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Hijab rant


Name: Ayesha

Location: Maryland, United States



Tuesday, June 24, 2008


For anyone who ever wanted to understand why Muslim women wear hijab... here is the only thing you need to know about it:


okay, so I'm talking about in America.
I'm just soooooooooooooooo sick of it, so i had to say this. in all caps. bold.
i don't wear it because some men in my family told me to. (actually it was my momma, initially). (and if you think she's weak, oppressed or brainwashed... well, just try saying it to her face. i DARE you. I'll videotape it and put in on YouTube. before I'm arrested for complicity).
i don't wear it because i don't want people to look at me. they look at me. more. i know this. i grew up in the south.
i don't wear it because i think it will protect me from unwanted sexual attention. I've gotten that anyway. from muslims, actually. in a muslim country. we brown women know all about this.
i don't wear it because i think all men are dogs and need to be protected from the sight of my breathtakingly gloriously stunning tresses. which they are. (my hair i mean).
i wear it because I WANT TO!! it's between me and my Lord! this is AMERICA people. what else do you need to know?

honestly, a more useful question is to actually examine the commandment for hijab in the Qur'an and try to understand its place in islamic belief AND muslim society. (and yes, i know that many people interpret that particular verse in such a way that they conclude it is NOT a commandment for hijab. but, many other people conclude that it is. they haven't convinced me, so this is where I'm writing from.) it being 12:30 a.m., i ain't about to touch this in any other way.

for crying out loud, isn't there enough hate out there??????????????????????
forget about my headscarf. praise God for children instead!

posted by Ayesha | 12:15

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