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Weakness of Imam leads to weakness of Ummah!

Bottom of Form


As-Salaamu Alaikum.


Imams hold a key position. It is very common in the Muslim community that people generally have very limited knowledge of Religion and approach Imam for guidance from time to time. And Imam is not necessarily a learned (Alim). The way they put forth their plea about their problems convinces the Imam to approve them for their

act or desire to do a thing. And in the most adverse situation if the Imam denies, they forsake the Imam and go ahead with their desire. Is this Kufr?


It happens in Schools that the teachers are paid by the government and they are the employees of the government. They work under strict discipline as formulated by the govt.


I have a suggestion: why don't we have a private/public body parallel to the govt. who will appoint Learned (Alim / Mufti) on salary basis and fill up the vacant places at Mosques. This would have following benefits:


1. Generally Imams are not paid well. To maintain their families they cannot work for a livelihood in today's difficult conditions where even others don't find a Halaal job. They are compelled to resort to somehow work in agreement with the trustees of

the Masjid and are driven by them rather than Religiously right or wrong.


2. Good quality Imams will be readily available for the general people for guidance which will not be tempered by money power.


3. It will be a good network for flow of information and ideas.


4. Funds collected at Masjids are utilized for up-keep and maintenance and if the funds fall short, Electric bills, water Bills, etc. are paid first and Imam gets the last preference.


5. Imam should be paid handsome amount and not only used for Masjid and Madrasa but also for propagation of religion. Such work force can also be later used for running a full-fledge conventional schools.


I hope that this message be read and replied.



Ali Ahmed.

"aliahmed.ansari" <>

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