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Prince Charles' pathological interest in Islam


In 300 CE (AD), the Roman Emperor Constantine was fully in the trap of Christians, although the official religion of the Roman Empire was Roman Paganism. After he was convinced of beneficial political use of Christianity and the Christians community for the Roman Empire, he half-accepted Christianity as his personal religion and became its protector; then on the state bureaucracy started accepting, favouring and supporting Christianity as against Roman official pagan religion, and as soon as Constantine became powerful enough, he declared Christianity as one of the official religions of the Roman Empire and soon the only official religion,; he himself now politically controlled not only Paganism but also the Christianity. History notes how intolerant and brutal Christianity became as the official religion of the Roman Empire, now called "The Holy Roman Empire". While earlier the anti-state, criminal-minded and rebellious Christians were tortured, killed and put to lions in the Roman circus, soon it were the non-Christians, heretics and pagans who were tortured, burnt, drowned, killed or put to lions in the Roman Christian circus. The misdeeds of the Christian Church continued for centuries as shown by such heinous Christian crimes against humanity during the Inquisition of 16-18th century Europe when hundreds of thousands of European women were burnt as witches; when hundreds of thousands of European intellectuals were tortured and killed or burnt at stakes......


The ancient Holy Roman Empire in the West fell around 400 C .E., although it continued in the East as Byzantine Christian Empire till 1453 C .E.

The surviving Western Christianity continued its political activities under the guise of religious activities and soon re-created the "Holy Roman German Empire" around 800 C .E. which continued till 1814 C .E. (AD) when Napoleon Bonaparte conquered it; and therefore the Roman Christian Church (Catholic and Protestant as well as its other versions) accepted Napoleon Bonaparte as the Holy Roman Emperor. The Holy Roman Emperors acted as the temporal wing of the Roman Christianity (of both Roman Catholic and Roman Protestant varieties) - as Christianity was indeed an ideology of the Roman Empire. In the same way, the present Christian kings/Queens of today as well as their democratically elected versions like the Presidents or Prime Ministers, the likes of the imbecile president Bush, are in fact the « Democracy-Emperors » - but called Presidents as are the likes of Mr.Tony Blair called the Prime Ministers, they are the temporal instruments of the Roman Christianity, (of all the differrent labels like Roman Catholic, Roman Methodist and Roman Protestant , Roman Anglican Christianity etc.), an ideology of the ever present Roman Empire, whose present version is called the Holy Roman British Empire. The evil deeds of Roman Christianity of different brands include : brutal world conquest and colonisations, destruction of cultures and civilisations of the colonised peoples: this happened under different Christian or Islamic kingdoms (Islam is essentially a wild Arab cultural version of Roman Christianity: same prophets, same mythology, same theology. only labels are culturally different; (see the history of Islamic religion; ref. available on demand); creating and supporting political fascism in different countries in modern times as in Italy under Mussolini, Spain under Gen. Franco and Chile under the fascist Gen. Pinochet etc.; apartheid in South Africa (created and supported by the Dutch Reformed Church); slave trade in black Africans, brown Asians and indiginous Anerican and South American Indians as well as in white Irish slaves and South Europeans slaves etc ; the notorious Christian Inquisition in Europe, USA and the different colonies which resulted in the torture, burning and killing of millions of European and non-European weomen, men, intellectuals and religious dissidents called the heretics ; genocide, pogroms and holocaust of the Jews by Christian fundamentalist Nazis and under different Christian regimes od the Western and Eastern Christianity, (Nazis were fundamentalist Christians belonging to Reformed Protestant as well as Roman Catholic Church: Read: Hitler's Pope:; Hitler's Christianity:; suppression and mass-murders of the liberal Europeans, political manipulations for creating civil conflicts in different countries and wars between nations with abuses of psychology and psychiatry as well as of the latest intelligence technologies at individual and mass levels; (Read:) ; prostitution and exploitation of nuns and priests for political and social purposes; spreading homosexuality through paedophile Christian priests and the army of homosexual Jesuits priests and Islamic Jesuits called the mullahs : Abuses of psycholohy and psychiatry, for driving individuals towars despair and suicides as in Japan, France and UK etc.; inventing and spreading destructive ideologies and social sciences like the economist Friedman's Chicago School of Thought etc. thus promoting social, plotical and economic retrogression; spreading diseases like AIDS, Bird Flu etc. as biological weapons of mass destruction in Roman Christanity's war against the world (they protect themselves by vaccinating themselves and their kins and loyal colleagues); promoting shameless aggression and invasion of countries like Vietnam, Iraq etc which the Imbecile US Methodist President Bush and British religious-traitor catholic Prime Minister called a Crusade, a fulfilling of "The Lord's Work" : <>; <>; these were and are some of the misdeeds of Christian Church, and its secret, evil and demonic army of homosexual Jesuits and prostitutes of the very Christian "The daughters of Nile" as well as the Christian Nuns, fighting their immoral and unethical social war against society through organised crime and heroins-like illegal drugs, in schools, colleges, universities as teachers and professors all over the world, as well as in Govt. bureaucracies and in social, judicial and political heirchies. The present temporal wings of the Christian Church and Islamic Mosque are the modern states; which give unrestrained and undefined freedom for the evil play on the name of religions - the so-called modern Christian, Islamic, Jewish, Hindu as well as Communist / Socialist and Democratic states where Islamic, Christian, Hindu, Jewish and secular versions of Jesuits have fully infiltrated into the secret and intelligence services as well as in the political, Judicial and administrative hierarchy thus using these institutions for the evil interest of the Christian Church . (Jesuits are the versatile Christian secret army of priests and laymen which takes up the identity and religion of country and region where they infilterate and live. Therefore one is likely to find Catholic Jesuits, Protestant Jesuits, Anglican Jesuits, Methodist Jesuits, Hindu Jesuits, Jewish and Zoinist Jesuits, Islamic Jesuits, Communist, democratic Secular or Atheist Jesuits etc.; they try to take up the religious and political leadership, and abusing the freedom / liberty of religion, they create, spread and exploit sectarian and religious passions for creating wars of sects and religions and in this way try to destroy the culture, tradition and civilisation of the country on war footings in the interest of the expanding Roman Christian (spiritual and temporal) Empire: <>; <>; <>; Jsuits control Islam:; The Jesuits work for these evil deeds in collaboration with the very Christian Freemason-style, evil and secret organosations like "Committee of 300" and "The Knight Templers ", President Bush's genocidal "Skulls and Bones" and "The Daughters of Nile"; (see the links at the end).

