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Terrorism cannot be defeated by force: ex-chief justices

(Apr 28, 2008, 

Criticizing policies meant to deal with terrorism, two ex-chief justices of the country said terrorism cannot be defeated by force, and every incident of terror cannot be called terrorism. In a conference organized here on ‘Terrorism and Justice’ on 27th April, Justice G.P. Patnaik and Justice E.M. Ahmadi said no definition has been fixed to identify terrorism and weaker classes who are deprived of their rights and justice could be inclined toward terrorism in state of hopelessness. They were speaking at the national convention of All India Milli Council (AIMC).

In his welcome speech, AIMC general secretary Dr. Manzoor Alam raised several significant questions concerning the Muslim community and the country, saying that all four pillars of democracy -- legislature, judiciary, executive and media -- are involved in corruption, lawlessness and irresponsible methodology. Influenced by this thinking, a part of legal and administrative machinery is moving under ‘self-fabricated logic of fear’.

Justice G.P. Patnaik said no person arrested on accusation of terrorism or declared as terrorist can be deprived of justice and legal rights and this is the right of every terrorist that he is treated as per law. Quoting the example of Indian freedom movement in this connection, he posed a question: "Can you call Shaheed Bhagat Singh and Subhash Chander Bose terrorists?" Justice E.M. Ahmadi said, "In solving communal conflicts, our government agencies have not shown as much sensitivity and impartiality that is expected from them." He said "vote bank politics" is real cause of this weakness.

On this occasion, AIMC president Maulana Abdullah Mugheesi delivered a lengthy presidential address in which he said, "Basically, terrorism is not a problem of our country, rather this is a curse imposed on us by those world powers whose ideology is based on Zionism." He appealed to native countrymen to come closer and see Muslims, particularly their madrasas. Prominent persons who addressed the conference included Dr. J.K. Jain, Abdur Rahim Qureshi, Maulana Abdul Wahab Khilji and Prof. Manzoor Ahmad.  

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