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Muslim Women - Caught in a Web


Thursday, May 1, 2008


The hijab is a woman's right , and her expression of her faith, but a hijab is also the most controversial garment, today's Indian women I know wear or don't wear the hijab, but their beliefs in their faith is not diminished and it is a question of priority.. My wife wears the hijab, and it is a personal prerogative... she wears a chaddar too... so I am not against the Hijab but I find Aishah Azmi the lady in the cross fire in UK, her reasoning quite ridiculous, she wants to have the cake and eat it too, why not teach in an Islamic girls school and bring an end to the matter, and Hindu women made to wear hijab in a Muslim school in Mumbai sucks.. And these are my personal views... and Jack Straws view s on the Hijab well should be debated by the erstwhile Muslim community in that country.

Caught in the vicious circle of dogmatic chaos

The Muslim woman in the hinterland screams

Out a voiceless pain

The mullah deaf in the ears hears it not

UN doctored scriptures doctored Truth translated

For a male dominated Muslim society

A sister a daughter an unborn girl child

A Muslim mothers unending pain

A court passes a sentence

But the ulema the monster of his times

Unrepentant pushes woman hood into an early grave

Whatever the holy prophet taught

The ideals the compassion all in vain...

Times have changed but the mullahs

Prehistoric mind will never change

A hijab over his mind and brain

Crumbling walls that cry in pain

Money tainted fatwas an acid rain

And what a sorry figure

We cut as humans

Muslims but in name a bane

What a shame...our custodians of our heritage

Our ethos and our struggle defame

Hurt, mislead and maim...

Fighting wrongly for hijab

Unreasonably in this case

A Muslim school teacher in UK

Aishah Azmi

Takes wrong aim

Some more shame

Can an English woman

Make demands in a theocratic state

Who is to blame?

You can't expect a country to

Changes it rules

And your will proclaim

All in all the Muslim woman

Endangered specie…

An old memory in picture fame



Posted by Froze Shakir Poet at 12:52 pm 

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