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Don't Misinterpret Words Of Al-Quran
By Azaraimy HH

Bandar Seri Begawan - His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam last night in a Titah said that the al-Quran should be understood in its entirety and not to take heed of people who try to misrepresent it by taking bits and pieces of its verses for the purpose to slur or insult Islam.

His Majesty reminded, especially Muslims, to be aware of such antics of those people who seem to be looking for ways to insult the Islamic religion.

His Majesty delivered the Titah at the finals of the national al-Quran reading competition for adults 2008 last night, which took place at the International Convention Centre, Berakas.

Touching on the competition, His Majesty said that the contest has always provided an impetus for people to get interested in participating and learning more about the al-Quran.

He said reading the Holy book should be done by every Muslim as soon as they are capable of doing so, adding that it should be a priority that they read it everyday so that its teachings are deeply enshrined and ingrained in oneself.

Al-Quran is the light that ensures we live a prosperous life, and a guide for us to obtain true prosperity.


However, it is deeply disappointing to note that certain elements try to claim that teachings in al-Quran are said to be encouraging threats to the security of others and world peace.

Some individuals have tried to misinterpret the teachings by taking short verses of the chapters.

His Majesty referred to accusations made in a short film documentary that was channeled through Internet websites thus causing widespread controversy.

Those responsible were trying to infuse doubts on people's mind about the al-Quran by saying that it encouraged war and killings.

But this part of the verses that they picked, His Majesty explained, was by no means a complete one, especially when it ignored the rest of sentences by not including them in its entirety.

The monarch further highlighted that the verse should be read in its entirety to understand the full meaning.

There are many verses of the al-Quran that must never be cut out or taken in small portions without reading them completely.

If one reads the Quran verses and follows through the complete verse then one will definitely fully understand the teachings.

This is the way the Quran is understood, not by cutting pieces of its verses and then misinterpreting it for the intention of insulting Islam and Muslims.

No matter what, we as Muslims must realise that all allegations towards Islam particularly in the al-Quran will never stop.

It is a test to our patience and wisdom.

What is important is that our faith must never falter by these false accusations, the Monarch added.

"More the accusations, the stronger we get in protecting Islam. All of us, especially the younger generations must never neglect the al-Quran. Learn it, read it and practise its teachings," His Majesty advised.

"This is the most appropriate and wise step to take and also as the answer to those who try to manipulate the verses of the al-Quran for uncivilised intentions," His Majesty added.  -- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

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