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The Red White And Blue - Roots Of Terrorism

By Peter Chamberlin

11 September, 2008

As far as I know, nobody has focused upon the real roots of the war on terror, which are also the solution to it—American-sponsored terrorism. Paid military extremist types, trained by us to carry-out attack missions upon civilians are terrorists, our terrorists. They attack civilians, often women and children, as an indirect method of warfare, to topple governments who oppose American expansion. Has anybody questioned what military challenge the world would face today, if the US suddenly stopped all of these covert programs that perpetrate most of the world's "terrorism"?

If the CIA/Mossad simply stopped training, arming, financing and transporting the (mostly Islamic) fighters/mercenaries all over the world (as it has been deeply in the business of doing for the past thirty or more years), would world peace then break-out? If our government was not in the business of killing the people whose relatives then make war against American and allied forces, would our soldiers be fighting anywhere in the world?

Pick any ongoing conflict in the world and see if you do not see the secret hands of the United States/Israel busily at work fanning the flames. These flames are the legends

which feed the American homeland political fires, giving the "war on terror" the popular support it must have to continue its churning destruction, which, even now, is escalating.

To those who "have eyes to see," it is obvious that the secret CIA terrorism that ignites the terror war also drives our electoral process. The hometown "heroes" of the war inspire support for either presidential candidate and his congressional supporters who seem most supportive of the "heroic" war effort. If the CIA minions were not driving the

terror war and the fear that fuels national support for the genocidal fight, there would be little to no support for continuing the fight against terrorism. How much "terrorism" would then be left to fight?

The most vital example of American state terrorism being translated into war and regime change is Pakistan, which is also currently the hottest spot in the government plan to ignite world war. It is here where you can clearly see the circular logic that fuels the terror war. American-funded "Islamists" are destabilizing Pakistan to justify American intervention to seize Pakistani nukes before the American-funded "Islamists" can get their hands on them.

The ongoing series of cross-border attacks upon Pakistan and the recent Pakistani/American "brainstorming" session aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln in the Indian Ocean mark a new phase in the war to takeover Pakistan. The escalation of the terror war to include Pakistan was announced by Bush today, where Pakistan was proclaimed a new war theater, like Iraq and Afghanistan:

"They are all theaters in the same overall struggle. In all three places, extremists are using violence and terror in an attempt to impose their ideology on whole populations," Bush said in the advance text.

George W. Bush

[Bush could not have spoken more truthfully if he had tried. The "extremists" who are using violence and terror are America's extremists. All those who are being accused and targeted by America's cross-border raiders are the extremists like Jalaluddin Haqqani, whom we have trained and supported in the past. The areas being targeted in Bajaur and S. Waziristan are the locations of our (CIA) former training camps and American/Saudi-funded madrassas. Most of the other raids have targeted Baitullah Mehsud and his men (who are also tied to secret American training programs), who move freely throughout the region promoting the terrorism that will justify American actions, in possession of the most-advanced communication gear and possibly even satellite intelligence. Pakistan's army should read the signs.]

Bush carried-on with his confession:

"Defeating these terrorist and extremists is in Pakistan's interest because they pose a mortal threat to Pakistan's future as a free and democratic nation," Bush added in the prepared remarks.

"Defeating these terrorist and extremists is also Pakistan's responsibility because every nation has an obligation to govern its own territory and make certain that it does not become a safe haven for terror," he reiterated.

If only he had admitted that the extremists were our extremists....

By this line of thinking it seems clear that we can most successfully oppose the war to create an American-dominated New World Order by exposing the American terror component of that war.

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