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Principal of Islamic School in Buffalo Ousted Over Sex Allegations


Mark Sommer, Buffalo News, August 27, 2008

The principal of an Islamic boarding school on Buffalo’s East Side has been forced to resign after allegations that he was sexually involved with one of his students and that he claimed to have taken her as a second wife.


Evidence suggests Mohammed Ibrahim Memon, a father of seven, persuaded Sajidah Khan, then 21, to marry under Islamic law as a pretense to sleep with her.


Memon, an Islamic scholar and imam, has agreed to leave his post at Darul-Uloom Al-Madania, 182 Sobieski St., for a minimum of seven years. The private, Islamic secondary school and institute of higher learning is located alongside Masjid Zakariya mosque in the Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood.




Mixed views expressed


“We were betrayed,” said Chaudhary A. Khan of Woodbridge, Va., Sajidah’s father, who has sent four children to Madania.


“I want families to know these people are not following Islamic laws, they are not following American laws. They claim they are serving Islam, but they are just serving themselves,” he said.


At issue is Memon’s relationship with Sajidah Khan, now 23.


Khan says Memon proposed to her at school in August 2006, and proclaimed within days he had married her himself, under Islamic law, with two witnesses present. He also told her to keep their marriage secret.


Interviews with several Muslims reveal a mixed view on additional marriages under Islamic law. Some said it is not allowed under United States law and therefore is forbidden; others said it can be permissible under Islamic law anyway. Even so, there are several steps required for an Islamic marriage to be recognized, and the description of Khan and Memon’s marriage violates those tenets.




Because interaction between the sexes is forbidden under Islam until marriage, girls and boys are not allowed to be in the same classroom or have outside contact.


When girls are taught by male teachers, they must listen in another room.


Khan attended the girls secondary school through 10th grade. She continued her studies with a five-year program leading to a certificate of Islamic scholarship in 2006.


Imam denies marriage




Memon persisted with marriage requests. Khan says after she agreed, Memon told her he had finalized their marriage the next day, Sept. 8, in her absence.


Memon insisted she tell no one, including her parents, Khan said.


She returned home to live with her parents in a Virginia suburb, but schemed with Memon for meetings near her home and in Buffalo.


Khan said Memon was always concerned about covering his tracks so their relationship wouldn’t be detected, although Memon’s wife, Mariam, approved.




Chaudhary Khan, Sajidah’s father, said Memon eventually admitted marrying his daughter, but wouldn’t send a marriage contract to confirm it. Later, the father said Ismail Memon told him his son divorced Sajidah in a ritual involving Memon family members.


The family’s decision to go public occurred after two prominent Pakistan imams, Mufti Rafi Usmani and Mufti Taqi Usmani, told Sajidah Khan’s brother, Ikram Haq, that the family had an obligation to speak up and inform other Muslims of what happened.


A former Madania teacher who requested anonymity said it’s rare for an Islamic family to speak up in such circumstances.


“Within the Islamic community, the family has such a high status that everyone is worried about compromising one’s honor and dignity. People are also afraid to give Islam a bad name, especially in the current climate.”




Apartment in question




Memon also denied being involved with renting short-term apartments Khan stayed in. However, Patti Boal, manager of Corporate Manor Apartments, 303 North St., tells a different story.


Boal says she rented apartments with monthly leases twice in 2007 and once this past February under Khan’s name. She said she saw Memon during that time “at least four or five times,” and he always paid in cash.


“I remember him saying the first time, ‘I’m renting this for my wife, and she will be here at a later date to pick up the keys,’ ” Boal said.


Memon’s signature also appears on a lease dated Jan. 6, 2008. And he listed the return address for a security deposit as 40 Parker Ave., Boal said, the address of Masjid At-Taqwa, a mosque where Memon presides as imam.



Original article


(Posted on August 28, 2008)


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In the Middle East, ‘temporary’ Islamic marriages, lasting as little as an hour, are used to procure the services of prostitutes.


Male religious pilgrims can avail themselves of this convenience and remain in good conscience.


Posted by at 6:36 PM on August 28





why do they come all the way to america and try to bring the 12th century with them? If they really want to live like that, why don’t they go home where it’s accepted? oh, i forgot, back home is the 12th century


Posted by at 6:49 PM on August 28





“Mohammed Ibrahim Memon, a father of seven, persuaded Sajidah Khan, then 21, to marry under Islamic law as a pretense to sleep with her.”


This is coming to a street near you. As the feminazis and anti-racists lose power there will be no standards of behavior left whatsoever.


