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Reading the News Just Got Me To Thinking

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Anti-Americanism is a global phenomenon and is clearly getting stronger in the Muslim world. The fact that America doesn't just turn a blind eye but finances the persecution of the Palestinians is high on the list of reasons. And just referring back to the events of the past two decades we can see a growing pattern of American hostility towards the Muslim world. Sanctions (which cause innocent children to die), denial of ethnic cleansing practices (until the mass graves are unturned), and the closing and prosecution of Islamic Charities (preventing aid to go to needy Muslims in foreign countries) in the name of fighting terrorism are a few examples. People across the world today are suffering due to policies and practices of the American government and its allies. It appears the majority of these people are of the Muslim world.

America’s overzealous inclination for war has put many countries, even its allies in a position of unease. A 2003 poll showed that 53% of Europeans saw the US as a threat to world peace. And in 2005, the concern grew as many European countries wanted independence from the US in international affairs. 73% of France, 59% of Germany, 53% of Britain and 50% of Spain were in agreement that they’d like to distance themselves from the US concerning International affairs. All of these percentages rose from a previous poll taken in 2002.

The United States government insists there is no correct political system but American Democracy. America has used economic, diplomatic, and even military force to make this point. While spreading Democracy by the sword (or should I say, by the bomb), President Bush constantly talks of a world led by democracy, insinuating to us that his intention is for every nation in the world to be governed by this one system.

In the American form of democracy, the people vote and majority rules, no matter what the issue. Even if this new law goes against the moralistic values of some Americans, such as the issue of Abortion. In the Muslim world, ideally, Muslims have a divine governing system already in place. And if one puts an issue that has already been decided by Allah (God) up for a vote, it would be implying that the people know better than their Lord. In Islam this is unacceptable. The unfortunate situation of the Muslim world is that so many of these countries have lost the knowledge of the Shari'a and have been so corrupted that major Islamic re-education would need to be implemented before Shari'a could the properly govern the society. This outlook in the eyes of some countries is much more inconvenient to the lifestyles of which they've become accustomed and the prospect of American Democracy appears to be much more appealing. So just looking at the Muslim world in regards to forcing American Democracy, the US sees opportunity for capitalistic gain in some of these countries. And with some who are trying to resist a complete US takeover, America is burdened with a problematic belief system infringing on their objectives. So what would be the best way to combat this? “Villainize” its people and belief system in the eyes of the world (media), weaken their economies (sanctions), and divide and conquer its people (emphasizing internal differences and the so-called war on terrorism).

Shama OomJihad

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