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Why Europe Has No Spine!

Europeans, Western Civilization, assent and decline of civilization

By Online: William Wong ND, PhD. Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The men of Europe conquered and colonized most of the world, and while they are derided by some for the abuses colonization often created, many a “native” people would still be dancing naked round campfires and eating each other had it not been for European influence. (Although it must be pointed out that despite the Europeans best efforts in some places like the deep Amazon and Papau, New Guinea New folks still dance naked round camp fires and still do eat each other)!

The vitality and fortitude shown by Europeans in extending Western Civilization the last 700 years has been astounding for not even as extensive an empire as the Mongols, lasted as long or effected as many as the European empires.

Historian Sir Arnold Toymbee spoke of the 700 year cycle of assent and decline of civilizations; how initiative gave way to discovery, which gave way to building which gave way to empire which gave way to self destruction (always with a little help from the outside). Europe’s rise began 700 years ago with the initiative and discovery of the Renaissance and is ending in the slow suicide of foreign take over - of colonization in reverse if you will!

The brightest, best and strongest genes in Europe fell on the killing fields of World War 1 and 2. During and after two world wars about the only men left to reproduce with were in good measure the 4F’s (military rejects in American parlance). Physically weaker, prone to sickness, not smart enough to take training or simply justifying estrogen dominant and cowardly behavior by hiding behind non violent philosophies. Many a coward who avoided service got to pass on his genes, over and over again while the real men were off at war. As fathers these cowards and weaklings passed on their thoughts justifying their cowardliness and lack of service as philosophical principles (usually left wing ones). As cowards always do they looked down on and criticized those who did do the duty to Fatherland, Motherland, His Britannic Majesty, The Divine Emperor or Mom, Apple Pie and the American Way. (In the US the first generation of these “ kids” formed the crux of the anti-war movement of the 1970s). The 4F’s taught their weak offspring to equally despise anyone who does not take the coward’s way out of conflict through endless and fruitless negotiation (also called whining and bitching and moaning). The fearful are always advocating compromise with an enemy saying that it is better to be a live slave than a dead freeman. Cowards, usually being atheists, are always afraid to die.

Now we have the 3rd generation of 4F’s running Europe, blissfully ignoring the Elephant in their living room. In America these 4F’s are not quite as strong, America being a bit ahead in strong genes by having lost far less men in WW1 than the Europeans. But here also the 4F’s are a strong voice for “whirled peas” and capitulation of freedoms over standing for full liberty!

European men of today cite how mature Europe is, so culturally developed and philosophically advanced that the need for physical conflict is not ever necessary. How juvenile it is for others (like Americans) to resist the “flow of time and culture” in the not so quiet Mohammedan take over of the world! The followers of Mohammed can kill European intellectuals, hold the press and its freedom hostage, stifle free speech as hate speech and demand that countries adopt brutal 8th century laws without being held at all responsible for their violence and barbarism. And so the barbarians press on. The cry of maturity is actually a cry of old age and weakness. As the decadent and aged Western Roman Empire gave way to the invading barbarians of the 4th and 5th centuries, so today’s invading barbarians are finding the pickings as easy in a Europe so dis - invigorated it can’t even seem to reproduce enough citizens to maintain the existence of its countries past the next hundred years! Again this is the genetic weakness of the 4F showing its head, sped on by xenoestrogen exposure forced by politically correct ways of eating protein substitutes instead of animals meat (i.e. estrogen laden soy). Though many of the young in Europe are promiscuously screwing away for the fun of it, the only people having babies in Europe are the Arabs!

We see the same weakness creeping on in tired Israel. After 60 years of near continual war the strong have died, the weak have survived, the tired have moved out and birth rates are dreadfully low. Muslims are out birthing Jews and Israel is conceding more and more of its territory in the vain attempt to gain peace while the enemy simply has less and less territory it needs to rocket and bomb the Jews in after each concession. There will be more Israeli Muslims than Israeli Jews in just a few decades and no amount of Aliaeh (return to the ancestral homeland) on the part of Jews will prevent that.

European culture has hit the end of its 700 years of Toynbee’s cycle. The decline started with the 1914-1918 war. The handwriting is on the wall, but the question arises – are the writing and the cycle carved in stone, or is there some pigment that can be erased and the time frame adjusted? Toynbee’s cycle does have some give, about 200 years either way.

The Conquistadors of the Spanish Empire, Polish King John Sobieski III (the man who stopped the last Muslim advance into Europe), the men of the British Empire, the pioneer colonizers from Europe, none of them would ever have stood idly by reciting politically correct platitudes as excuses for cowardly inaction while the Islamic invaders were taking over the continent and the British Isles. They would not have negociated with those who murder, black mail, slice off heads, or kill their own women for falling in love with non Arabs! (A girl has to be a virgin at marriage so she does not know what she’s missing or have a basis of comparison. Mohammed’s second wife Aesha was 8 years old. (That tells us a lot about him and abnormal psych experts can have a field day with that fact)!

Right now the voices for resisting the islamic takeover of Europe are derided by the 4F’s as Nationalists, Racists, Fascists, Xenophobes etc., etc. etc. Those are the same weaklings who told Roman citizens not to worry about the Huns, the Vandals or the Visigoths. Just go to the circus, Maximus, get your show and free bread, do your debauchery and be happy. And the Romans were blissfully happy in their ignorance until the day when the Visigoth and Vandals each sacked Rome and destroyed the empire.

Is there enough testosterone left in tired old Europe, are there enough kids and grand kids of hardy veterans to take over from the 4F’s? Is there the collective will in Europe to preserve its culture, the various forms of its faith and it freedoms; or will low birthrate, no belief in God, low physical energy and low willpower relegate Europeans to bowing towards an enshrined meteorite 5 times a day, while their women cover their faces, have forced clitoridectomies and the faithless are forced to have a faith or die. On this side of the pond: Is a tired America slated to believe a grand deceiver and elect an enemy mole president? We will see and only time will tell if our segment of Toynbee’s cycle has any give!  

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