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Libya Qadhafi - Women Human Rights




Text of Libyan Leader speech in Women`s Activists festivity in Wadi Al-Hayat Shabia

Posted: 2008/08/21

From: MNN

Wednesday, Sept.24, 2008


The leader of the Libyan Revolution spoke at the festivity which was held Monday evening by Women's Activists' festivity in Wadi al-Hayat Shabia who participated in the manifestation held by Al-Tawarig Tribes of the Sahara in the city of Ubari.


Following is the text of the Leader's speech:


In the name of Allah.


Firstly, I would like to thank you for this warm reception and I am very happy to be in Wadi Al-Hayat and in Ubari once again and happy, also to met, after yesterday's meeting, with women's masses in the great Wadi Al-Hayat.


Fortunately, and praise be to Allah, that there are not any problems of any kind in the Jamahiri society ... the society of Revolution .. the society made by the Revolution.


This is a Jamahiri society, Jamahiri include both men and women ... equal as stated in the Green Book, with full rights, each one man or woman carries out the duty that he can do.


There is a falsified saying, and that is equality between man and woman must be in rights and duties. Woman must be equal to man in rights but not in duties, because there may be a heavy duty which is considered unfair for the woman and she must not be charged to do it and that must be done by man.


So, duties must not be the same and this is very clear in the Green Book.


But in terms of rights, man is a human being and woman is a human being.


In the other world, even the West that defrauds and says it is the society of the free world and so forth - this is not true since even in a country like Switzerland the woman was not allowed to take part in the elections of federal institution except in the 70's - They ignored the woman's nature and considered it a man .. Either to be a man or not live.


They ask her to work in coal like man, to live she has to work in salt, in trains, in cleaning streets, in ammunition factories. If you want to live, you have to work like man.


This is unfair for the miserable woman ... Actually woman is miserable in the West .. very oppressed, she was forced to become a man.


You see women in the West wear men's clothes and are present in places where men are, there is no thing special for women and men, the reason is that she is forced to become like man in order to live, otherwise, she will not live, if she is to preserve her nature like a woman, she will not be recognized by the oppressive society.


This capitalist society is unjust and oppressive towards the woman, specially after the First and Second World Wars, after many men had died, and women were forced to replace men and those poor women continued to carry out this duty up till now.


The Jamahiri society ... this is an ideal model for the world to follow .. Woman and man are equal in rights because they are human beings, but we do not charge the woman to carry out duties that man can do, but woman can not.


Woman passes through numerous conditions that can not allow her sometimes to carry out works in normal circumstances or that man can do. This is clear in the Green Book and in the Third Universal Theory.


Jamahiriya is the society of Jamahir (masses) both men and women and both are equal in rights and woman can not be forced to carry out man's duties, except her duties that are suitable to her nature. This is something we must preserve.


Anyhow, woman in Al-Wahat has her own characteristics, in Fezzan she has different characteristics compared to that in Misurata, Zwara or the in the old city in Tripoli.


So is the woman in Africa in general, then the Targhi woman.


Women in the three areas have different characteristics compared to women in the other areas. The African woman has strong character, especially the Traghi woman. The African woman has very strong character, stronger than man's. What is said about woman in the other continents is not applicable in the case of the African woman, who has no relations with that culture they talk about to woman in the world regarding Hijab, separation between genders, and even rights and duties; all of these things are meaningless in Africa.


The African woman lives in jungle and desert exactly like man; life's nature in Africa is quite different to other world. It's nonsense when they talk about Hijab or separation between genders or something like that; it's a superstition that has no place in Africa.


In Africa, people live in jungle exactly the same way Adam and Eva lived. No one talks about Adam and Eva, Hijab or separation between genders; or talks about this is a woman and that is a man, or this must stay at home and that must work. Such things did exist in the era of Adam and Eva.


Similarly, such things do not exist in Africa.


This is the woman in Africa, especially who lives in jungle.


The woman who lives in desert, in our desert, is the Targhi woman. It's well-known that her character is strong and respected by man. It's not possible to talk about this is a man or this is a woman or about separation between genders, duties and rights.


The purpose behind revealing this truth is to benefit from it. We have to benefit from the capabilities of woman in Ubari, Wadi Al-Hayat and desert where is all "Kul Tmasheq" as long as she and her character are strong.


