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Role Models

SUNDAY, MAY 4, 2008

There was recently a little bit of controversy at my local Masjid regarding the concept of rolemodels, a misunderstanding leading to the offense of a few (myself included) after a Khutbah on the life of the Prophet Mohammed SAW. The point of the khutbah was the first wife of the Prophet SAW, our dearest Khadijah, mother of the believers, may Allah be pleased with her. I was excited to know about her life and the deeds she did in her time, and her wisdom. I wanted to know more of her so that I could live my life alot like she lived her's. Then we were reminded that in this day and age our children are taking the wrong rolemodels, singers, and soccer players, and (and this is where the khutbah was then lost on me) quote: "that shaytanna Oprah". K, I don't like Oprah, she is anti-Islam, wasn't fair to a Saudi woman guest she had on the show, and has a lot of other points I disliked even when I was a non-muslim, but this sounded judgemental to me and alot of others with weak Arabic backgrounds. Since then the Sheik has explained the comment to me, when I expressed my concerns, but I still think any tone of judgement should be left out and the true meaning expounded upon. It is okay to say something is wrong but you don't have to yell and curse over it. I believe this is for Allah, not us. We are to be the best we can in Islam, and guide by that. Give us more Khadijh, Fatimah, and Ai'sha for rolemodels.
I am writing this because I intend to do posts following this regarding my fashion role-models, my beauty role-models, my real-life role models, and those I seek guideance in my religion from (the Prophet SAW, his wives, his daughter, the Sahaba, ect.). I disagree, I guess, and part myself, from the tone of our Sheik's lecture, that everything from non-muslims is bad. It is not. I have seen some non-muslims do some good things that put the Muslims they were around at the time to shame. Some of these non-muslims did these actions purely out of love of Allah, though they still don't know what and who Allah is, because the Umah is not strong enough to stand with them and among them to inform them. Unfortunately, some speak of seperating ourselves from them, and that is sad, because should I have depended upon THOSE people for my coming to Islam, I may not have come to stand where I do, alhamdulilah, all praise be to Allah. Subhanallah, subhanallah, subhanallah.



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