponsor Sen. Suzanne Williams, D-Aurora, a Comanche Indian.--Colleen Slevin, "Colorado resolution compares Indians' deaths to Holocaust," Associated Press, April 30, 2008]



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