For example, situation of woman in Misurata, old city in Tripoli and some other places in the north is quite different; that means we can't rely on her or charge her with things the way we do with the Targhi woman, or woman in the desert or in the Al-Waha (Oasis). That woman wears Hijab and is not allowed to go out; she is oppressed; she is treated just like a piece of furniture.


One says his mother, grandmother or his wife died and had never seen the outside color of her house's door; this means she had never been out of her house so that she could see the outside color of her house's door.


He considers such thing quite normal that she lived for 30, 40 or 50 years and she had never seen her house's door from outside. That means, woman live in the areas I have mentioned is helpless and satisfied with this situation; she believes that woman is born to live inside the house.


There is a backward saying: "woman can go out only twice"; the first when she goes out from her father's house to her husband's and the second when she goes out from her husband's house to the cemetery; it's a regretful saying.


This woman need not have been born or have lived. What for she lives, if she is not allowed to see her house's door from outside and allowed to go out only to her husband's house and to the cemetery. What for this helpless woman live?


Since woman is liberated in Ubari, Al-Tawariq, Fezzan and in desert, we have to benefit from this liberation.


They may reply: you said your women are oppressed and wear Hijab and ours are liberated and have equal rights just like men; accordingly tell us what is the difference between the two situations? What has the Targhi, Fezzan, desert or the African woman with strong character has achieved to talk about; what is the outcome?


Yes, it is a good question, which we might face; this is the main point.


Your strength and the strong character of woman, especially the Targhi, must be utilized. How can we benefit from this strong character? This requires research, study, discussion and methodology. We had been colonized communities on which backwardness was imposed. We have uncharted resources, because resources need skillful man to utilize them. We have land which needs man to utilize it. We have oil and gas wealth which needs man to explore and utilize it. Similarly, we have livestock.


We have freedom .. We have the Jamahiri society in which man and woman have equal rights .. we have to benefit from this freedom.


I believe it is wasting of man capabilities and time if we do not benefit from this freedom; woman is liberated; woman is of strong character; the Targhi woman.


I know and all of us know that after the Revolution we benefited one thing among several ones that we must benefit from the woman's liberation and her equality with man.


IN the years of confrontation with America .. with NATO .. with France ... with reactionary forces .. with Britain, with the nuclear powers in the world ... the years of embargo, siege and fighting on all fronts .. the days of African liberation battle and Palestinian liberation .. the Revolution's stage, building free society, expulsion of foreign forces and undermining foreign bases: what we have benefited from this free woman, was training on the use of arms where the Libyan woman has become a fighter like man and this is a duty, but it is a right at the same time.


It is great thing not found in the entire world, that girls in Libya go to school in military uniform and get different arms training.


The training reached to the point the woman pilots fighter planes, civil airlines and training planes, there is a women's fighting squadron in the Libyan air force and this can not be found anywhere else.

If a war breaks, the enemy will take into account both men and women in Libya, knowing that fighting will be against all trained Jamahiri society.


Fighting has been changed. Fighting which we had studied in the military academies and learnt from the military lessons was fighting in fronts on borders far apart from cities; now fighting has been changed.


They imposed on us such new theory .. fighting has become in houses; tanks can enter houses of Iraqi women; machine guns can enter bedrooms, kitchens and sitting rooms. Killed and injured people can be found in garden and rooms of the house.


You and all the world see how the American soldiers storm houses of the Iraqi women with machine guns and fighting inside of the house. There are no far fronts anymore to which men go to fight when there is a war.


War became possible in houses and bedrooms.


This matter has proved the theory of the armed people, women and men. Woman must be trained before man, because they left man on the border, in the fighting front and they entered houses to fight in.


Therefore, old woman- your grandmother or your aunt- must be given first priority to be trained how to fight, because the aggressive soldier will enter the house. Even sitting old woman can be provided with explosive materials, gun or a hand grenade so that she can carry out a very important duty in fighting the enemy, since fighting has become inside houses.


So, women must be trained, this is some thing that may be inevitable today, tomorrow or the day after, like it did yesterday or the day before in Iraq, Afghanistan and in Palestine.


Women have priority in arms training over men.


