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Now, to the make believe of September 11th and after September 11th- here we encounter a new phase in the subservience of the Saudi Arabian government to outside interests, viz. the influence of the United States and the Israeli security in the area. Let me back-track just a little- I'd like to say (that) there's a lot to be said about September 11th; I wish I could avoid it, (honestly), but if I want to be as frank enough as to express what's in my mind and heart I can't avoid it. September 11th was in the making for almost a decade- all the way back to Afghanistan. The persons involved in the making of September 11th, (if not at the core of it), were those from the Saudi Arabian government. In the late 70's and early 80's there was a ground swell of Islamic momentum in the Arabian Peninsula and the Indian sub-continent viz. Pakistan. The reason for that was the political and ideological fermentation that was taking place throughout Muslim lands. You can go back to those days- there was the assassination of the President of Egypt; the invasion by the Soviet Union and occupation of Afghanistan; the Islamic Revolution in Iran; the Islamic struggle inside Syria; the instability inside Iraq- there was so many things happening- in this context, the Saudi Arabian government along with the Pakistani government felt that they not be able to survive this internal agitation. So, what was done was, (in a grand plan), to have the Saudi youth along with the Pakistani youth find an outlet to express their revolutionary zeal (i.e.) instead of (them) taking it out on the Pakistani and Saudi Arabian government "let's put them somewhere where if they want to shoot or fight or do all these other things, let them do it some other place where it will serve our broader interests." Most of the time Saudi officials don't think for themselves, (they have others to do their thinking for them), and in this case, the United States government came along or conveniently whispered in the ears of Saudi officials (saying) "we know you have this problem and we know how to help you out of it. There's this Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, (so), why don't you send these youth to Afghanistan and we'll set up a fund called the jihad fund for these youth and have them shoot their way to their future inside of Afghanistan." This sounds very reasonable (when) the government feels under a lot of pressure from its own population. They tell you that 65% of those 21 years and under are in Saudi Arabia. How do you get rid of this problem? Send them to Afghanistan (where) they can kill and they can be killed! They set up this jihad fund; Prince Turky ibn Faisal, (for those who know a little about the inside intrigues of the Saudi Islamic Movement), during the 1970's was, himself, the head of the underground Islamic activities in Saudi Arabia which gave him access to inside information on the make up of this structure. There's a word for it which I don't want to use it- those of you who know what I'm talking about know why I'm not going to use this word- it's an operational word; those of you who don't know maybe it is premature for you to know at this time, (I don't know, this is an audience here, I'm not talking one-on-one to individuals- for reasons that I will keep un-disclosed). Prince Turky ibn Al Faisal, (currently he's the Ambassador in London, to England), had this vast amount of insiders information and he was the one who was tasked with organizing and coordinating this jihad fund in Switzerland. This government that has trillions of dollars placed in banks outside its own country- much of it is here in the United States; it doesn't have enough confidence to place its own wealth in its own. This person sets up this whole operation and begins to channel the youth to go to Peshawar and then from there to go Afghanistan. Where do you think the operatives and agents of the CIA, Mossad and the intelligence services, (out there), of the Arabian governments, especially those who were on friendly terms with the Soviet Union at the time, were? In the Bahamas or the Caribbean or other areas of the world?! No- they were busy in Afghanistan setting the ground work for this scheme-up of Islamic activity, (as it were), or Islamic jihadi Movement; they were in the different groups in Afghanistan. The Saudi Arabian government set this stage for what happened on September 11th. Then, we had September 11th; and what a perfect time for the United States government to turn to the Saudi government and work on dissolving that historical tie between the religious establishment and the secular establishment in the country- "you're either with us or against us." These are not my words these words come from the highest office in this land and the Saudis were listening- "you are either with us or against us." They had to define themselves and say 'which side are we on? And it said "it doesn't take much to figure out which side we're on, we are of course on the American side." Saudi Arabian government officials, from Bandar ibn Abdul Aziz, their Ambassador the Arab guest in Washington DC, all the way to those who believe the Earth is still flat in Arabia said "look- now we have to be on the American side in all of this." But what does that mean? Of course, the CIA, DIA and all of these intelligence agencies don't know who-is-who inside this Islamic Saudi Islamic House of combining the secular with the religious; that means that you are going to have to show and tell us who-is-who in here. To prove its loyalty, not to God but to the Pharoah in the White House, the Saudi Arabian government said "alright we'll begin to point fingers." They began to point fingers- "this is so-and-so; these are the plans of these organizations etc." Hence, the pressure grew inside this historical alliance in Arabia and we have what we have what we have today; shoot outs in Riyadh and Jeddah targeting those in the country who come from outside of Arabia, killing them on the streets and throwing explosives here and there. Bandar ibn Abdul Aziz in Washington DC is probably going to his godfather President Bush, (there's this description between the Bushs and the Saudis, they have a lot in common, whatever this cozy relationship is), Bandar is probably telling, in the mentality of an underling his superior, "look- we're proving we're on your side. What more do you want? We exposed the whole gang of Islamic activists that we were associated with." Prince Nayef ibn Abdul Aziz, the Interior Minister who is the brother of King Fahd, (by the way, a King that you don't see because he is functionally dead. He's brain dead (and) can't make any decisions so his other half-brother Abdulla, the crown-prince, moves in (to become) the functioning decision maker in that country. A striking observations about these decision makers when they talk is 1st of all they don't appear in public very frequently because if they do the public is going to acquaint themselves with who they really are; these are not people on the level of making critical and enlightened decisions pertaining to oil and the distribution and investment of this wealth- they are not made out of that type of material. These are people who have advisors- you do the math- if they are pumping 12 million barrels of oil a day and they are selling a barrel at, (lets make the math simple), USD50; 12 million times 50 and then multiply that result by 365 days a year. Millions of people wonder where is this money? You can't say "oh we are going to have two floors of the Treasury Department in Washington DC occupied by Saudi Arabian functionaries to help out in the Treasury Department to see to it that the Saudi Arabian finances are put in the best investments here in the United States." I don't know if these people who are at the highest levels of the Saudi Arabian hierarchy can expand. Those of you who know Arabic, the 1st question I would ask you is how many times have you heard Fahd, the king of Saudi Arabia, or Abdullah, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, or these others speak? Can they stand in front of an audience and give a consistent, cogent and rational presentation to the people that they are talking to? No! They're behind the scenes because this whole show is not run by them. They are just figure heads that are put out there but other more sinister and more lethal decisions that are made by people that are running the Saudi Arabian show. All this run in the name of Islam and we, the Muslims, are supposed to believe that these are the defenders of the faith when they are doing all this. The tension that has developed inside of Saudi Arabia after September 11th is no simple matter. This is because, (I think people who are developing this policy in Washington and Tel Aviv and then their employees in Jeddah and Riyadh are miscalculating. Instead of these types of people giving freedom of expression to the average Muslim, (the freedoms that we take for granted here. You can't give a presentation like this in Saudi Arabia! What's wrong? Has anyone heard any blasphemous statements or any bad words that were mouthed this evening? We may have been harsh and critical. As along as there is not an air or atmosphere in which people are given the right to express their combination of mind and heart to themselves that is only going to increase the pressure that will burst out in extremism. In this matter, Saudi Arabia is that political pressure cooker in which there's only explosions that will take place because these freedoms are lacking. As I mentioned earlier, that they are many Americans that had come in contact with the American Ambassador in Jeddah who said "we can't afford to have a democracy in Saudi Arabia." Someone is lying; it's either the American Ambassador in Jeddah or President Bush in Washington. President Bush said he "has his master plan for democracy and freedoms in the Muslim Middle East" and then the local/regional Ambassadors in that area tell people- Americans and Muslims- who see that "something has to be done about this before things get out of hand. (You have to) get these people some freedom of expression, assembly, religion, the press, etc. or else it's going to get out of hand. We can't control this thing (and) we can't have this because they say Osama bin laden is more popular in Saudi Arabia than the king himself." Well- can't you deal with that? What's wrong with identifying, (first), and acknowledging, (second), the freedom for these people for choosing whoever is popular to lead their country? Is Osama bin Laden more of a threat then Mao Tse Dung was? Or more of a threat than Gorbachev was in the bygone Soviet Union? What's the problem? You could deal with Gorbachev and Mao Tse Dung but you can't deal with some one who is in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan, Pakistan or wherever this is? This is what happens when we can't concentrate our minds and thoughts on what is happening over there. There is no where to go with this. I can go on and on... 

