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By the Editor


PO BOX 1925



Some people are under the happy illusion that the particular type of clothes they wear is "Islamic." They are at pains to stress that our Nabi (S) wore such clothes, and they are thus following the "Sunnah of Rasoolullah." Some of them, in fact, go so far as to look down upon others who are not dressed in the "Sunnah" apparel.

Let it be known to the unwary, and to those gullible enough to swallow this type of BALONEY, that there is NO such thing as "Islamic" dress. Our Nabi (S) did NOT say at any time that we must wear exactly as he did. He placed NO emphasis whatsoever on the form of clothes we put on. What logic is there in insisting that all Muslims should wear that long maxi kurta? If an Eskimo Muslim in Alaska or a Muslim in Siberia wore that Tableeghi kurta, he would freeze to death.


The type of raiments we wear has not even the remotest connection with our Deen. The Chinese and Japanese Muslims have their own mode of dressing. Afghans and Pakistanis have their national dress; so do Hungarian Muslims and Muslims from Timbuktu or Khorasan.

Outer covering, in some cases, provides a convenient facade for harbouring an evil heart. Sometimes a crook and a rascal of the first order hides behind the purdah of a beard and a white kurta or jubbah. Referring to such types, a Wali (saint) remarked:

Many a Khirqah (-wearer) will be a candidate for the Fire

(Khirqah= so called 'religious' garb worn by the holy men)

We do not have to go to details, but it is a public secret that some bearded maxi-kurtaed or jubbah-wearing 5-times Namazi and 20-times Haaji capitalists OVERWORK their poor employees and UNDERPAY them heartlessly! We also know that they are ruthless landlords, squeezing and sucking the last drop of blood from their hapless tenants. (Please note that we do NOT say that "all" are like that. There is a great numerical difference between "all" and "some". These remarks will ignite only those on whom the shoe fits!)


By wearing a certain type of garb, we do NOT become the blue-eyed darlings of the Almighty! If we wish to acquit ourselves creditably in His eyes, then we must NOT concentrate on the height of our trousers from the ankle, nor whether we should wear a maxi kurta or mini kurta, or whether our cheeks should be bearded or clean-shaven.

The Almighty finds all these considerations vapid and irrelevant. What He DOES want us to do (as the Qur'an indicates) is to have a kind heart, to assist the poor and needy; to feed the hungry and clothe the naked; to give succour to the widows and orphans who have no one to look after them. The Rasool (S) wants us to remove thorns from the path, so that others may not hurt themselves when walking on the spot; he wants us to conduct blind people safely across the street. THAT is Ibaadat. THAT is Islam!

The Prophet (S) wants us to love animals and children, as he himself did: "If you wish to love Allah, then love His creation" is a famous saying of our Nabi (S). He did NOT say: "If you wish to love Allah, then put on the maxi kurta." Now, did he?

The illustrious Persian poet-philosopher, Shaikh Sa'di [image], had expressed PURE Islam in the following couplet:

The religious way of life is NAUGHT except service to humanity;

It is NOT with tasbeeh, musallah, and long kurta!


NOWHERE in the Glorious Qur'an does Allah Almighty ask Muslims to wear a certain kind of dress. In other words, there is NO sartorial regimentation in Islam! The word "Libaas" (dress) is certainly used in the Qur'an, but it is used with "Taqwa": WA LIBAASUT TAQWA, ZAALIKA KHAIR (7: 26) - the dress of PIETY is the best dress!

What is the use of wearing an "Islamic" dress ( IF there were such a dress) when our heart inside is BLACK - "Bo blink, BINNE STINK" - as they say in Afrikaans, that is, shines on the outside, but STINKS INSIDE! A well-known Hadith of our Nabi (S) makes matters absolutely clear: "VERILY Allah DOES NOT LOOK AT YOUR PERSON/FACES (whether bearded or clean-shaven, veiled (with Ninja-purdah) or unveiled, what type of dress you wear, etc.,) NOR (DOES Allah LOOK AT) HOW MUCH WEALTH YOU POSSESS, BUT HE CERTAINLY LOOKS AT YOUR HEARTS ( how clean they are) AND AT YOUR DEEDS."


It is a profound misconception, fond delusion, and utter misguidance to imagine that Allah will love us more if we wear triangular trousers, quadrangular kurtas, and conical (comical?) topis. And, nowadays, the Tableeghis insist that Muslims must wear a turban - not just a plain turban. BUT A TURBAN WITH A TAIL, because - as they keep repeating in their newsletters and other publications - your Salaat will NOT be accepted if your turban has not got a Tail!!

Thus it is clear to sane people that where religion is concerned, the "sting is in the tail" for the Teejays (T.J. = Tableegh Jama'at).

Allah (SWT) is NOT a fashion designer who prescribes a certain kind of dress, and then uses a tape to measure how many centimeters above or below is our trousers from the ankle. Did the Almighty God ever ask us in the Glorious Qur'an to conform to a Divine "Islamic" Dress Code?

This kind of Tableeghi and mullah - "Islam" has made Muslims and Islam the laughing - stock of the Muslim AND non-Muslim world!

The South African poet and mystic; Maulawi Mirza Joommal Al-Qadiree has said it very succinctly:

Many a Shaitaan will be seen wearing the turban (pugree);

In appearance a Muslim, but (in reality a hypocrite) with

The Hindu rosary ("tasbeeh") ( in hand ).

And again:

(One) cannot become godly by wearing (a certain type of) dress:

O Joommal! (It is useless) if there is no real DESIRE/

Quest for meeting God!

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