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McCain and Obama sound bites vs Torquemadas in Iran


Monday, June 02, 2008 


Wikipedia says this about sound bites, "Not everyone enjoys hearing sound bites. They tend to sound best when delivered unplanned, and the logical inverse is often true -- the planned sound bite can easily ring forced and cast doubt as to the speaker's integrity."

And so McCain's
recent statement, "As more people, businesses, pension funds and financial institutions across the world divest from companies doing business with Iran, the radical elite who run that country will become even more unpopular than they are already. Years ago, the moral clarity and conviction of civilized nations came together in a divestment campaign against South Africa, helping to rid that nation of the evil of apartheid. In our day, we must use that same power and moral conviction against the regime in Iran, and help to safeguard the people of Israel and the peace of the world.", sound so much like a poitical sound bite. It is almost as bad as Obama's one of wanting to meet the Seyyeds in Qom.

These political sound bites have done nothing for The Iranian. The Iranian is beyond politics, religion, or commerce. Like any human being, he or she has Free Will, but unlike most advanced democracies, has fallen for the typical politician's and theocrat's cheap trick to vote. I must say that even though Iran is one of the oldest countries in the world, it was democratically quite naive way back in 1979; when with one vote, it threw out the baby and the bath water. Why did we in Iran get rid of the whole essence of what it meant to be Iranian, with what was just a political gesture.

That vote on Iran, changed the name and the flag of Iran. That is how potent politics can get, if it allowed to go too far, or should I say, if it is allowed to be abused - and it was abused by the Seyyeds. But one could say that it was more a case of there not being any organization to stop politics and democracy from interfering in the cultural affairs in Iran, than anything else. That is why the Seyyeds have such safeguards in place, to keep democracy more of a self-selection fiasco, than anything else. As such they are quite correct in defending their mantle. But whether this mantle is Iranian is another question. What is more interesting is how the world treats them as representatives of The Iranian. These are the real questions I am dealing with below.

Of course the Seyyeds do not represent The Iranian. The Iranian has its roots from the Zend-Avesta and most Iranians have ironically found themselves even more now, than anytime before, as Iranian first, and something else second. The Shahanshah, who did not profess to know much about the Zend-Avesta, nevertheless found The Iranian in him, when he read The Shahnameh (which is a bad copy of the Khodayeh-Namak). Iranians did have a "Spiritual Renaissance" again in rather strange times of the Moguls, when Koran was no longer the one and only book allowed, and an amazing array of book were written. People nowadays learn Persian to read Hafez. No book in the world is so rich in its poetry. What is the Spirit so deep in the Iranian psyche, that is bursting to get out? It had a chance in Hafez, but there is a lot more. Why? Because The Iranian can be said to reach to before the last ice-age, if we are to believe what is written in the Vendidad. Yima speaks of the preparation of the coming ice-age and how we need to prepare for mass migrations. I need to bring all this in, so that the world realises why it is so easy for an average Iranian to ignore the Seyyeds and just carry on his life. The Iranian is at peace within, and his Spirit; it is for an Iranian a very personal existential belief. He thinks into realms that have little to do with the Seyyeds' dogma. But it does not really help in this mundane world of aggression. Iranians laugh at the Seyyed, and their spirit does not allow them to react angrily. Seyyeds want to die for a cause. The Iranian celebrated Life as in Nowrooz. But it does react. Just look at the mass abstention that took place in the Seyyed selection just a month or so ago. That shows the world how The Iranian does not care to use violence to ruin his future. We Iranians want to remove these upstarts, that do not respect the 20,000 year heritage of Iran. They and their US tennis partners insult the land of Iran with fearmongering and siphoning the oil fund to waste money on warfare instead of healthcare.

So I say to Mr Obama, please answer these simple questions, before using Iran as another sound bite in your election trails. Your media is so powerful that whatever you say is blown so out of proportion that you need to be quite careful of what you say. You represent change, but what you propose is not change. First of all, why is it that you, Mr Obama think that for one minute the Seyyed, who wants to return the whole of Western Asia into a place for his Madhi to return to, listen to you. You have nothing new to say that he does not know already. In his eyes you are actually guilty, because you converted out of Islam. In Iran it is said the Seyyed will soon pass a law, that will allow anyone who converts out of Islam, to be killed. So we have an Islamic Inquisition going on in Iran, and you want to fly in and deal with the Torquemadas in Iran.

And now we have Mr McCain, who wants to use financial leverage on these Seyyed Torquemadas in Iran. So let's look at this logically. He wants anyone who is dealing with them, to stop that business. That means that the Chinese, who provide corporations like Wal-Mart; the land, the people, and the energy that comes from Iran, to stop dealing. So that means that Wal-Mart should stop operations in China. And it is not just Wal-Mart, it is most of the world's corporations. Next you have the corporations that deal with the US and the Seyyeds in Iran via proxy. How can this sound bite ever materialise to anything more than just that, a sound bite.

I just wish that the US candidates stop this immature postering and leave Iranians to deal with the Seyyeds. We need to win against the propaganda war that has misinformed the world about The Iranian. Help Iranians to have proper representation outside Iran at least. Start with the UN, and ask the illegal representative of the Seyyeds to be thrown out, because of their position on nukes. Ask the UN to create, just like they did in Afghanistan; a government in exile, made up of the most educated and professionally capable Iranians, wherever they are. They just need to put Iran above anything else. I can assure you that most advanced Iranians will gladly put some part of their life to serve their country, if the UN asked them to. Next we need this group of people to challenge the Seyyeds with giving instructions to the people of Iran that are following instructions at gun point, to get ready for a General Strike. We do not need a military strike Mr McCain; which only serves your need to keep your military a reason d'etre to be in the area, and get more funding from your US population. We do not need Mr Obama to engage with the Seyyeds. We need Iranians to deal with the Seyyeds. I believe that once the government in exile actually engages with the Seyyeds, with warnings of General Strike, and gets support from all the unions and workers inside Iran, then the Seyyeds aura of legitimacy will diminish. They do not actually have legitimacy, but have the air to appear legit to the world media. Once the media also get the confidence in the new government in exile, then the Seyyeds are ready to leave Iran. The world media needs to be told by the UN of not representing them in what they write.

But where will they go? As a person who believes in the tenets of non-violence as enshrined in our Holy Zend-Avesta, we need to give them a safe passage. And they want to go to their holy places in Iraq, so let them. It is really a matter of Iraqi government to deal with. The argument between the sons of Abraham is purely an Iraqi matter. Cyrus the Great brought peace to the area by rising above the religious issue and saw in the humanitarian ways of the Zend-Avesta. This is the way it will proceed. Think out of the Biblical box and see the more ancient roots of the area, that are part of Iran's rich ancient past.

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Posted by Ali Mostofi at 3:51 PM 

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