The ancient, medieval and modern versions of the Ancient Holy Roman Empire : the Holy Roman German Empire, the Christian Nazi Reich-Empire of Hitler era ; the present day Holy Roman British Empire and the American Christian « Democracy Empire », colonised the world and their present versions continue their political, economic and social control as well as the colonisation, genocides and destruction in our own age under various pretexts.


Historians believe that after the British defeated the Emperor Napoleon in 1815, Britain became the seat of the Holy Roman Empire- now called « The Holy Roman British Empire ». Present day British Queen Elizabeth is, of course, the present day Holy Roman Empress and Crown Prince Charles is the potential Holy Roman British Emperor of tomorrow; that seems to be a potential fact. (See the link for discussion in the article about "Maoist Cultural Revolution" :




>; Christianity and War: <>.


Last few years have seen the Crown Prince Charles taking pathological interest in Islam, he openly supports Islam, he says that he reads the Islamic holy book Koran daily and people are questioning whether he has secretly converted to Islam....? /oped/sina51103.htm; /blog/2003/11/is-prince-charles-a-convert-to-islam.html; /prince.htm /356 ;

This being a serious question which is supported by the fact that Prince Charles and his bureaucracy, civil as well religious, (a potential British emperor is also the future head of the Anglican Church –and of its branch Methodist Church, (although spiritually the Methodist Christians are following the Jesuit's evil and demonic pro gramme and are spreading homosexuality and consequently AIDS); Prince Charles' religious and civil bureaucracy is fully supporting Islam- in words as well as deeds. as is evident from the Archbishop Williams' and Lord Chief justice Philip's rather irresponsible statements in favour of Islamic Shariah which have encouraged Islamic Jihadis and terrorists all over the world. The Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Williams has recently made fool of himself by supporting Islamic Shariah as well as justifying Islamic terrorism including 9/11 attacks in USA;

Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers, the Lord Chief Justice of UK, although completely ignorant of the meaning of the so-called « Islamic Shariah », has declared in favour of the Archbishop's utter stupidity of supporting Islamic Shariah, nonetheless ! /global/main.jhtml?xml=/global/2008/07/04/noindex/nsharia.xml&amp;CMP=EMC-expat2008

The Holy Roman British Empress Elizabeth II is likely to abdicate soon and like the Roman Emperor Constantine, Charles, not known for his mental maturity, is likely to make Islam one of the official religion, and soon the only official and intolerant religion of the Holy Roman British Empire..... Prince Charles has been making statements that he is « Defender of all faiths of the world »-while Queen Elizabeth herself always claimed to be « Defender of only the Christian faith ».

Taking these matters seriously means pondering on them and not just rejecting them offhand. During Constantine's time, pagan and rational philosophers took Emperor's preference of the new faith rather non-seriously and Constantine, feeling Christianity to be a better mind-controlling religious faith and politically a more useful ideology for the empire, went ahead with pandering himself to Christianity ; read the above links and you find these lines true for the British Roman Crown Prince Charles.

Serious political philosophers see Roman Catholic Church and its branches, as well as the Society of Jesuits-the Vatican's Secret Service with its incharge-of-evil called the « Black Pope » with deep suspicion.<>;, The Society of Jesuits has a very well developed Islamic section, well-connected to the Al-Quaida ( also called the Islamic Jesuits); these Jesuits have their agents deep in Islamic hierarchy as they have them in Hindus, Jews and secular ideologies; these agents support the extremist and fundamentalist sections in Islamic mullah-ism, the evil institution of mullahs which basically started as the Islamic imitation of Christian priests in Syria in early Islam; (details available on demand). In short, all the different visible and invisible sections of Christianity are moving in the same crooked direction. Radio Geneva recently announced that the Roman Catholic Church has declared its unconditional support for Islam as opposed to secularism, and soon the Crown Prince Charles, Archbishop Williams and now the Lord Chief Justice Philip of UK have started parroting the Catholic Church's statements of supporting Islam. Last year the German and Dutch schools made it necessary for all German and Dutch students to learn about Islam (as reported by the Jihad watch website), although it is the Muslims who should have been asked to learn about their host society's culture. Now the French and British are also moving towards the teaching of medieval and pathological Islam in their schools. It is a very serious matter, religiously, socially as well politically ; and in the greater interest of not only English but the European and the world civilisation, it is essential to resist starting right from today….. ! --------------




Department of Weird Weapons: The Gay Bomb :


"The Conspirators Hierarchy: The Committee of Three Hundred."


Wall Street Journal on Anglican Archbisop's support of 9/11 Terroris

Jesuits and their Strategy to destroy Britain

Christian Missionaries and CIA: Pope, Christianity and Colonisation: <>

Knight Temlers of Malta:;

British state panders to Islamists: UK's first official sharia courts:\09\15\story_15-9-2008_pg7_8



Source: Humanist International"



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