What is happening now is that men are in the war front, the enemy entered cities, so fighting becomes inside houses, inside rooms and inside schools .. girls' schools .. inside colleges.


Did not you see the NATO and American soldiers in Afghanistan, Israeli soldiers in Palestine and American soldiers in Iraq .. Did not you see fighting inside houses?!


Where was fighting taking place in the battle of Faluja, the Epic of Faluja, that you heard of and the entire world heard of ?


It was taking place inside houses and inside rooms.


Therefore, when enemy enters a house, he finds every one in the house armed and ready to fight, woman, old woman and small girl.


Women must be trained to carry arms before men, this is the nature of the current battles. Now the Iraqi Army is overcomed by a stronger force , the once strong Iraqi Army was dissolved and gone and there is no fighting on the fronts .. Is not that enough ?!


This country's army was destroyed and defeated, then stop there .. They said no, the end is not achieved .. the end is to enter houses cities and bedrooms.


Is that the aim !! They said yes .. the aim of destroying the army is to enter houses.


Afterwards, they started fighting inside homes, streets, bedrooms and kitchens .. The woman finds enemy soldier in the kitchen carrying a gun, this requires that she must be armed and kill him.


Therefore, women must be trained since fighting takes place inside houses.


Yes, we have to train women, before men, how to fight, because they said men disarmed them. What are the weapons of man? His weapons are tank, jet and machine gun. They said they destroyed tanks, jets, airports and machine guns. They said they disarmed men; therefore, enter the cities; and when they enter a city, the city changes into burning fire.


Since the reason behind disbarment of men is to enter houses, then houses must be the second line of defense and fighting. There is no need for woman to go out from her house, where she must stay and have gun, machine gun and grenade. In the kitchen she must have gun and machine gun beside her in the time of war.


In war, the Jamhiri society as well as the armed people, in which woman is strong just like the Targhi woman, has to be embodied. Machine guns must be in the bedrooms.


Wedding parties in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan have been stormed by invasion's soldiers. They stormed wedding houses which were full of women. Therefore, woman must have a gun with her when she goes out to attend a wedding party so that she can kill the enemy soldier if he attacks and hence the enemy soldier's life becomes in danger. Death becomes waiting for the enemy soldier wherever he is, in the party, house, bedroom, kitchen, garden, school or in street, because woman everywhere is armed just like man.


We benefited from this part to a great extent, we trained women on arms, and we are now supposed to have an entire armed people of both men and women. The armed people are invincible. The army can be defeated because only a small part is armed. But an armed entire people is invincible.


We come to the ordinary life without wars, arms and fighting (fighting occurs once in a while and it is not an everyday event. Even world wars take some time and end). The other ordinary life such as today and yesterday and tomorrow, the society wants to build itself, women and men are in a state of continuous struggle in the house, the farm, the field in order to realise a standard of living.


Tomorrow, God willing, (I don't mean tomorrow the second day) I mean in the coming period. It is supposed in the beginning of next year that the oil money will be given to you directly. Everyone takes his share of oil.


Our livelihood depends on this wealth, our country produces oil and gas and there is no other significant wealth unless we exploit oil and gas and use it for agriculture, manufacturing, animal and marine wealth, education, health etc This is the responsibility of both men and women.


This money which you will get is not like the money which one gets as a salary, which could be used if you pardon me by men to get drunk or get an open or clandestine marriage or go out and gamble with it. It is possible that a man has a salary or an income from another thing such as an economic activity for instance and the money that he gets from such an activity puts it in his pocket and the women are not informed about such things or how he is using or spending such money. However the oil income which will be distributed to you and you take it as direct money does not pass through the secretariat of industry, agriculture, education, health, utilities or any other thing. And everyone will work these things by himself.


This money is not like money as it is now. This money belongs to the family. It belongs to the women, men and children if they have children. And the man cannot act alone in the family share of oil. Therefore women as of today should become aware and mindful of these things. And the women should understand that when they give you some thousands of dinars a month as a family's share of the oil of your country this share is the share of the family.


The man cannot dispense such money as he was doing with his salary or his income from his shop or his taxi or farm or any other thing. Why? Because the man who gets a salary and has a wife, they may disagree and he may divorce his wife and the divorce has no relationship to the salary as he will get the same salary. They would not tell him that you have divorced your wife, we will stop your salary or we fire you from your job. No! He is staying in his job and this is a social family matter.


