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Israel weaker than dare attack Iran: Defense minister

Gorgan, Golestan prov, May 15, IRNA

Minister of Defense and Logistics of Armed Forces Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar said Thursday that Israel is weaker and more fragile than dare to attack the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Mohammad-Najjar made the remark in an interview with IRNA in Gorgan, Golestan province, adding that Israel has fabricated baseless allegations to cover up its weak points and grave internal crises.

Israeli weak points have been revealed in Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan over recent years, he noted.

Iran is a powerful country in the Middle East, and is fully prepared to maintain its territorial integrity and national sovereignty, he said.

Israel attempted to avert public opinion and views of the world nations from their disabilities, corruption and weaknesses in challenging resistance forces by holding the 60th year of its make-believe establishment in the occupied territories of Palestine.

Tel Aviv regime also plans to raise the allegations with an aim of stirring up violence beyond the borders of the occupied territories.

Turning to the developments in Lebanon, he argued that the country is one of the most precious geographical regions of the Muslim world, thus, all Muslim nations in the region will give priority to the fate of the country.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has always supported the Islamic countries based on its constitution and within the framework of international conventions, he noted.

Iran supports national unity of Lebanon and respects the Lebanese resolve and vote, he said, adding that Tehran is monitoring all kinds of foreign interventions which is contrary to the interests of the Lebanese people and the resistance movement.

Tehran hopes that all sects and political factions will remember the fact that the exacerbation of racial and sectarian differences will benefit trans-regional powers, who are keen to see a weakened Lebanon on Israeli neighborhood, he added.

News sent: 20:11 Thursday May 15, 2008 Print 

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