I've probably consumed all of my time. At this point I'd just like to make one final comment. One of the questions that came my way, (and I am not pointing fingers at anyone at all; I personally don't know anyone here in the audience), but one of the questions that came my way is that Muslims are sometimes so irrational and so phobic that they cannot work with Christians and Jews. I don't see it that way. (I'm not speaking on behalf of anyone), but as far as I'm concerned, if this presentation this evening were sponsored by a Christian or Jewish group on campus in addition to a Muslim group on campus I'd have no difficulties with that; it doesn't matter at all. The problem is not with the name that you put on a piece of paper saying a Christian, Jewish or Muslim group sponsored such a presentation- I would think that would be a step forward and I would think a step to be followed is to reciprocate and have Muslim students sponsor Jews who are critical of Israel in the same manner that I was critical of Saudi Arabia. Can we have that as a follow up session or have Christians who are sponsored by Jewish and Muslim students who are critical of the government of United States and what it is doing. When we can reach that parity I think we will have reciprocated with each other the fraternal ties that are shared in the Old, New and Final Scripture- the Taurah, the Gospel and the Qur'an. I thank you very much for your patience and end with the greetings of peace: Asalamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

We now enter the second session i.e. the Question and Answer session. It might be a little un-traditional in order to stimulate more discussion and interaction. We will entertain comments and not just questions as long as no one's giving a speech. So if you feel that there's a comment, feel free to make that comment. I going to go over some ground rules for everyone- we're all professional and we're all academics and there's really no need for these rules, but just so that I have given the warnings and made the rules clear.

Make sure you keep you questions concise and to the point;

Originally I won't allow any follow up questions just because I want to give everyone the chance to make their comments and ask their questions, but as we enter the latter stages we'll have follow up questions;

Make sure you have your hands nice and high so I can see them; I going to try and get everyone, but if I miss you it's nothing personal, (it is difficult);

We have paper and pen on both side of the room so write your questions down if you feel more comfortable writing than verbally but I am giving preference to verbal question;

Last few rules, no profanity;

No speaking out of turn and

Let's all be professional, I will ask you to leave if I feel it's necessary.

People are walking around with pen and paper so if you feel it necessary, feel free to write them down.

At this time, anyone with a question please raise your hand and also feel free to introduce yourself. It's not necessary but if you feel you want to go ahead...



Audio on (04-12-2004) 

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