And the man who has a shop and generates money to him he may divorce his wife but the shop remains with him. So is the case with the man with the farm who disagreed with his wife. He remains the owner of the farm. And the wife may remarry another man with a farm or a shop or she herself may have a farm.


However oil money does not apply in such cases. It is an income different from other incomes that come to the man and the family.


If a divorce takes place between a man and a woman the money from the oil income does not go to the man and the woman cannot be told go on your way. This money is her share as well she can argue her case because such money does not belong to the man alone because he did not get it from his income or his activity.


This is the wealth of the country divided among the population. Had it come from the activity of the man if he disagrees with the woman he may keep such money and the woman goes on her way. But such money is not an outcome of the activity of the Libyan man.


When the oil income is distributed tomorrow among the Libyans man cannot say that he brought such money because he did not generate such money. It is the country's wealth divided among its people whether they work or they don't work.


This process needs a real awareness of the Libyan woman as of today. And they shuld be very aware and should recognise that they have a responsibility to such money which they will got. This money is different from the money that comes from salaries or the farm or manufacturing. This is a common wealth for her and for the man from the wealth of the country.


Man is not free in dispensing it as he is doing today in the income of the family. He would say this is money from my farm, my animals or my salary. However oil money cannot say this is mine. What is he going to say. Is he going to say he got it from his income, his activity, his sweat. Never. This is the oil wealth which dispensed from the state. But now the state will abandon disposing of such money.


Therefore woman is a partner in such wealth and man cannot dispense such wealth as he used to do with his salary.


If you pardon me it is possible that the man is a drinker and regrettably drink is widespread, it is not limited. Men get drunk (the Libyan woman as of today should be cautious about what I am saying now). This drunken man if you pardon me has no right at all to get drunk from the oil share. We do not give him such money to use for getting drunk. Let him devise another thing to generate income for him to use if for drink as the wealth of the oil belongs to the family. He cannot dispose of such money according to his whims. And he cannot from the oil wealth marry another woman. This is not his right.


In the past he used to do such things and circumvent the law. The law does not allow a second marriage only after the agreement of the two parties or upon a rule of the court. It does not allow divorce only after an agreement of the woman and the man or upon a rule of the court. But so many people by pass the courts. There are so many women who are illiterate and do not understand the law and they are taken advantage of.


In the past he can marry and can say this is my salary. This is my livelihood. But he cannot remarry another marry using the oil money because it is not his and he cannot dispose of it.


He may go for a night out and gamble, such evil acts and the poor woman remains in the house and she is not aware that his gambling. Whether she know or not it is important that he is able to practise such an evil act. Then he says it is not your business. It is my money and I am free. It is my salary, my shop, my farm.


But your share of oil you cannot gamble. It is not yours alone. It belongs to the whole family. It is not allowed to gamble with the oil money. Go and work and do anything else rather than use it for gambling. You may wager your cloak or your head.


This means that the free socialist Libyan society will adapt in a new way and women will play a pivotal role in such an adaptation.


We start to talk about this serious issue in this place in Ubari. And most societies before me from Kul Tamashuq which is the strong Taureg woman. We will start our talk on this subject from this place which is a very appropriate place to talk about the role of women.


Women should be strong and should not allow man after the distribution of oil wealth and oil money to dispose of it as he used to. This means there are so many bad things which will finish, God willing, because of the ability of women, of her strength and her strong personality.


Many things used by Libyan men will finish now because women will say this is our money. He used to say I worked and made money and so I will make so and so and marry again, change my car, get drunk, smoke, gamble and go for a holiday to any country and attend the festival etc etc.


However after the distribution of oil money he cannot do these things which means, God willing, these things will disappear from Jamahiri society.


I made a tour of Ubari, I saw farms divided and distributed to their owners and recorded in their names. Yet they are still deserted. There are no wells, no plants, no animals but the land is seized. This is a waste. It is a waste to seize land for many years and keep it in such a state.


After the distribution of oil money, God willing, such farms will one day, God willing become green and the entire family will work on such a farm.


We will find animals in the farm, we will find trees, vegetables, fruit trees because it is possible to transform this entire valley into a green valley for water is present up till now and the machineries that get water out we can purchase. And the money, God willing, will be in your hands.


