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Islamic Hijab, path toward freedom

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hijab Model
Muslim Girl, wearing Hijab

Since hundreds of years ago, it is being pretended by the mainstream media and secular governors that Islamic peaceful rules for daily life are means to restrict the personal freedoms and violate the privacy of people.

Undoubtedly, there are thousands of credulous people around the world who simply believe these lies and accept what they see and read without thinking about it or estimating its validity.

The main problem is not the hostile advertisements of those who want to blame a "soft crusade" against Islam. That is because their duty is to provide an altered view of this religion and they are being paid for.

The complexity emerges when ignoramus people who rely on their "hearings" rather than their "witness" and their "intellect", get used to conclude about Islam and its teachings based on what they watch and hear from an American TV, American commentator during a 4 or 5 minutes American TV program.

Modern Hijab
Young Muslim girl with Islamic Hijab

So the main anxiety of 21st century is the dissolving esteem of "thinking" among the "masses of people", the value of study and learning being ignored and replaced by the "oral knowledge" which is totally baseless.

For instance, when people believe what they watch in a so-called documentary Fitna the movie without knowing anything about the personality and quiddity of Islam and even without reading the Holy Quran for one time, we can just express unfortunately that illiteracy and nescience is spreading through the world in the era which is called the era of knowledge and communication.

But does the increasing influence of mass media and growing science assist the different layers of people to confront with unawareness and ignorance? Or it just helps to waste the human energy and our daily time in addition to costing other damages to our knowledge, perceptions and intelligence?
Hijab Girl
Islamic attire

The black propaganda comes to its highest level in the issue of Islamic Hijab and Islamic dressing codes which the western media effort to change it into a source of controversy and it has so many reasons.

The clearest reason to mention about the radices of western media counterfeiting the reality of Islamic Hijab and fabricate their own facts about it is the historical willingness of western powers to blot the cultural and religious identity of Muslim people.

Hijab fashions
Iranian Muslim girl with Hijab and Iran flag on her face

They know Hijab is what protects the originality and nobility of Muslim females and that is why the west tries to tamper the image of Hijab in mass media so that the westernized trends will be increased among Muslim nations and pessimistic senses will be hiked.

In the other words, western powers are attempting to fade out the Hijab as a symbol of Islamic culture and civilization, settling their nihilistic monarchy through the Muslim nations by declaiming anti-Islamic slogans

As you may know, Hijab is not a religious rule exclusive to Islam and it was common between Christianity, Jew and Zoroastrianism but they have forgotten it and today those are just Muslims who respect this historical custom.

Islamic swimwear
Muslim girl with special Islamic swimwear

Hijab gives freedom to women because it lifts the public attentions from women's body to her moral skills, abilities and scientific values and allows her to participate in her own social activities far from the impure looks of men around her.

Hijab neither limits the personal freedoms of Muslim woman nor makes her unbeautiful, but just helps her to remain well respected as a dignified citizen.

Islam orders the Muslim women to protect their personality and social respect by wearing the Islamic Hijab which is better for them, but it does not mean that women are forbidden to play games, contribute in social and political activities.

By offering the solution of Hijab to Muslim women, Islam shows that it is the main defender of women rights because it wants that women could freely participate in any desired activity without having any nervousness and disturbance.

You can find in the news that Muslim women specially the Iranian ones are among the most skilful female athletes, female scientists, university professors and researchers.

Therefore, the western media and their followers must open their eyes and accept the truth. Perhaps they broadcast lies in their programs and news, but they are clearly observing that who is being oppressed. The Muslim women or the western women who even have not the right of property!

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