Posted by I coulda had a V-8 at 7:19 PM on August 28





I am a supporter of Polygamy for white individuals, if they are so inclined, as our racial options lessen by the day; this, of course, in only a temporary action.


The religious muslim, the true believer, should not be denounced for this practice. If we have allowed this regime in washington to procure these persons, and we, you and I, have done nothing to denounce this vociferously, and Publically, than this is our fault.


As our position narrows many, many things, are going to change radically; hoping that someone in govt. will change all this for the better, is wishfull thinking.


Posted by Crede Experto! at 7:54 PM on August 28





Will the Mexicans or the Muslims dominate the USA in 100 years?


Posted by at 9:13 PM on August 28





And did anybody really expect anything better from these people? I am honestly shocked that she was 21. When I first read the headline, I figured she was 10 or 11 years old.


Posted by at 10:10 PM on August 28





Somebody wake me up. I grew up in Indiana, in a small town with corn and soybeans as far as the eye could see. All I have ever known are peaceful, quiet communities, nice people, little league games, gorgeous sunsets, swimming in the old quarry holes that built the empire state building and

Washington Monument, fishing for bass and bluegills, and playing lots of basketball in the driveway. We ate sweet corn, hamburgers, and green beans, all cooked outside, every summer night. I’m not too old, only 38. I am so saddened by what’s happening to this nation. I now live in Durham. My childhood experience’s will be foreign to my two year as he grows up. God Bless the America I knew.


Posted by at 11:57 PM on August 28





The usual thing I see in Saudi and Kuwait is for a man to marry a girl as young as 14 (he could be ANY age) so that by the time she is 19 she has several kids and is divorced. This is common and can even be seen on the myspace profiles of Muslim girls in those countries though without pictures, since these same girls could well be beaten to death if they were found out by their families, especially in Saudi.


Posted by Skip at 2:35 AM on August 29





Now perhaps liberals will understand why Islam has many laws that are alien to us in the West. The men will do anything for sex and need to be protected from themselves. It still does not explain though why the woman/girl usually gets blamed and murdered as a result.


Islam needs its own boundaries and they must be nowhere near the western ones.


Posted by B J Deller at 9:47 AM on August 29





Poster at 11:57 - Your memories are so like mine, although I grew up many miles away from you and am twice your age. Our country has undergound the biggest change ever witnessed. Even though I lived through a depression, WW 11 and all wars since, I feel our nation is in more danger now than it has ever been. We were once a team. Now, we are a mixture of many people with divided loyalties, multi-cultured and multi-lingualed humans. It just won’t work. Until we get someone with the patriotism and a put-America-first mentality, we are doomed. Hang on to those memories…I do.


Posted by June at 10:07 AM on August 29





“Will the Mexicans or the Muslims dominate the USA in 100 years?”


Posted by at 9:13 PM on August 28


My prediction; Once the stability that the White majority created is gone, the nation will be truly Balkanized. But it will be the religious factions that will go to war and I have little doubt that Christians will be part or it, the same ones that are expecting the end of the world any day now. And it won’t be just this country, I think it will be going on all over the West. What will emerge is anyone’s guess. But it will be a Dark Ages war with the result of a new age of feudalism as survivors regroup into communities. Of course, disease and planetary poor health will play a part too and the human population on earth will drop dramatically. All this because the voices of reason were ignored all along. Nice going….


Posted by Whiteplight at 12:03 PM on August 29





Yes, I also believe that plural marriage for Whites is a good idea, now in our current fallen situation.


Let’s be honest, many, many White college mis educated women like HILLARY are not going to be in much demand by a health White man to take as his only wife - who would choose such torture?


But maybe if the HILLARY type woman was a White man’s 3rd or 4th wife and he didn’t have to see or listen to her that much, he might put up with her and have a White child or two with her. If that Black, drunk, commie Black African father of Barack Obama could do this, why shouldn’t some White American man?


Let’s face it, the 1950s America is over and nothing will bring it back. We have to look for other models of living, surviving.


Posted by JR at 1:44 PM on August 29





Let’s be honest, many, many White college mis educated women like HILLARY are not going to be in much demand by a health White man to take as his only wife - who would choose such torture?


This might be true, but it is likely that even a man that took her as 4th or 5th wife would likely have ended up as president.


Posted by Skip at 11:43 AM on August 30





Does anyone note the irony of the “Darul-Uloom Al-Madania” being located at 182 Sobieski Street? The Sobieski’s were the rulers of Poland who fought in the Middle Ages to successfully repel the Muslim invaders.


Posted by Lygeia at 2:45 PM on August 30

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