In the past they used to say we have no money to buy a water pump and irrigation equipment, and fertiliser. But now money will be available, God willing. After all this is not a dream or a wish for oil is available and 60kms from Ubari there are oil fields which are close.


Gas and oil is existing. Even in the old district which I have seen after you have money after a few months families will start to build their houses step by step and use available material without using concrete or buying air conditioning from Europe. It is not a costly building. We built it from building material which is available in the region. We built a house that will be cold in the summer and warm in winter without air conditioning.


This is the oil wealth which is in billions which God willing will be given to you every year. But what is important is how to use it for making an advanced life. A new sophisticated life and to get rid once and for all of poverty and backwardness. And this cannot be materialised only if women are aware strong and solid. This means there will be an important and major task for the Libya woman and as of today this call and such clarification is launched from Ubari, from the Taureg women's masses.


I tried to ask some youth and men I saw in this district though they made a jam and slogans and I was not able to talk to them. However regrettably I saw some people. They said they have no papers and they have no nationality. I discovered this thing in Garton and Al Tayroui in Sabha and also now here and this should not be the case.


All those present in Al Tayouri or Ubari or Agarhi, Al Bahi or Al Gatron are all Libyans. Those present there should be considered Libyans, people of the land and should have full nationality and passports like Libyans and their identity is Libyan Jamahiriya.


When somebody else comes after this talk or after 2008 (1376 after the death of the Prophet) in Gatron or here in Ubari or Gatt or Issen or Al Barkat or Al Fayour he will be considered a brother. But what are we going to call him. I mean an immigrant or a new guest who came from his country where he used to live. This person will record that so and so entered the country on such a day. His nationality is so and so and his papers are so and so and what do you want? In order to determine those who came through migration.


Therefore migration ( is an issue everywhere in the world and no one can stop migration. This migration issue is a subject in itself). The one who comes new, this is migration and migration has rights and duties which are well known in the world. According to international law covenants and treaties and agreements it is known how to deal with the immigrant. But the citizen of the country is different from the immigrant.


We present here now we are the people of this country, one identity. There is no difference between one another. The one who is in Shehat is like the one in Gatt. They are like one another.


But the migrant is a migrant. Migration is migration. We may have Arab migrants from Iraq, from anywhere. We will treat him as a migrant or a refugee who came from Iraq or Palestine. Now we have tens of thousands of Palestinians in Libya. It is known they are Palestinian refugees expelled by Zionist colonialism into Libya like it expelled the rest of the Palestinians into the countries of the world.


Tens of thousands of Palestinians in Libya are registered as Palestinians. They have a Palestinian document, a refugee document. You cannot give him a passport because in this case you will harm the Palestinian people and this is not allowed by the Arab League.


Any Arab country should not give a passport or nationality to the Palestinians or it will commit treason and will be involved in the Zionist imperialist colonisation project. It wants to eradicate the Palestinian people and their identity. This is a well known Palestinian refugee but since he is in Libya he should be treated, eat and drink and study etc etc Therefore the Palestinian should not say give me a nationality like the Libyan, no a Palestinian refugee is a known Palestinian refugee and a Libyan is a Libyan.


The same thing applies when somebody from Niger, Nigeria, Mali or Burkina comes to Libya. We ask him are you an immigrant or an infiltrator or a refugee? He should be registered and treated like we treat the migrant, the infiltrator and the refugee throughout the world according to international law. But the people present now it is finished.


A person living in Libya for scores of years becomes a Libyan and you should bear his existence being a Libyan in everything. Therefore why do you deprive him of a nationality/ He has nothing to gain but nationality. So why couldn't he get his nationality like any other Libyan.


I see that some departments, some clerks, some people who are not at the level of the revolution, I mean some people some of whom are tribal, some racist, some of whom don't know that Libya is a state of the masses, a state of liberty and the Libya protects all vulnerable people and Libyan protects and harbours vulnerable and suppressed categories. They don't believe in such things or else why are there people who have been here for tens of years yet they have no Libyan identity? Now this well known At Tayouri camp, had I now visited it, they man remain till the day of judgement in this form in this bad camp. If they used to say those are the Taureg or Tabo for instance there is something else very serious they must understand.


