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Who Really Does Conversion?


By Madhu Chandra


17 September, 2008


Hindutva fundamentalists have chosen Conversion as a yardstick to kill missionaries, rape nuns, and vandalize churches.


Who actually does fraudulent conversion? Charges are given to Christians and made it as real to whole nation through saffron sponsored media. I am a living example, representing 2.5 million Manipuris, where my forefathers were forcibly converted to Hinduism in 19th century, which is known as PUYA MEITHABA (burning of Meitei Script) by Hindu missionary. Ever since then, every Manipuri (Meitei) has Singh at the end of every name, although many youngsters are abandoning it by returning to indigenous Meitei religion.


The casteism and untouchability emerged after migration of Hinduism to the Manipur society where caste or creed never existed earlier.


The saffronisation of Hindutva, which is purely the proselytizing movement, does not end with my people there. The ongoing conversion of tribal communities to Hinduism is still in full swing in different parts tribal dominated areas.


We have witnessed the saffronising of Dang district of Gujarat during Sabri Kumbha Mela in 2006. The tribal of Jhabua in MP, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhan, Assam, Arunachal etc are the example of saffronising propaganda of Hindutva forces.


In the land where anti conversion law is forcefully implemented, the tribal Christians in Kandhamal district of Orissa are in night mire at the hands of Hindutva forces. To be alive in the village, become Hindu otherwise get out or get kill is the threatening almost every now and then to the tribal Christians in Kandhamal. The law making machinery calls it freedom of religion.


Christians in MP, Orissa and other states where anti conversion laws exist are accused for their involvement in forced conversion when they themselves are the victim of forced conversion at the hands of Hindutva forces.


The Christian population in last twenty years has declined in India. Then how and where comes the question of more people being converted to Christianity in India?


The allegations of conversion is lie and hate campaign of Hindutva forces to license themselves to rape, kill, burn and vandalize the Christian churches. While all religions as per as the constitutions of India, welcomes everyone to their religions. The force, fraud and fraudulent conversion carried out is none other than Hindutva forces, that too totally against the will and wishes of the individuals so as it was done to my forefathers in Manipur and its consequences still suffer by the presently community.

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