You who are ruling now saying this is a Taureg and how do we give him a nationality and there are Tabu people how do we give them nationality. The first thing you should understand is that North Africa is the land of the Taureg and it is the land of those entire people.


And those Tabo people south of Libya this is their land even before the Arabs who came after Islam. You are the Arabs before Islam. This is their land. This is in fact their land. The land of the Arabs who came before Islam from the days of migration of Ber-Ber who were called after that Berber. I mean Berber or Sanhaga or Masmouda or Kotama or Zanata.


These tribes came before five thousand years and colonised north Africa. They fought the Romans and the Byzantines and they enabled the Arabs to remain here in north Africa.


The migration which came after Islamic conquests after Oman Bin Al Ass, Oquba bin Nafa, Mousa bin Nusair and after Benu Hilal and Benu Salim came in 1050 mid 11th century. Those came and found the land occupied by Berber Arabs or Amazeg Arabs or other tribes like the Taureg or even the Fulani or Hausa. These are all migrant Arab tribes. They were the ones who occupied this land and prepared it for us. Then we came after Islam.


Listen, don't feel inferiority. For instance you say I am a Taureg, I feel inferior. You are a North African and this is all your land. Go and live in the Green Mountain. Live in Egypt or the Great Gulf of Sirte or live in Jebel Nefusa or in Fezzan, Anywhere. This is your land. Who says that your land is only Ubari or Gatt or Agadis? No This is your land.


The Tabu they are known that they were in Libya. Then they marched towards Chad. Therefore they are in their land before the Arabs after Islam came. The Arabs were present in Kufra and in Tarzabu. Their capital is Tarzibu. And all these which they call Tauren or Tegeri or Tazarbu which starts with the letter T, these are the Arab cities. The early Arabs, the feminine starts with the letter t and the masculine starts with the letter 'y' like Yaroub, Yadmur, Yahlif, Yamjad, Yahya etc

The one that starts with the letter 't' means it is feminine like tamzawa, traven, Tenzift, Tagari, Tazarbu: these are ancient Arab names, this is the language of the early Arabs. Heymar, Al Amaliq and Sabha, the Arab tribes that used to live in the southern Arab peninsula, then migrated into North Africa and you are part of them.


You must teach your sons that they were pure Arabs, they are real Arabs, they are the original Arabs. You should teach your children this. Therefore the Arabs who came 5,000 years ago, this is their land. Who could dare to tell them that you are so and so and confine them to Ubari or Uzu. This is irrational. This is their entire land. And there is no problem if they lived anywhere in this land. These are the Arab tribes that were present here, ancient Arab tribes which occupied north Africa.

This north Africa is yours, you ancient Arabs who came before the new Arab migration. This is your land.


I want you to get rid of two complexes and you women should teach your children at home these two things:


The first thing is " Land " to be convinced that all this land is theirs .. All North Africa, and that no one has the right to confine you in one place and prevent you from another place .. This is the land of North Africa, it is all yours and you live wherever you like .. Your land .. You conquered it before the Arabs who came after Islam.


The second thing is " Origin " that the origin of these tribes is Arab tribes and to get rid of the minority complex .. They are not a minority, there is no minority .. You are the pure Arabs that conquered North Africa.


We must not talk about this issue once again.


Our origin is pure Arab and this is firm. This is history, our history, history of humans that we can not change .. history is like this and not new thing that we can decided whether we are Arabs or not Arabs.


History is that these tribes are Arab and they came from the Arabian Peninsula along time ago. they are isolated here for a long time.. After 5 thousand years another Arab immigration had come here and became aliens to each other sand fought against each other, but this is the pure Arabism.


That who speaks Al-Tamasheq and writes in ( Tafinagh ) is the pure Arab .. these are the original Arab letters and the original Arab dialect. These are the Arab Al-Areba.


While the Arab Al-Mustariba are Al-Adnanyoun and among them Quraish of which language the Quran was revealed, they are the ones that speak what we call now ARabic Language ... Those are the Arab Al-Mustariba, while the Arab Al-Ariba are the Quahtani who speak ''Al-Tamasheq '' and write in '' Tafinagh ".


Well.. I thank you for this reception.


This is your land, your Revolution and your Jamahiriya, the Oil is yours and authority is yours.


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